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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Under Scrutiny: My Life in the US Today

Someone emailed me to ask escort business related questions recently and one of the questions was why didn't I open another service, as after all is said and done, I was found not guilty by a jury and there was no actual evidence. Oh to dream... having money again would be wonderful!

This was my response to the person with the questions. To put it in proper context, my current scrutiny has nothing to do with the Orlando MBI, other than the fact that they would love to help anyone anywhere prosecute me for anything, created or real.

The current situation also has nothing to do with former MBI agent Ray Peters' comments on my last post. I'm sure he just showed-up here with the intention of discrediting me so that no one will have any interest in Memoirs. At the same time, I have had a stranger trying to talk me into writing fiction books - the stranger even dropped a review on Memoirs, albeit one that really doesn't describe anything at all that I wrote.

No, I wish it were so simple, because quite frankly, the aforementioned parties are simple to contend with in comparison. Suffice it to say that my blogging and publishing of case documents in reference to the Paul Bergrin persecution and trials has angered the wrong people. I state this with the awareness that I am not the only one currently under such scrutiny.

Seems like I crossed another line with the recent blog posts about the fictional documentary. Well, it sure is not the first line I have crossed in those eyes - I was threatened with prosecution over my Blueprint books a long time ago from that crowd, but hey, I'm still here and the books are still here, so maybe they're not as powerful as they think they are. At any rate, I intend to keep this fight public.

So, without further ado:

I am still under scrutiny and actually more so these days than ever before. Perhaps the best way to describe it is if you are driving along peacefully and suddenly a cop car appears in your rearview mirror. That cop follows you, turn after turn, but you know you have done nothing illegal or even incorrect. You really have no choice except to continue driving along.

The cop is getting angry because he can't find any reason to pull you over and search your vehicle while actually planting drugs. Next thing you know, the cop is so close to your rear bumper that you have no choice except to speed-up a bit. He has now provoked you into speeding, even if only 1 mile over the speed limit, but that's enough to allow him to pull you over.

Next thing you know, the siren and lights are on, and you have no choice but to pull-over. The cop approaches your car door and orders you to get out of the vehicle. You ever so nicely ask what the problem is. The cop screams his order to exit the vehicle, sounding like a Marine drill Sergeant. Now you are standing on the side of the road with your hands on the vehicle trunk as ordered. The cop is back in his patrol car, calling for backup.

You see several cop cars with lights approaching. They pull-up behind the original cop, get out to speak with him, and glare at you. Now you are being handcuffed, pulled towards one of the backup cars, and shoved in the backseat. You watch as a couple of the cops open your car doors and begin the pretense of searching.

One of the cops yells, "I got it!" and holds-up a baggie with something that looks white.

You finish the story. And for the record, I do not consume, possess or sell any sort of drugs. *sigh* I always wonder what will happen next with these people. No peace.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Endearing the Snitches

I have been watching a disturbing trend lately that is worthy of addressing. Government informants are not only working to save themselves in criminal prosecutions and getting paid cash $s to do it, many are also playing to the media, writing books, offering consultant services and booking speaking engagements. At least in the days of Sammy Gravano and Henry Hill, the snitches and government informants hid not only from their victims, but also from the limelight. Their informant lies and drivel were not thrown in our faces.

I was first disturbed by this snitches in the limelight problem - and hey, I'm coining the term here, so consider this first source - late last year when Sabu, the snitch from the Jeremy Hammond / Anonymous prosecution came out publicly in mainstream news interviews. Next thing I knew, he was booking speaking engagements. What unadulterated flippin' audacity!

I admire Jeremy Hammond and resent Sabu from the bottom of my heart. Nothing I can do about Sabu's new-found fame in the media except to turn my back (and wallet) on any business that decides to insult the public with his paid presence. Anyone that knows anything about the snitch / informant part in the failed US criminal justice system and deplorable prison industry should join me on that. Sabu and the rest if his ilk are the dregs of this society and as they laugh and speak in news interviews, their victims suffer every day, all day.

Additional recent encounters with this obnoxious new phenomenon involve former players in the world of adult business that turned informant. I read an article the other day about Anna Gristina dealing with a probation problem over a picture. Of course the State of New York is making its play to lock her in a cage again. I did a Google search for her name to find more info on this new issue, but most recent articles that showed in search were about former hooker Rebecca Woodard, and she was bragging about how it was hard as hell to hook Anna Gristina as she played the role of snitch / informant.

Woodard wrote a book about her efforts as a hooker turned informant and has been interviewed in mainstream news numerous times. She apparently embellished the snitch role. I just did a search on Amazon and her stupid book isn't selling much with those damning reviews. You could get the hardcover copy for $.01 used, if you wanted one, but according to numerous reviewers, she can't form a decent sentence and you'll suffer boredom attempting to read it. Well, that's good news. Anna - 1, Snitch hooker - 0!

The next encounter was the result of a search on Heidi Fleiss. Heidi has always been an interesting person and I just wondered what she was up to these days. In the search results were numerous articles about former hooker Alexandra Datig. A search on Datig revealed much about her. Apparently she's an anti-marijuana crusader among other new occupations. Go to hell Datig; you're completely f'ing clueless.

Datig (of Heidi Fleiss fame - just so she knows why anyone at all would listen to a word she says) has also embarked on a new career as a victim, claiming that she was a victim of human trafficking. Good grief - escaping prosecution and being paid as an informant while working as a hooker for lots of $s wasn't enough for this informant / snitch - she has the audacity to claim victim of human trafficking status. Have you ever heard anything so absurd? Oh and of course she's writing a book about her life, as if anyone gives a rat's rear.

I thought these snitches were supposed to blend into the background, hide under aliases, and in general, stay in their little holes. Now we have to hear about the lot of them on a regular basis as they each turn into the new mainstream media darlings, limelight bound and standing to profit further from their dirty deeds while we're all forced to endure their stench repeatedly.

There are many more, of course.