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Monday, May 30, 2011

Portrayal of Bradley Manning in US Media

I used to enjoy PBS Frontline shows and have watched many over the years, but not after last week's show aired on Bradley Manning. Half of the show was about his personal life prior to his wrongful detainment and I wouldn't know what the other half was about because I sure as hell didn't watch it. The attempt to paint a man that allegedly risked his life and lost his freedom so that we may all know the truth about the faux War on Terror as a mentally incompetent with juvenile level issues is abhorrent.

I'm with Lulzsec all the way here: Fuck PBS and the Frontline show and the horse they rode in on! The reputation of this broadcaster and this show was just flushed down a toilet by anyone with a brain.

Yep, the good news is that Lulzsec hacked the PBS website, posted thousands of passwords, and included an article about Tupac being found in New Zealand. Don't you love it? I did. I only hope they've covered their tracks well because an angry mob of US pro-war profiteers with all the money in the world should not be taken lightly. The thought sends shivers up my spine.

While I'm at it, fuck that stupid twit Adrian Lamo too. This idiot and his falsified chat logs and his bullshit concern for possible lost lives is nothing but a US military tool. A lousy informant assigned a military handler that will pull his puppet strings. Get a fuckin' backbone you stupid piece of crap.

I'm sure we can look forward to US military sock puppets twisting this story beyond recognition for the sake of the brain-dead in this country.

FREE BRADLEY MANNING!!!! If you can't do anything else, please donate to Bradley Manning's defense on the Bradley Manning Support Network website.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vicky,

We have spoken before. I bought your book a while back. I just wanted to say thanks for the advice on everything.

Have you heard about the Operation Curtain Call sting they did in Polk county? Lol based on your book & blog, i know that that is not the place to be. Lol. :-D


Vicky said...

Happy that keeping the news about the morals crusader in Polk County out there helped. I wrote about Operation Curtain Call in April - it's hard to imagine 60 people going out there. Driving through Polk County on I-4 is the the only *visit* I'd ever consider. ;)