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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bad Cops an Epidemic in the US

A police officer has more power than anyone, including the President of the United States (POTUS). This is a statement that I first read in Marshall Frank's book, Criminal Injustice in America: Essays by a Career Cop. Marshall Frank spent 30 years in law enforcement in Miami and is a retired captain from the Metro-Dade Police Department. He would know. If you are interested in the thoughts of a man that spent 30 years in the trenches, buy the book from Amazon or from: Marshall Frank

From the time I entered this country to date I have encountered so many bad cops that I considered this a U.S. epidemic. Sure, I know that there are some good cops out there; I just drew the justice card and rarely meet any. We all draw different cards in life and mine all relate to justice, or rather injustice.

Most people go through life and never encounter bad cops. This doesn't mean that I did anything wrong and they did everything correct; it means that they didn't draw the justice card in life. Most people remain clueless as to the inner workings of the criminal justice system in the US, though I am not so sure that clueless is a preferred state of mind so I'm happy that I am enlightened regardless of all the problems involved.

I watched a CNN special a few nights ago: Race and Rage: Rodney King 20 Years Later

Rodney King stated that he did forgive the officers that beat him on that unforgettable night in Los Angeles. You may be thinking, why can't you forgive if King can Vicky? Well, I thought about that myself when he made the statement; however, the huge difference is that King's bad cops paid – two officers were convicted on civil rights violations and then King received $million + for his suffering. No one would even let my bad cops get to the point of a trial. None of the bad cops that I have encountered in the last 25 years have paid, yet. So, my state of mind is still that of an angry victim.

I do not know if there is a God and a Heaven and a Hell. I often have doubts and consider believers to be no different than idol worshipers. We all need a crutch in life, but that has never been my crutch. For the first time in many years I prayed to this unknown God the other night. I did this while my son and his friend were in the clutches of the scary and dangerous bad cops referred to in my last post (now removed). I do not know if prayer helped or not, but they went from intent to seize the vehicle and arrest my son and his friend on some unknown charges to a short don't come back here again speech. Maybe there is a God after all. Maybe deputy bad-ass #1 had second thoughts for another reason.

A quick search in the Inmate Locator on the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website reveals that former Chicago police commander Jon Burge is finally serving his sentence. If you are not familiar with the deranged Chicago police commander that ordered and/or participated in torturing over 200 African American men between 1972 and 1991 to force confessions, view this video: Survivors of Jon Burge's torture regime speak out

Let's not pretend that the charges that Burge was tried on and convicted of reflected his actual crimes against humanity. Burge is the poster child for bad cops.

What ever happened to Lake County Florida Sheriff's Office Detective Ralph D. Fiorenza? The information that I located says that he is retired. He receives a pension for his years of service, no matter that those years included falsifying reports and other criminal acts committed against Mario J. Bassignani and uncountable others, no doubt. This piece of shit, like so many others including Jon Burge, is actually allowed to retire with a pension. Not familiar with Mario Bassignani's story? Read on the website that Mario's brother has had online since 2002.

Mario was an engineer at Kennedy Space Center until bad-ass detective Fiorenza entered his life. Mario blew his brains out on the courthouse steps in Lake County, Florida on February 6, 2001. May Mario Bassignani rest in peace and know that if there is a Hell, well, Fiorenza will be going there when he finally croaks.

Bad cops are rarely held accountable for their criminal acts in the US, so is it no wonder that cops like Frank Carter, former Melbourne P.D. officer, and the asshat Deputy Genovese of the Hernando County Sheriff's Office that my son and his friend encountered over the weekend run rampant as they do? No wonder at all as most (defined as more than 50%) of Americans love to see people in cages and suffering.

We live in a country in which most of the population loves to see others suffer, whether guilty or not. Toss that bullshit line innocent until proven guilty right out your proverbial window, because they do not give a rat's ass and consider anyone a cop approaches to question or anyone arrested guilty. We don't need trials here; not in the US. Cops decide innocence or guilt and cops get away with anything and everything in this corrupt nation.

But eventually all bad cops pay for their dirty deeds and crimes against the people.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bradley Manning's New Plight

According to the Bradley Manning Support Network, Brad now faces the death penalty for “aiding and abetting the enemy,” and we all must wonder what fucking enemy they're referring to. Read the list of charges added on March 1, 2011: Bradley Manning Facing Death Penalty Under New Charge of “Aiding the Enemy”

The US Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC) has added 22 additional counts in the Manning case. They claim that prosecutors do not intend to recommend the death penalty, but I do not buy it for a NY minute. These people want Brad Manning dead. Even his fellow service members want him dead. At least 50% of Americans have such an unreal level of ignorance that they also want him dead. At the very least, they will accept life in a United States Supermax prison – the prison of all prisons with no contact with the outside world ever.

And what enemy did he allegedly aid IF he is the Wikileaks leaker? No crap here – I read through many of the released documents and they weren't all that important. Can they actually do this because there is a feeling of embarrassment over their fake War on Terror? I am afraid that the answer is yes, they do whatever the hell they want. If you voted for Bush in 2000 or in 2004, you have succeeded in assisting these war happy, money-grubbing kooks ruin this country beyond any possibility of repair.

There is little left to say except if you have not donated to Bradley Manning's defense fund, please do so when possible. If you have donated, please appeal to your colleagues and friends. Don't desert this guy as his fellow soldiers have. The only good place to donate is through the Bradley Manning Support Networkyou will see the big DONATE button on the website.