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Friday, June 10, 2011

Drug War Profiteers not the usual suspects

When we think about who is profiting from the 40+ year failed War on Drugs, the usual list includes Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and its profiteers / stockholders, anyone involved in law enforcement, and anyone working in the judicial and incarceration systems in the US. These groups of people are all surviving and profiting from the Drug War started so long ago, but there are others that are out of our line of sight that reap the huge profits in a failed war.

The list includes the same companies that profit from the War on Terror. Money that the US government doesn't even have is funneled to the same list of companies, with occasional name changes, in the form of private contracts. I view this as criminal collusion.

According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times yesterday and written by Brian Bennett, $billions are handed out in the form of US counter-narcotics contracts. The spending is largely unaccounted for and the dolts passing out the cash at the DoD unaware of what it's actually going for. The article is: Senate Report: Funds funneled to private contractors in drug war go untracked.

Most likely the privileged parties at the the DoD that pass out money like candy are handing it to pals in the war profit sector. In my opinion, this is a scheme they cooked-up together many years ago. Imprison anyone with any level of participation in drug sales, put the people to work in prisons across the US for a mere pittance, and sit back and watch the profits roll-in at the expense of all US taxpayers. What a scam!

So what companies are on that list of drug war profiteers receiving most contracts?

Lockheed Martin

According to the report, DynCorp International Inc. received more than the other four combined between 2005 and 2009. DynCorp board of Directors includes a couple of retired military officers, but we could figure that without bothering to look. These are the people taking all the money the US government doesn't have to give and demanding that you bow in gratitude for their so-called service.

It turns out that the US military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned of in his 1961 farewell speech has far exceeded even his forecast. What an exciting and profitable time for all of the war profiteers!

Edit on June 12, 2011: I was doing additional research on the topic of high ranking military officers benefiting financially from war and came across this interesting article: From the Pentagon to the private sector. It is not as if I was unaware of this unethical practice, but more that I didn't realize how rampant it is. These people are raking in the money with all these wars they sell the people on. I'll say it again: What a scam!

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