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Topics relate to adult business, the War on Drugs, political prosecutions, censorship, and police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct

About Me

My name is Vicky Gallas and I refer to myself as "the accused madam" for a couple of reasons. I never considered myself a madam and I simply provided business-end services. Each escort was an independent contractor. A jury of my peers agreed with me when I took the state of Florida to trial.

I was prosecuted on racketeering and RICO conspiracy charges and subsequently acquitted in 2003. I owned escort services for a decade in conservative Orlando, Florida.

As with the great majority of adult business related cases between the 1980s and 2008 in the Orlando area, my case involved serious police misconduct. The additional problem of my denouncing the telephone line blocks on escort service numbers in area resorts further propelled my prosecution.

They lost and I won, so I'm still here to tell the story, and it is a story that few have ever heard. I never spoke to anyone with the news prior to trial and by the time it was over and I was acquitted, few were still interested.

Born and raised in Paris and other parts of Western Europe, I'll never get used to American perceptions of justice. Those arrested are guilty unless they prove themselves innocent, and even then this is often interpreted as the defendant evading criminal conviction. Such a system places all of the power in the hands of overzealous police and prosecutors.

About this Blog

I have recently (August 2012) removed over 300 posts from this blog. There was no sole reasoning for this and it was in part because of my health. I did not want to leave all of the documents and posts lingering in cyberspace forever. My posts are often related to current cases and I must believe that at some point the majority of defendants I have written about would like to move forward in life.

I started this blog to correct misinformation about my own case that is still on the internet, though I have managed to bury it for the most part. The Orlando Sentinel reporter that covered my trial was there for a few days out of two weeks and the articles include misinformation because that "is how the editor wanted it written" - I addressed the issue with the reporter and place no blame on him. The Sentinel used to have, and probably still does, a long-standing relationship with the MBI - the agency that harassed and pursued me from 1994 until long after my acquittal in the case in 2003.

The blog has served its main purpose and I blog less these days. If you are involved in a criminal case anywhere in the world that relates to adult business and you'd like me to post correct information, not found in mainstream news, please do contact me. I do require documents and if it is not a federal case, I have no way of retrieving any. You will have to email documents as attachments or snail mail me.