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Friday, July 22, 2011

Initial Look at High Class NY Escort Case

Although the actual indictment by the New York Grand Jury is not yet available online, I took a closer look at the entire situation. Sometimes it is complicated to extract what is real and what is not from articles in mainstream media and often bloggers just copy parts of articles. We all know that frequently situations are twisted and misrepresented in media and I am guilty of having little trust in the system of injustice in the US, whether it is a state or federal case.

So far I find one major issue that stands out in the High Class NY case. Jonathan Yampolskaya, the step-son of Mikhail Yampolsky, was charged with “criminal possession of a controlled substance,” charged as a misdemeanor on June 3, 2011, by NYPD. In this case his attorney is listed as Legal Aid, but as of today no motions have been filed in the case. In the current indictment his “top charge” is a B Felony, stated as “Cscs-3rd: narcotic drug – cocaine”.

One of the investors, Yaklov Maystrovich, has the low bond of $5000, yet he is also charged with the B Felony “enterprise corruption” 10 counts of “money laundering,” a E Felony, and 1 count of “promoting prostitution,” a D Felony. I am somewhat puzzled as defendants with the same charges (like Bronislava Yampolsky) have a $75,000 bond.

Others charged in the case are Valerii Loboda, Oleg Lechko, Alexey Senenov, Pinia Ashkinadze, Yury Gorelik, Boris Ratovsky, Meredith Harford, Angelo Pascacello, Irina Pobukovsky, and Ilya Olshansky. Loboda also has that $5K bond, Lechko was released on his own recognizance even though he has a list of charges that include the B Felony “enterprise corruption,” Senenov doesn't show as having a filed case, Ashkinadze has the $5K bond as does Gorelik. Ratovsky also has the $5K bond, but is charged with more counts than most including drug charges. Harford has a $10K bond and a longer list of charges too. Pascacello has a lengthy list of counts and the $5K bond, Pobukovsky has a really lengthy list of charges and was released on her own recognizance, and Olshansky has a $5K bond.

According to the system, no one with a bond has posted it yet. This could be due to a delay in updates or they may all still be in jail and unable to post bond because of frozen funds. Really with the exception of the main four family members charged, all the bonds are low by any standard.

As to the clients involved in this case, I would bet that many will later be contacted by investigators. None should have been so ignorant as to use a credit card to pay for an escort, and especially after knowing that “discrete billing” was in place. There's no such thing as “discrete billing,” by the way, and this is a euphemism for credit card factoring in Florida, which is often charged as “money laundering,” as in this case.

The reason that I believe at least some of the clients may later be contacted is that I do not foresee quick guilty pleas for the main four family members in this case, or at least not three of them. That is not saying that I feel all or any will take it to trial, but I do feel that it will be some time and discovery later if there are plea deals. This case is not as plain as most articles paint it to be.

I also feel, from reading what is available, that there was an initial arrest or two that escalated this case. Yep – you read my mind – there is an informant or two involved.

I have also had time to reflect on the long ago argument / debate with some member of this group. I have no way of knowing who specifically chose to email and post anonymous comments on this blog back then, but they were not kind comments at all. In fact they were so rude, in a personal way, that I chose to delete them later. My final comment remains as posted under a March 2010 article. Maybe someone took heed and opted not to cross state lines, but clearly the credit card issues didn't stick. Regardless, I do not hold it against the person.

Even all other escort business information out there for sale advocates the acceptance of credit cards. I only know what I know from listening to my father (now deceased) back in 1995, and from watching what happened to others. Many disagree with me, but then I am the only escort service owner in the US to ever be acquitted on organized crime charges by a jury so I figure that I must know something about it all and leave it at that.

We shall see how this case unravels, but don't be surprised if it is more complicated than media has made it at this time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NY Escort Service Operators Indicted

It is thanks to a criminal law blog that I am aware of the big escort service bust in NYC yesterday. Appelman Law Firm posted the article: $7 Million NYC Prostitution &Drug Ring Busted. I then searched and found articles in the Wall Street Journal, CNN etc... but I admit to rarely reading mainstream news if not for specific reasoning.

The escort service has additional websites, but the main one mentioned is High Class NY, and as you can see it is still up at this point. It is a NY State prosecution and not a federal case and there are 144 counts in the indictment. Apparently there were drugs involved somewhere, though no article anywhere discusses who specifically did what with drugs except the notation that a couple of escorts were charged with “criminal sale of a controlled substance” and “attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance”.

Criminal defense attorney Avery Appelman mentions the fact that the businesses had independent contractor agreements with the escorts and models:

“It’s interesting that this company has independent contracts with its ‘models’ that prohibit sexual contact,” says criminal defense attorney, Avery Appelman. “This may insulate them from liability. It’s also interesting that this case is being prosecuted by the state, not the feds. Perhaps the feds didn’t think the evidence was strong enough to obtain a conviction.”
The existence of a contract alone will not insulate anyone from liability in such a case. If no one with the businesses made any compromising statements during the supposed 3 years that they operated, then the contracts do help to insulate from liability. It all comes down to what the state prosecutors have on audio or video to prove their case. Just saying they knew or they had to know doesn't cut it if there's a trial, especially with the contracts available for jurors to view. In other words, as long as no defendant contradicted their own contract they should be safe on that part.

I do not have access to the indictment at this point, but according to Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, this is the story – the article is HERE, but you must scroll to see it:

Seventeen individuals and five corporations were named in the indictment, including High Class NY’s owners Mikhail Yampolsky; his wife, Bronislava; his son, Alexander; and his step-son, Jonathan Yampolskaya. Also indicted are eleven of their managers and supervisors, as well as two of their largest investors, Efim Gorelik and Yakov Maystrovich. Charges against the defendants include Enterprise Corruption, Promoting Prostitution, Money Laundering, and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance. If convicted, they face up to 25 years in prison. In separate indictments, two escorts are charged with Prostitution, Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance and Attempted Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance.
I hate to say it, but over a year ago and closer to 2 years ago, I had an argument / debate with someone connected to this operation. It wasn't really an argument as I really do not care what anyone else does with their business, but was one in relation to what the intelligent way to go is in reference to credit cards. The party read my statements against accepting credit cards and contacted me. Only an idiot uses a credit card to book an escort, and I knew that before Operation Out Call (IRS) began, and who wants to book idiots?

Beyond that, the party I interacted with in email seemed like a normal businessman and had been in business for over a year when we had the discussion. Yes, I know that there is much more money to be made if you accept credit cards, but... and I am sorry to say that I imagine they now get my point. The state will squeeze any or all of the clients involved, and they've got the friggin' client list (credit card transactions). Squeezed clients will say absolutely anything to get out of a problem - I have seen it happen in any case where credit cards are involved. Read more about Operation Out Call (IRS) by scrolling to the foot of this blog and reading the article in New York Magazine or viewing it directly from Google.

As for the drugs, it is hard to tell if this was a couple of random escorts trying to make more money or what. The DA really doesn't elaborate on that part and I will not be making a guess on the topic. My viewpoint on escorts involved with drugs is that I get the hell away from them quickly.

I will say that it might be a good idea for any of the defendants' attorneys to contact me.If you want to see who is charged with what specific counts, you can go to New York State Unified Court System's WebCrims and search by "Defendant Name". Click on the case that shows, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the links for charges, appearances, motions etc...


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Open an Escort Service in Baghdad

My Blueprint book could indeed be used to open and operate an escort business anywhere in the world, including Baghdad, Erbil, Islamabad, Kabul, Kuwait City, Mosul, Basrah, Kandahar, Peshawar, Lahore etc... Why let the war profiteers beat you to it? Oh I'm sure that the listed cities already have some form of an escort service already going, but why not professionalize it?

You may need to license it as an entertainment company and in some areas you may not need to license it at all. I'd bet that a party stripper company would go over rather well in Baghdad. Make sure to offer Strip-o-gram style costumed shows and escorts that offer social companionship for the Baghdad Embassy and Green Zone crowd. Where Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels, and Starwood go is where your escort business should be. Hell, even Best Western is in on the party.

I posted on the topic of escort businesses anywhere on the Blueprint Blog back in May, so I won't be too repetitious here. The post is: Open an Escort Business Anywhere

A quote from that post: “Really it all comes down to the level of acceptance for adult business on an outcall basis. It is the level of acceptance in any geographical area that will ultimately determine how you operate and the type of license that you will want.”

If you Google the phrase, “Baghdad escorts” you will see listings for convoy and security escorts, but no escort services of this type yet. However, if you Google the phrase “Islamabad escorts” a company called VIP Dubai Escorts is listed, but they list cities all over the Middle East and beyond as cities of operation. And check those rates: 1 Hour = 3500 A.E.D. = $953 today!

By the way, VIP Dubai has a great website, but how viewable is it on an arrangement of smartphones? I'd have to test it to tell you (smile). Reaching users searching on a variety of wireless devices is really important these days, and probably more important in Baghdad than here.

It is time to jump-in if this interests you. You must view it as Marriott did, with the exception of the 2008 Islamabad bombing, and understand that it is all about business. You certainly would have a built-in market with the many contractors and high-ranking US military in the region. Trust me – this crowd calls, and they've got the $$$s these days. Isn't that what any business is about? Making money and doing business where the money is?

To get started with your plan you should first check out Iraq Business News. You will see a “Leisure and Tourism” category among many others. I couldn't find anything about adult business of any sort, but I consider it time to be a pioneer on this venture. Before you know it they will have such a category, or maybe not. I did note that Karbala will soon have a monorail system, which is more than we have here in Orlando.

I am amazed that only the one escort business shows in a variety of searches. I advise you to specialize in one location, like Baghdad for example, and beyond that to separate the party stripper business from the escort service. I am available for consultations for $45 an hour, with better packages available for 20+ hours – don't ask how I arrived at that specific figure (smile). For a bit more, I'd come over and run it for you, or at least get it going, but you can't pay me via PayPal.

If you don't do it, you could bet that someone else will be soon.

Is this satire? Not really.

Image credit: Iraq on the Map 2010 © Marcio Silva / 2011 © 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Psychiatrists as Pill Pushers

Make no mistake here: This phenomena has nothing to do with the failed US War on Drugs. This is all about the dumbing down of Americans using widely prescribed psychotropic drugs. I still cannot locate any valid up-to-date statistics, but I have found journal articles and investigative articles that back my viewpoint on the topic.

There's not much that I consider as annoying as the drug commercials on television these days. The most absurd part of every commercial is the quickie disclaimer; you know – the “side effects may include nausea, brain hemorrhage, vomiting, dizziness, and death” inclusion. What type of idiot would take the crap?

I may be weird, but I read warning labels on just about any product and certainly on prescription pamphlets. Back when I was 20ish years, I considered birth control pills and easily received a prescription for the things. I went home and read the included instruction booklet and the long list of potentially fatal and definitely scary side effects and threw the damn crap in the garbage. Who in their right mind would take something that could cause all of that? I mean, it obviously has caused such problems or the statements wouldn't be there.

I have no clue what warnings come with a Xanax or a Zoloft prescription, but must imagine it wouldn't sound inviting to me. I read an article dated July, 12, 2011, written by James Ridgeway for Al Jazeera: Mass Psychosis in the US. This written work discusses much of what I have had on my mind in relation to the proliferation of pill pushing psychiatrists in the last decade or so.

I have met many people on this crap for depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks etc... They are referred to as the anti-psychotic drugs in the article. Child overactive or argumentative? You can get a quick diagnosis of ADD or ADHD or bipolar and the mind-numbing prescriptions to go with it. Joey will be a complacent and contented little boy in less than a week, unless someone tries to come between him and his drugs.

My personal experience with this was a doctor's attempt to give my own child the crap when he was eleven years. I told the dipshit to drop dead and found a better doctor. No, we would not be drugging my child just because a couple of teachers are too damned lazy to get off their collective asses and participate in their own classes.

My first experience with the drug Ritalin was back in 1988. I was working at a youth center on a USAF base as a recreation aid. I worked the before and after school program and the skate nights and other events. There was a boy named Eric enrolled and his mother was a major in the USAF. Eric was a bit rambunctious as any 10 year old should be. My co-workers viewed Eric as a problem, but I viewed my co-workers as lazy asses that wanted a bunch of quiet children so they could gossip or drink soda or whatever.

One day Eric's mother the USAF major came in for a private discussion with our director. We were all later informed that Eric was going to be placed on a newer drug that should help with his behavior. Yep – they drugged little Eric to make their lives easier. I always played basketball with Eric and kept him active and occupied, but this new drugged Eric had no such interest. He went from knocking me in the head with a basketball and tripping me as I skated to sitting quietly and reading at a table with an occasional, “Hi Miss Vicky”. Now everyone else loved little Eric, but I freaked out on it – they drugged him. It wasn't much longer and I left that lousy job. Recreation my ass.

A main reason that many people in the US get on these anti-psychotic drugs these days is to collect Social Security Disability and the other financial benefits that come with it. You're actually considered mentally disabled and unable to work so you sit back and collect food stamps, mucho cash monthly, and have all of your time free to do what you want. What a deal, right? Well, as entrepreneurial as I try to be when there isn't interference from one direction or another, I consider the pill-popping sponges to be criminals.

I have a friend that had major heart surgery. They had to break her breastbone to do the surgery – maybe this is the case with all women; I'm not sure as I admit to avoiding doctors all my life. Anyway, Crystal really could not work and was really disabled after the surgery. She refused all painkillers once she came out of surgery because she knew she could handle pain for a short time, but couldn't handle a long drug addiction later. She was intelligent enough to know better, yet I see people all around me taking flippin' pain killers for something like arthritis. How absurd!

Now Crystal owned an escort service at the time she had the heart troubles and serious surgery. When she got out of the hospital she had plenty of bills due and feared answering the phone as she knew that I was about to be arrested. Agents had threatened her and tried to force her to be a witness in my case, but she managed to skip town just before my trial.

Anyway, Crystal tried to collect Social Security Disability and even pushed it to court when she was refused. An Orange County, FL Administrative Court judge actually instructed her to go back into the escort business – there was no reason she couldn't answer the phone and deal with booking calls for substantial income. Eventually she won her Social Security claim in a NC court and the judge didn't try to shove her back into the escort business. Yet anyone and their brother can claim depression, obtain various prescription drugs for it, and get Social Security Disability and various other benefits.

What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong in this country?

Psychotropic Drugs and the Dumbing Down of America

Usually the expression “dumbing down of America” is used in relation to our education system, which is an entirely different problem. My reference to the term is the over-prescribing of psychotropic drugs in society today. Is this occurring in other countries also or is it a US problem?

I have been working on a thesis of sorts that somewhere around 75% of the population in the US is on psychotropic drugs. The figure could be closer to 65% - it is hard to tell as current statistics are not available. I only know what I see and what I encounter, and it sure isn't good news. I'm not one to regularly visit doctors and I'm not on the mind-altering drugs and never have been, but these days almost everyone that I encounter is prescribed one psych drug or another.

The most commonly prescribed psych drugs are Xanax, Prozac, and Zoloft, but others are widely used as well. Those that take this stuff will quickly defend it with statements like, “I have a chemical imbalance,” but this is a translation of “I'm mentally unstable and being treated for psychiatric problems”. These people consider themselves stable and able to function right next to the rest of us, but they are not.

To know how I feel about psychotropic drugs, you need only read Memoirs. Most of the state's witnesses in my case were on mind-altering drugs, rendering their testimony totally worthless to anyone that can still think around here. My two co-defendants were the most medicated of all.

I had a friend that I no longer speak to that has been on psychotropic drugs for over a decade. She will quickly defend the practice and refuse any mention of rehab as a solution. Okay, I will be blunt here: She is downright hostile and aggressive towards any mention of her entering a rehab facility and getting off the crap and it ended our friendship a while back. She had good reason to go on the stuff long ago, but that line of reasoning should have been over at least 8 years ago. What kind of lousy doctor would prescribe this crap to anyone for years?

I recently made the mistake of voicing my thoughts on the mind-altering prescription drugs in relation to prolonged use on a forum and after the first statement escaped my keyboard, I was attacked and trashed by almost all that entered the discussion. As a matter of fact, the attacks were the worst that I have ever experienced, which says a lot. Good God – never dare try to come between the mentally afflicted and their medications! (more on that story in the next couple of days)

I truly hope that state authorities are keeping-up with lists of those receiving treatment for mental problems, but I seriously doubt it. Think about situations in your life wherein you are asked the question, “Have you ever been treated for a mental condition or problem?” This question is asked when you're applying for insurance or try to purchase a gun and in many cases on employment applications. Now consider how many in our population should be answering that question with a “yes” but probably do not.

The main issue to me at this moment in time is that the great majority of people on psychotropic drugs cannot recognize that they are addicted to a drug (or 2 or 10) and consider themselves mentally stable when they sure as hell are not. Never attempt to debate or argue with a gang of people with mental problems – trust me; it doesn't work out well at all. These people are aggressive, irritable, and downright angry.

My advice? Get a new psychiatrist, go to a rehab and get off addicting drugs, and stop thinking of yourself as mentally stable because you are not, at least not while you are on psychotropic drugs.

One good thing about it: This is my blog and they sure as hell cannot attack me here. LOL

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Censored by PayPal

I awoke today to read the following email from PayPal:

We are hereby notifying you that, after a recent review of your account activity, it has been determined that you are in violation of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales / offers of an ebook about escort services on

Therefore, your account has been permanently limited.

Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for certain sexually oriented materials or services or for items that could be considered obscene.
It is a trick statement as all of my books are “about escort services” including Memoirs. All are also sold on my website, The Accused Madam. I only had funds from the last three sales in the account so the balance is $30 after PayPal took its fees on the three sales and adding the previous balance of $2.

The censors at PayPal must not want anything sold that isn't for children. Does Disney own PayPal or a piece of the company?

Nothing in any book I have written could possibly be considered “obscene” or “sexually oriented material”. My books are all intended for an adult audience, but if they were rated they would all be PG or at worst R. There is nothing sexual in any book I have written.

Screw the censors at PayPal.

When I login to my PayPal account I see the following notification:

Why is my account access limited?
Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
  • Jul 10, 2011: When you signed up for your PayPal account, you agreed to our User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy. Because some of your recent transactions violated this policy, we've had to permanently limit your account.

    Please remove any references to PayPal from your website.

    You'll be able to withdraw any money in your account 180 days after your last transaction. We'll email you when it's ready to be withdrawn.

My email response to

Nothing in any book that I have written could possibly be considered "obscene" or "sexually oriented material". While the intended audience for my books is adult, if anyone were to read and rate any of my books they would each be a PG or at most an R. There is nothing sexual in any book.
What you are doing here is incorrect, but this is the US and I respect your right as a company to not do business with anyone you choose. Welcome to Amerika, the new Disney, where everything is for children and adults do not exist except in relation to children.

Screw PayPal's censorship of me and my books. So you manage to stop me from selling ebooks that are available from Google ebooks and in Amazon's US, UK, and Canada Kindle stores and as paperbacks through any bookstore. Thanks a bunch and screw you.

Vicky Gallas

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never go to Trial on Theory

Let this be one more lesson for prosecutors in the State of Florida: Never go to trial on theory.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all counts except lying to law enforcement. We all knew she lied – the rest of it was pure theory from beginning to end.

The fiasco started by former Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary is finally over.