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Topics relate to adult business, the War on Drugs, political prosecutions, censorship, and police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct


Comment policy update on 21 March 2016:

My son was the victim in a violent attack and the perp is facing a trial or a guilty plea. The perp and his gang of miscreants in the Central Florida local metal scene have repeatedly attacked my son in comments elsewhere. They do not have that privilege here. This is my blog. 

Comment policy update on 26 September 2012:

All comments are moderated so sorry for the wait, but your comments will be published if not spam or with links to adult sites that have nudity. Oh, and Google Blogger is excellent at catching spam so don't waste your time

When you post a link please remember that this is the US and we are highly censored here and if I allowed porn links or links to sites that even have nudity or adult material or offer anything illegal, my blog would be killed in search engines in short time. For that reason alone, I will not publish such comments. Frankly I do not give a damn about porn or nudity one way or the other, but I like my blog.

If your comment is an attack on me (Vicky Gallas) it will also be deleted as I have no reason to defend myself here - I won and they lost. Period. If it is critical of me and questions any issue involved in my case or any issue discussed in posts it will not be deleted, but you can expect a response. Hopefully you understand the difference between criticism and attack.

Thank you for reading,

 Vicky Gallas