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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Blueprint Books: Expounding on the Issues

This discussion is about Blueprint for an Escort Service and it is not a book ad. Our world has many people that despise adult business for one reason or another. Sometimes the reasoning involves religion and other times it is the result of a bad experience or media hype. On occasion there is an agenda-based hatred for adult businesses of various types. I will address all of the stated reasoning here.

Why did I write and publish Blueprint for an Escort Service?

In all honesty my main reason was that Memoirs of an Accused Madam has never been a seller – the original or the second edition. Writing Blueprint was an idea that popped in my mind when I asked myself what type of books do sell these days. I wrote it in 3 weeks and by the end of week 4, I was looking at a paperback. The subsequent Blueprint books – Blueprint 2 and Complete Blueprint – were an answer to thoughts and questions concerning the original book. Blueprint 2 is mainly about doing it all on a budget and Complete Blueprint combines the two with some updates. They haven't hit the mainstream at this point, but they do sell decently for self-published books.

My secondary reasoning was to bring a level of professionalism to the escort business that often does not exist because of the lack of information out there. It was a closed club of sorts, but it isn't anymore. The few people that have information to sell in a how-to form charge a high price and do not necessarily offer the best information. Look at it this way: Someone in the business has nothing to gain and everything to lose by helping others enter the business. Someone convicted on charges involving an escort service has information with little appeal as obviously they seriously screwed-up.

Finally, the information is now at your fingertips if you want it. I managed to make opening an escort service something that anyone can do. I made it all accessible and took the mystery out of the equation. For $9.99 (ebook) or whatever amount Amazon is currently charging for the paperback, anyone can enter the escort business.

Why would anyone want to open an escort service?

There are many possible reasons, but most involve a need to survive and cover more than just the basic bills in life. The great thing that I have watched happen since Blueprint was published is that professionals are giving it a second look and getting into the business.

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with plenty of professionals or professional types that are the best thing that could ever happen to the entire industry. I cannot be too specific here, but I'll give you an idea: 
  • A really great guy in the NE US that could barely survive after alimony and child support were paid every month
  • An unemployed white collar professional in a major SW US city
  • An advertising and marketing professional in Los Angeles
  • A website designer in NYC
  • A professional consultant in Las Vegas
  • A security guard in Houston that couldn't pay the basic bills
  • An unemployed couple in NYC that was on the verge of foreclosure
  • A restaurant owner in the Midwest US

The list goes on and on, but the one trait that each person has in common is that they're entrepreneurial. They enter the business with enough knowledge to do it all correctly and earn a great living, but also know they'll never make $millions as bullshit ads claim or many in the general population seem to believe. If one operates correctly there are not $millions to be made – it is that simple.

Joe Scam the pimp has little interest in my book and if he does purchase it, it is highly unlikely that he'll follow through anyway. Why? Because doing it all correctly is far from easy and Joe would make much less money.

So what are cops saying?

The general consensus among police agencies is that I offer information that is about “legally circumventing the law” as it pertains to the escort business. The first question that I must respond with is: Why? Don't you want escort agencies to operate professionally and legally? Of course the answer is already evident – they do not want escort agencies at all.

The failure of that entire idea is that escort businesses will be around whether they want them or not. According to these people all escort services are fronts for prostitution and shouldn't exist at all. My response to that is that they should be attacking state and local authorities and getting that definition on the books legally, or just shut the hell up. Many are religious zealots like Sheriff Grady Judd and his troop of followers.

I have heard from Judd himself before. I would be lying if I said the call had zero effects on me – no one in their right mind wants to be booked into Polk County jail and put through hell for the next couple of years. I quickly overcame the effects though, so no issue. I know that they couldn't get much of a bond because I have proved that I show-up in court whether anyone wants me to or not. And a bond is all about making sure the defendant appears, right?

If ever arrested over my Blueprint book I would make the arresting agency the laughing stock and prevail in the end, so not much to lose there. Memoirs would sell then for sure, which is what none of them want.

End Results

Plenty of old school agency owners in that previously closed club have lost their grip on the business. As it turns out, me and my Blueprint books are more effective than any law enforcement agency in history as their escorts desert in droves. The stranglehold that many had on the business for so long is finished. Yes, I am aware of specific incidents and transformations in US cities, but do not have the liberty of expounding on the topic.

I think I will take all of the attacks on my books and my person with a cup of salt. I do thank my few defenders.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is a great living? How much can be earned on a monthly basis if operated correctly?

Vicky Gallas said...


If you are the same person that emailed me this question the day this article was published, well, you're going to see the same answer here, but I will expound with the hope that you can wrap your mind around it.

There are far too many independent variables to make a wild guess on monthly income. The main varible is you. You could make $0 monthly or you could make $thousands monthly, and I wouldn't even guess how many $thousands.

The next variable in order of importance is the geographical location. Not everyine operating in a given city is going to earn the same income.

As far as "operating correctly" is concerned, this also has its own variables. Will you charge the highest rate in town and help only the best clients or will you charge the lowest rate and help everyone that tries to book? Or will you charge a rate in the middle and answer 24/7 or answer from 3pm until midnight? Will you promote via hotel and transporation people and will they like you and call you first? Will you bother with print ads or skip them altogether? Will your website be optimized for all wireless devices or will it be only accessible on from a laptop or PC? Will you have one Maps listing or will you have three? Will you have one website or will you have ten, all designed differently?

You think you're being smart by posting your stupid question here, but really you're not smart at all. I have your number.