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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scary Bad Cops in Hernando County Florida

This was previously posted with the title, "Overzealous Scary Cops in Hernando County Florida" and is being reposted due to several requests. I removed it in my big post purge in August 2012. It was originally an early (March) 2011 post, so this did not actually happen last night. Back by popular demand: (UPDATE at the end on January 8, 2014)

Last night my son and a friend had a frightening encounter with several (4) Hernando County Sheriff's Office deputies out in the rural area referred to as Ridge Manor, Florida. Either three or four patrol cars arrived at the scene with a total of 4 deputies. My son was driving a Toyota Prius and had the vehicle papers and his valid driver's license to hand the deputy and was puzzled as to the reason for the stop as he is ever so careful not to commit any sort of traffic infraction whatsoever.

Alex has learned to just stay a smart distance from cops and has been taught to understand that a police officer is more powerful than the POTUS. One must fear that a cop could plant drugs or shoot them dead as the result of a simple traffic stop in Florida.

The only time I shake is if I am being pulled-over by a cop as there is no telling what will happen next. No one wants to die at the hands of a whacko cop that later claims to have seen a weapon and trust me, it happens too often in Florida. And we aren't even Black. I fear for the Black motorist in this lousy state – refer to my posts on former officer Frank Carter of the Melbourne Police Department.

Alex was driving at a speed of 52 mph and the speed limit before the stop was 60 mph, so he knew the pull-over had nothing to do with speeding. The car is almost new and sure didn't have any light out or faulty equipment issue. Knowing that he had done nothing illegal or even incorrect, he had his friend dial me the minute that he heard the siren and had the brights in his face as the cop turned around to come after him. The second that police vehicle #1 got behind my son, vehicle #2 and vehicle #3 (and possibly a #4) appeared from nowhere and were also behind him with flashing lights on.

Alex pulled to the grassy area on the side of the road right next to the intersection of Croom Rital Rd. and Kettering Rd. in Hernando County, Florida. I was on the phone with his friend at that point. This is exactly what happened next and Deputy #3 and Deputy #4 remained in the background throughout never saying anything to them. [my thoughts and Alex's descriptions are in brackets]:

Unknown Deputy #1: License and registration

Alex: Yes sir. May I ask why we were pulled over?

Deputy #1: We received a complaint of objects being thrown out this window at the vehicle behind you.

Alex: I don't know what you're talking about. We didn't throw anything.

Deputy #1: I'm going to be real with you. I'm a dickhead who doesn't give a fuck about anything. I don't have time for fucking games. If I find out one of you is lying I'm going to seize this vehicle and everything in it and you're both going to jail. The vehicle behind you has a witness, the vehicle behind them, that is willing to write statements. [took driver's license and car paperwork and walked back to his vehicle] [I heard the entire conversation - the deputy was loud, but not screaming like an angry Marine as some do]

[within a couple (3) minutes]

Deputy #1: Passenger out of the vehicle. [brought my son's friend to side of deputy's car]. [I heard this].

Friend described: [The deputy asked what happened here and friend told him the story]

What really happened: We were behind a car driving about 15 mph under the speed limit. There was no lane to pass him, but two other vehicles went around both of us. I waited until there was a second lane to pass and went around the slow driver. The driver attempted to run me off the road by speeding-up as soon as he saw I was trying to pass him. I passed him anyway by speeding-up. He was right on my rear and turned on his brights and this went on for about five minutes. He pulled-off and about 10 minutes later I am being pulled-over, but have no idea why.

The friend thought the cop asked him to empty out his pockets and was starting to do this when 3 deputies went for their weapons and 1 grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him against the car. The deputy told him to place his hands on the car and then patted him down, placing his hands in friend's pockets, and searched him. Scared him to death.

Deputy #1: Mr. -------

Alex [got out of car and walked towards deputy #1]

Deputy #2: GET OFF THE PHONE! [I heard this]

Alex: It's my mother. What...

Deputy #2: GET OFF THE PHONE NOW! You're 18. Hang it up.[I heard this]
[I had instructed my son to ask the deputy's name and where/what police department he was with as my son had no idea where they were specifically at that time]

Alex: Yes sir. [he hung-up on me]

Deputy #1: Your buddy over here admitted everything so you want to be smart as well and go ahead and confess to what happened.

Alex: [repeated story of what actually happened]

Deputy #1: Do you have any weapons, guns, drugs, hand grenades [?] paraphernalia?

Alex: No sir.

Deputy #1: PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE CAR! [deputy starts going through Alex's pockets and searching him and looked through his wallet]

Deputy #1: Do you have any drugs, weapons, guns, paraphernalia, hand grenades, or dead bodies [?] in the vehicle? So then I have permission to search, right? [exact quote]

Alex: Yes sir.

Deputy #1: Turn around and face my partner. [Alex no longer had any visual of vehicle] [deputy searched for about 4 minutes]

Deputy #2: [starts asking both Alex and friend questions]. [He pointed at a vehicle and asked both at the same time if they recognized it and both responded “no it doesn't look familiar”.

Deputy #2: What are you doing way out here?

Alex: Visiting a friend.

Deputy #1: [pulls out posters and flyers from back seat]

Deputy #2: Why do you have all of those?

Alex: I do some promoting for Club Firestone.

Deputy #1: [walks to his vehicle] You might want to stay in Merritt Island boys and don't come around here again. We are a bunch of fucking pricks who don't give a shit and will cause you some fucking problems. [Deputy threw Alex's driver's license in the grass]

Alex: [we got back in our vehicle and noted Deputy #1 walked to the vehicle that we couldn't identify].

So what in the hell is going on in Hernando County? Apparently they sure do not want anyone that doesn't live there entering the area. My son has had many traffic stops for no reason whatsoever, but none as scary as this one because they really do not know the area at all and even though he has met cops that were screaming like Marines throughout the encounter, they do not normally threaten to seize a vehicle and take the driver and passenger to jail – this is the unique issue here. Of course the search demand was because they expected to find drugs.

I have since dialed the non-emergency number for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office and the operator was helpful. She stated that the deputy that made the stop (deputy #1) is Deputy Genovese. She was unable to locate any information for the other deputies or did not offer the information if she did.

To Deputy Genovese with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office:

I have taught my son to always fear cops as truly you are more powerful than the POTUS and capable of absolutely anything. You prove my point. I also taught him to never give a police officer permission to search, no matter that there is nothing illegal or even incorrect in the vehicle. However, when I heard your threat of seizing the vehicle and taking them both to jail, I knew (from your own words) that you are indeed a total prick capable of anything and since we all knew there was nothing illegal in the vehicle, I told my son to agree to any search prior to him hanging-up the phone.

This is the United States and no one should be coerced into a search and threatened as you did to these two late last night (1am). Do you think you own Hernando County? Do you believe that you actually have the authority to tell any motorist to never return to Hernando County? Guess what prick – you don't own shit and I'll drive through Hernando County any fucking time I want to.

My son really feared that you would plant something in the vehicle (drugs). Why did you instruct him to turn around and face your partner so that the vehicle was no longer in his line of vision? That is something I have never run into and it shouldn't be considered legal.

I will offer a short scenario of the events to follow if you had taken them to jail last night:

Of course I would attempt to bond them out immediately, but not knowing anything about how it all works in Hernando County, well, I may or may not have been successful. No matter what, I would have them out on Monday before the morning was over. Each of them would then be filing a false arrest suit against you, the unknown deputies that joined you, and the Sheriff of Hernando County.

This is not a lawsuit worthy encounter and this is the last you'll hear of us Deputy Genovese, but someone needs to take some of your power away. Cops like you are why I have instilled it in my son's mind that he should never trust any cop anywhere for any reason. You really are a fucking prick – you said it.

Added on 26 December 2012:

I must wonder if Deputy Genovese is stil employed by the Hernando County Sheriff's Office. If he is, I also blame the sheriff and the county - they have had almost 2 years to get rid of his bad cop ass.

UPDATE on 8 January 2014:

Apparently the Hernando County Sheriff's Office do not discipline or fire Deputy Louis Genovese as him and his gang of thug cops attacked this poor man in his own home long before the traffic stop discussed in this post. I hope the Hernando Sheriff and these pigs (literally) pay this man every $ he's filed suit for!

I had such a sinking, uneasy feeling that night. Glad my son said "yes" to his coerced demand to search. This article is about a gang of criminals and here's to hoping their police toys are taken away forever. Where's the DOJ criminal civil rights division? Get these thugs off the street and cage them like the rabid animals they are:

Brooksville man sues Hernando deputies for $10 million

You can't even imagine the sinking feeling I had when I heard this freak accusing my son and threatening both him and his friend out in the middle of nowhere Hernando County, Florida. You just can't imagine. Where is the DOJ??? Read this poor man's Complaint against the Hernando County Sheriff's Office and 4 thugs that parade as cops:

Michael Pratt Civil Rights Complaint

Every single one of these deputies must face criminal charges!


Anonymous said...

And, your point is? I do believe your scenario of this is totally blown out of proportion. Your kid probably was throwing things and acting like a thug with attitude, as most kids nowadays are. So go cry to somebody else about your kid being pulled over, time to start putting big boy pants on your kid and stop diapering the babies. Grow up! Deputy Genovese is a good cop as well as all the other deputies of Hernando County.

Vicky Gallas said...

Louis Genovese et al. should have been fired long ago and facing indictment for civil rights violations. The fact that the Hernando County Sheriff kept them around only makes both him and the county complicit in every act committed by this whacko and his gang of thugs.

Genovese is an example of why there should be academic requirements for the position, as in a 4-year degree. He's a criminal masquerading as a cop. You are obviously a friend to Genovese and most likely a fellow officer. You, and your statements herein, are representative of why I would never trust any cop in any situation. You have revealed how thin that blue line really is.

From the Michael Bratt Complaint linked in the post and herein - it's all horrific, but you are defending the POS that did this and therefore have zero credibility:

From page 3, #13: "Once on the front lawn, Mr. Bratt was beaten by Deputy Van Tassel and Deputy Louis Genovese. Deputy Genovese, weighing over 300 pounds, proceeded to drive his knee into Mr. Bratt's face, shattering Mr. Bratt's orbital bone and causing Mr. Bratt's eye to fall into the cavity of his cheek."

This post is republished as stated at the beginning. The original post had around 30 comments on it and everyone was in agreement that there is a serious problem in Hernando County. I had also added my own comments. The night this happened to my son and his friend and when I first heard Genovese's voice through the phone, I had such a weird, shaky, sinking feeling that I told my son to say yes to the search demand. I have never done that in my life or in any of my son's many abusive traffic stops in this state. Genovese would have seriously harmed or killed my son if he had been even slightly confrontational about the false and abusive traffic stop or refused the search demand.

Shove it where the sun don't shine pal. That is my point you sorry POS. It's clear why you feel the need to hide behind anonymity.

Anonymous said...

I recently had my car searched in this county the same way. I was instructed to look the other way.

I am so scared of the police now I was afraid to post a comment. :(

I also taught my daughter to be very afraid of them.

Vicky Gallas said...

@the last anonymous -

No fear here - you are truly anonymous and I do not track anyone viewing or commenting on this blog or any of my blogs. If I should decide to track, I will announce it clearly above the comment box.

Yeah, if I lived in Hernando I'd move. Anyone have any clue why these crazy cops order motorists to turn their back when a vehicle is searched?

Unknown said...

I am pleased that these thug cops are being exposed one by one. My family has suffered civil/constitutional/human rights violations from this same gang of thugs. So far 5 of these bad cops where exposed for the corrupt criminals they are.

X said...

I live in hernando and yes i had a rebellious streak in my teens . through it all i seen alot of bad cops and the corrections officers that also work for the sheriff are not any better. Of course not all are bad but the ones that are range from criminal to right out sadistic.

X said...

Because they are thiefs and they plant evidence . the bad ones can really be right out sadistic as well and nothing is ever done about it allowing this corrupted power go to their heads.i live here and have seen things with my own eyes that are very disturbing.

Vicky Gallas said...

@Unknown and X

I bet that you have seen things. I also had a rebellious streak when a teen and suffered through more than I have ever told during the couple of years I lived in Florida. Funny thing is that it definitely wasn't me - I returned to Europe and never had an issue. The problem was here; still is. "Here" really isn't isolated to Florida though - it is the US and its rotten system of injustice, and now they have spread its cancer around the world.

Nothing good here in my opinion. I'd never live in Hernando though - the thug cops are clearly out of control. Surprised that someone hasn't done something about it by now.

George said...

I personally know louise Genovese. And he is one of the most sickest SOB I know. He is a sadistic blob of a human being. I believe the chief of police is just as bad for covering up for him. Ever since the Michael Bratt incident in 2009. It's a sick shame that he is still getting away with his sickness. It's got to stop.....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like deputy Genovese has anger issues, maybe not fit to wear the uniform or badge. He also doesn't sound like a Devil Dog...honor, courage, commitment...doesnt have that. Karma exists...his day of judgment will come.

Anonymous said...

Sad he's still on the force. One day he'll meet his match. He probably treats everyone he encounters with little respect.

Anonymous said...

My Fiance was recently beaten while handcuffed in Hernando County. There's a video and all and this shitty counties justice system has yet to throw the case out. His ear has yet to be fixed because we don't have the money to fix it. These pigs in this county are downright wrong. It is different cops but in this county they all act the same. Because of the incident my sons are scared of them and that's sad. A child should look up to them. The Sheriff refuses to have his deputies wear body cams. He stated that he absolutely will not have his deputies wear body cams. WHY NOT??? Especially if it could benefit his deputies. Because he as well as his deputies are all effing crooked are back woods country bumpkins that think they can do as they plz and get away WITH it. I mean look a million dollars was unaccounted for. A deputy recently posted on a forum that he wanted to be honest about some of fhe corrupt things going on and he was confronted and threatened by several Sgt and Deputies and that they would forever make his life hell. That's downright disgusting. Prayers for your son and his friend. Prayers for Mr. BRATT and His Wife. It's a complete shame these cops use there powers the wrong way. Be honest, caring, respectful, inspirational, encouraging, use your powers with Dignity!!!

Vicky Gallas said...

@ the last Anonymous -

On bodycams - Even when they wear them, they're often useless. My son had another BS encounter in Cocoa and the dashcam video was never turned in. The attorney tried repeatedly to obtain it and that was the end response. The Cocoa PD officer didn't turn it in that day. So when they do something wrong they simply hide the evidence and obstruct justice.

I am truly sorry for your troubles and what happened to your fiance. Your son has good reason to fear LE, especially in Hernando County. My advice is to move, and yes, I'm serious. I'm as serious as a heart attack on that.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

Genovese died yesterday.

Vicky Gallas said...

Thank you both Unknown and Anonymous. I never get happy about death, but will say that at least the people driving through and living in Hernando County are safer now.

MindBlown21 said...

@theAccusedmadam hey there im contacting you because a friend of mine is going thru some really messed up stuff in hernando county where my friend was pulled over for brake lights and the cops planted drugs on my friend there were 2 cops and they really treated My Friend like shit and mentally scarred My Friend and the told MY friend all kind of things and truthfully mindfucked my friend. my friend is taking this case to trial and i just dont think what they are doing is right my friend someone who is truly trying to turn their life around for family and for the better my friend has been good for 5 years my friend is just really scared and he could REALLY use some help AS much AS WE COULD GET!!!! please if you could help it would be a blessing

Vicky Gallas said...

@MindBlown21 -

Not sure how I could help you. I assume that your friend has an attorney. The attorney would have an investigator on the case. The allegation of planting drugs must be investigated. I don't like how they instruct the vehicle driver to turn around and look another direction when they search - it's weird and highly unusual. The investigator must pursue dispatch logs and drug analysis among other things. The records of the specific deputies present is another thing to look at.

Let me know if there's something specific I could answer for you or if there's a question here.