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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Defining Freedom of Speech

Well, we are back to full moderation of comments here on this blog. This is, obviously, not the first time it has happened, but once again I am verbally attacked by some moron. It is easy to spew lies when you post anonymously, but guess what? This is my blog and I can as easily delete your ridiculous comment. Exercise your right to free speech and start your own blog.

As for my story in Memoirs being all lies – place your name on that along with a contact email and I'll publish your comment. After I publish your comment I will subpoena your information from the appropriate ISP and file a defamation lawsuit for your attempts to place me in a false light. I have said it before and I'll say it again – anything in the book stated as fact is exactly that. I sure do not see anyone coming forward to file a suit against me, and I'm sure I won't.

I never accepted the false information disseminated by agents or their informants in past and I will not be accepting it today either. I went through far too much hell in the case to tolerate such attacks. I fixed it by publishing the book and commenting under my real name anywhere that I comment. If my attacker is so ignorant that he doesn't understand why I did this, he need only contact his attorney and ask.

We have some level of freedom of speech in the US, but this does not extend to disseminating false information that places a person in a false light and ruins anything they attempt to do in life. The only absolute defense in a defamation suit is truth, and Memoirs is full of facts and truth, which is of course why no one has sued me.

The person that chose to attack me is most likely an agent from some unknown agency or an informant – the MBI agenda changed in December of 2008, when former director William Lutz retired, though they are still clearing up cases from the long Lutz era.

The person that attacked me verbally also has a right to free speech, and guess what? He can start his own blog by going HERE. He may name the blog "VickyGallasisaLiar" if he so desires. I may (and would) then subpoena his contact information and serve him in a defamation suit. I do not have to tolerate lies about my person, my family, or my former business, and I never will – just ask the agents that lost in the case or anyone else involved, including their informants.

Still trying to bury my story huh? Funny attempt anyway, but screw you "anonymous" attacker.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Responses to Witnesses and Informants

The witnesses and informants in the Miami Companions (MC) case are beginning to climb out the ditch and initiate first contact in attempt to involve others in this mess of a case. If you signed-up for a PACER account and read the complaints and the main indictment, well, then you are aware of the number of potential witnesses and informants involved.

What are plausible responses when you suspect that a witness or an informant is emailing or calling you and begging to meet with you?

A list of stories to use when you want to avoid further contact:

1. I'd love to meet with you, but my dog died today and he was sooo fond of the crystal blue water in Nassau that we are having him cremated so that we can scatter his ashes while hang gliding over the white sand beaches of Nassau. Ciao.

2. I think I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. My leg is swelling and I have this huge, hard red area right on my thigh, a fever that is worsening by the minute, and I've got to run throw-up before the ambulance gets here…click.

3. Oh my friggin God! All I did was flush the toilet – I swear – and the water won't stop. I'm standing in water up to my ankles and the plumber still isn't here! This is horrible and we'll be in a hotel for days. Can I call you back another time?

4. I think you've been screwing my boyfriend behind my back and now you both want to kill me. I will be talking it over with my psychiatrist this afternoon and he'll tell me if I should meet you or not, but don't hold your breath. Click.

5. Answer the phone and start one of these recordings at the same time (repeat as often as necessary):

Number was successfully traced

The call you have made requires a coin deposit

Your call cannot be completed, please check the instruction manual

The phone you are calling from is not in service

Your line has been temporarily disconnected

The number dialed cannot be reached from your area

Okay – here's an UPDATE on 28 January 2013 @5:45pm EST: Phone Recording Archive is no longer available. Apparently the website owner has discontinued the site or hosting for it. I have found a few websites with same / similar recordings:

Telephone World - Miscellaneous Automated Intercept Telephone Recordings

Art of Hacking Sounds

Bell System Recorded Announcements

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