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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Masters of Deception

The internet has changed the world in the last 20 years as more people came online as each year passed. By 1999-2000, the number of people viewing news somewhere other than the mainstream published and syndicated sources, such as CNN and the New York Times, had increased exponentially. None of us are stuck with the news as they present it anymore. We can find any opinion that we seek on the internet and someone somewhere will agree with our viewpoint.

I recall a friend back in 1995 that believed the internet to be completely controlled by government and every move, word, and statement theirs for the tracking. She thought anything that we did or said online could be and eventually would be used against us; like it was one huge plot. She chastised me for having a website for my escort service back then and vowed to never experience the internet. She died in 2008, good to her word. She was Dusty in Memoirs; the escort that worked with me for a short time, was arrested by the MBI, and then left the country until her probation was over with, mailing in her payments to the state.

Dusty went to Europe and worked in clubs in various cities in Germany, Amsterdam, and in Geneva. Her family is German and she was on a mission to hire an attorney and have legal documents translated in her pursuit of land, art, and other property confiscated from her family by the US government following World War 2. She had been on a trail for several years at that point and had zero trust in the US government, believing its representatives had stolen her heritage. She died a poor woman and had no success in her pursuit.

I recall telling Dusty that it was a situation of “if you can't beat them, then join them” in relation to the internet. There was no way to stop technology and its availability so I considered it most intelligent to study networks, hacking, and later Carnivore. Before the MBI knew what Carnivore was, I knew exactly what it was capable of. I actually used to email one escort the client appointment information using PGP – does anyone remember what that is? I remember reading about the verbal attacks on PGP developer Phil Zimmermann in the news following September 11, 2001. There were actually people so stupid that they claimed PGP had a role in that day and attempted to shame him into placing a backdoor in the encryption program for the feds.

Not much doubt that Dusty was correct in her initial assessment of the situation. Today many that are now on-board (or rather online) consider people like Dusty and I conspiracy theorists. It is not my fault that they arrived 10+ years later and are clueless. Today we have the US military using software that creates multiple fake online personae with the main goal of spreading government propaganda and deceiving the general public. Read the article written by Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain in the Guardian here: Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

The US actually uses sock puppets to deceive the ignorant and spread propaganda. How crazy is that? I'd place bets that I have had arguments with one or more of their sock puppets, regardless of the the claim that the program is not yet implemented. It is so absurd that I must laugh.... (laugh break...). Okay – the worst part is that there are so many gullible people online these days that they buy it hook, line, and sinker. I stopped arguing with sock puppets long ago, so if you're that stupid then so be it – I do not intend to enlighten you. *smile*

And then there's Facebook. Julian Assange brought-up the tracking abilities of agents using Facebook recently. Let's face it – they must only be a friend of a friend to get started without the company's permission. I have 5 Facebook friends, so if you sent me a friend request and I never responded, this is why. I comment there on a rare occasion – maybe once every three or four months – and that is how I have always been. Nothing new here. I know someone that posted anything and everything there, and some people that still do.

Indeed, between the USA Patriot Act, the false War on Terror, US military sock puppets, and Facebook we are all tracked in America. However, I seriously doubt that it is any different in Canada or the EU. There is subterfuge around every corner, as they are just waiting, watching. It makes COINTELPRO look mild in comparison. They are the masters of deception.


Anonymous said...

The State’s practice of targeted killings is not at all a popular one here in Canada. Around here, the response to OBL’s (faked) assassination ranges from complete indifference, to disgust at the mass media’s outrageous support of this illegal killing. In both cases, people have, by and large, judged the press coverage of this event for what it is: pure deception and lies.

Even in the US, the media’s attempt to generate enthusiasm in the public over the killing reeks of desperation – check out the article (I forget the author’s name…Maureen Dowd?) in last Sunday’s edition of the NY times, the title of which says it all: “Killing Evil does not Make us Evil”.

When the fuck will people wizen up and start ignoring what they read in the mass media? Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” has been available in Blockbuster stores for at least 15 years now, and his prognosis is no less relevant now than it was back in the 80’s when this film was made: The mass media IS the ruling class. The ruling class is: The State – which consists of: Politicians, Corporate Power, and their voice, the mass media. The media lies about everything: about the state of the economy, about jobs, about American Military Imperialism – because what the media ‘thinks’ is what Power deems it useful for its subjects to ‘think’.

Maybe your readers simply don’t know where to turn for non-mainstream perspectives on current events. Here are some well-known alternative news sources. -Independent media center - alternet - Democracy Now - Canadian-based news service, anti-Globe and Mail - Articles on the BS war on Terrorism - Britain’s liberal news source - The Nation - Critical analysis of US politics & policies - World Socialist website – AWESOME SITE (even if you don’t subscribe to far-left ideas) - Just the way it sounds - Exposing the propagandistic function of mass media/pop culture - they were first in the game of document leaking, before wiki leaks came along. - News from the perspective of the Black Community


Anonymous said...

Sorry Vicky…I meant to post the previous comment on your May 7th article!

Vicky Gallas said...


I have intended to respond to your comments from several days ago and one thing or another in life has been an interference.

I have this rather immediate issue - I will explain:

Have you ever heard of Steve R. Pieczenik? There are claims all over the internet that he served as "Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations," but it looks like it all began with Alex Jones. Paul Craig Roberts doesn't mention him so I have no idea why someone posted his name in the comments.

Darrin - this is where I am looking:

So far I do not see that any position with the exact name stated existed during the Nixon, Ford, or Carter administrations. Do you know a better place to look?

It isn't that hard to fool Alex Jones - he went all out with claims that Jeane Palfrey (DC Madam) was murdered and I know for fact that she committed suicide. Jones never responded to me, but then I would knock a hole in the story he was promoting. So many are buying the Pieczenik story that it would serve to undermine the real story if it is a hoax. Obviously I'm not buying it... any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky:

I'm not sure what you're asking. I have heard of Pieczenik, but only as an incidental player in the US's intrumentalization of the Red Brigades to bring down the coalition-type government of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. Moro's government was the only post-war western government to forge a coalition with the Communists - a development that was obviously intolerable to the US. That was back in the late 70's.

I don't know if Pieczenik was deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Carter, although I do know that he was part of Carter's administration, although in some weird capacity. P. is on the record as admitting that the US used the 'terrorist' group - The Red Brigades - to take Moro and his party out of power.

Here's a quote from a wiki entry on P.: "Pieczenik claims to be the first psychiatrist ever to receive a PhD. focusing on international relations". How does a shrink 'focus on international relations'?

Sorry I can't be of more help. Maybe some of your more informed US readers will chime in.

Vicky Gallas said...


Yes, but this is all that I see on Pieczenik - the Wiki stuff, what amounts to self promotion, and then pages and pages of website listings that discuss his intention to testify that a US General told him September 11, 2001 was a false flag op. Anyone can have a Wiki page.

I couldn't find such a position that existed during the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations and I couldn't find his name in any of the other positions. All the promo (including the Wiki page) clearly state that he was "Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations," and many list the three noted administrations.

Where else would one look for confirmed information besides the U.S. Department of State?

I am seeking confirmed information about this man's credentials and I sure cannot find anything anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm not aware of such a source, other than the one you have linked to. If you find such a source, I hope you'll publish it here…good information to have.

Vicky Gallas said...

I do see that Pieczenik is a member of the CFR, but the membership criteria is not that daunting. Really I am seeking info on his service as "Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations".

In other words, I want him to be true, but I am not seeing that at this point. This is where I know to look and I found his name nowhere for any position:

David G said...

Vicky, I saw your comment on ICH and thought I'd drop by. I'm impressed by your blog and its message.

Keep up your good work. You've only got 300 million people to convert from imperialism!


Vicky Gallas said...

@David G

Thank you - I truly appreciate your comment.

Cheers to you!