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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Orlando Conspiracy Case Sentences

The defendants are all from Eastern Europe and five of the six that were convicted on a variety of counts by a federal jury in Orlando were sentenced today. One defendant - Saida Babaeva - was not sentenced today, though there is no information as to why.

The case that prosecutors and media hyped as a "sex-trafficking ring" but really was no more than simple massage without a license is almost over for all involved. The sentences:

Natalia Fedorova - Time Served
Aleksandra Liubina - Time Served
Alina Priadko - Time Served
Alexander Postica - 15 months
Tatiana Belinschi - 16 months

Russian sex-ring members sentenced

I really feared for Tatiana and Alexander because of the way the USAO charged this case. Each has been in jail (Orange County Jail as of now) since being indicted over a year ago. With time off for good behavior they should be free, or at least on the way to deportation, before March 2012 is over and perhaps sooner.

Though the prosecutors were not fair in charging this case and I didn't understand the jury convicting anyone, the judge has been more than fair. I wish the very best future to each defendant. If any would like their names removed from articles on this blog, or even the articles removed, contact me and it will be done.

I have already had one request from a defendant's family to remove the name or the posts about this case. All posts that discuss this Orlando case will be removed by tomorrow except this one will remain to counter any false information that refers to this case as "sex trafficking". It was an unbelievable and horrible awakening for these defendants.

Edit on 27 February 2012 @12:15pm EST

This morning Saida Babaeva was sentenced to "Time Served". I have read all of the documents that Saida's attorney submitted for sentencing and it appears that she is seeking asylum, though the reasons are personal and won't be noted herein.

Final defendant in Russian sex-trafficking ring sentenced to time served

If luck is with us, this is the last fucking time we will see an article so incorrectly titled by the Orlando Sentinel's pro-MBI and pro-prosecutor editor. No one in this case was charged with "sex-trafficking" and it was certainly not a sex-trafficking case.

If you missed it - I had already created the label "Sex Trafficking Trial - Orlando" as a result of the Sentinel's original incorrectly titled articles. Once I had access to my PACER account and read the case documents, I referred to it as the "Orlando Conspiracy Trial" because that is what it was.

If you would like any of the documents in this case contact me.