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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Children of Tomorrow

The song Wind of Change written by Klaus Meine of the Scorpions references the "children of tomorrow" with hope for a better future. For me it signifies German reunification, as it did for the Scorpions when it was written, as far as I am aware. I spent my later childhood, teenage and early adult years in Germany and the destruction of the Berlin Wall was a significant moment in time for me, though I was in the US by then (9 November 1989 is a recognized date).

As an adult in the US, when I watched areas of the Berlin Wall picked apart one piece at a time on television, I cried and cried. There was so much hope for the future back then and it was the end of Checkpoint Charlie, a crossing that I had gone through numerous times as a child.

As a teenager I had friends from the East - East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Russia. A lady by the name of Helena that I lived with used to bring people from different places home and really I had no clue where she found them, but it was cool to get to know people from other cultures. Not to generalize, but all of the people I met from Poland sure could drink wodka (vodka).

Helena taught me to speak German using comic books and television. There was little on tv in English. I recall US Armed Forces Europe station that had a couple of shows a week from the US, but that was about it back in the 70s. There was one show that was famous in the US called "Family" and in German it was, "Eine Amerikanische Familie," and many Germans I knew back then thought that this is how American families in the US were in real life. Sort of funny when you think about it and completely Hollywood. lol

There was so much hope for the future back then, during the Cold War. I have decided that cold wars are far better than hot ones as we have going today. At least millions of people were not killed and it was more spy games than anything else. I feel little hope for the future today, though this may be my age (52) speaking; I doubt it though because I do not know anyone that has much hope for the future. Those in their 20s today (in the US) see little to look forward to. Life is different.

This little walk down memory lane is the result of the terrible US military mess that's been going on for over 10 days now. I think about these people involved and realize how very different they are, how everything is about luxury and money, money, money. Most people are so fake today. They accept war, death, drones, Guantanamo camps, extraordinary rendition, US prison camps in remote and faraway places, wiretaps without warrant, and so much more without much thought. Of course all of the people are not like this, but few dare to speak in our population, if they are concerned.

What really gets me is that so many consider this freedom and the US a free country with all sorts of freedoms. Hell, they obviously need to get out and see the rest of the world. Believe me, I would if I could. I'd be out of here in a NY minute, as the saying goes, and I'd never come back again.

I suppose that prior to this current fiasco, I thought that these people really believed the BS they talk publicly about war and terrorists etc... I figured they were all just plain ignorant to the fact that illegal invasions of sovereign nations create terrorists. When I realized that really it is just one big flippin' party circuit, well, it was enlightening. Even they do not believe what they state publicly. It's all about big bank accounts and money - lots and lots of money.

No, I do not feel bad at all about ridiculing their groupies. The fact is that that woman in Tampa (yeah you already know her name) was allowed to ride the coattails of highest ranking military / CIA officers in the US. She got to sip champagne, fly on a special US military jet, and use the non-profit categorization to party - somewhere around $43K was spent on "entertainment" - while claiming to do some sort of cancer research and sucking-up to the top brass in the country and attemping to put together $multi-million deals. According to her, US General sought her assistance. Meanwhile, people like me have no access to any health care whatsoever.

Bradley Manning suffers in some crappy US government hellhole because he exposed the root of the big party and what they really do. Jeremy Hammond suffers in some federal lockup because he's accused of exposing the flourishing intelligence community of Stratfor, while they're all paid the big$s to spy on all of us. Well, their spying sure bit them all in the ass last week, now didn't it? I bet they wish there were checks and balances in place now, don't they?

When the people looked to President Obama for answers about the fiasco, the first thing he did was thank everyone involved for their exemplary service. Sort of makes you want to puke, doesn't it?

I will always love the song by the Scorpions, but all hope is lost in my eyes and the children of tomorrow have nothing good to look forward to in the future. As long as all of the major participants in this War on Terror are raking in the big$$$$s and partying on military jets, they have no reason or desire to end it. As long as the groupies flock to the war party, that party will live on without ending.

On that note dear blog readers, I will be taking leave of this blog for some time. I may return in a week or a month or never.


Montgomery Blair Sibley said...

Nice comment. Say it ain't so about taking a leave of absence . . . your voice in the wilderness is needed.

Vicky Gallas said...

Hello Montgomery,

I hope that you're having a good week and preparing for Thanksgiving. Another year is coming soon - hard to believe.

I think you are aware that I couldn't care less about the affair aspect of last week's military fallout - that falls in the category of personal business. The problems for me are what I learned about this war crowd (money, lavish parties etc...) and the false accusations that Jill Kelley made against Broadwell - that sort of stuff really has its effects on me, as anyone reading this blog can tell.

What sort of human being goes to the FBI about some (5 or less) unpleasant emails? Well, the sort of person that had the CIA Director and other US Generals under her thumb. That is scary in my eyes. What sort of hope do we have if people that are in such high positions of authority in this country are so stupid that they fall for such crap? None in my opinion. At least the FBI recognized their own agent's shortcomings and no one actually carried through on behalf of Kelley.

It's disheartening that they're all so very stupid, yet running wars in a long list of countries. Who will stop them? No one apparently. Their bank accounts just grow and grow...

It's nice to know that there is someone out her in the wilderness listening to my voice.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! For the first time in 25 years, I'm cooking little for that day. My son has to work so also for the first time in 25 years, I won't be seeing him.

Anonymous said...

I too remember when the great wall came down.... I was elated for all those who had been so unjustly held behind that curtain.... and I too have over the course of the last several years watched as our liberties are being taken away from us and the younger, and even some of the older generation don't seem well aware at all that we are losing. It scares the hell out of me, and even more so for my children that will never know what it feels like to truly run free.

I would be sad to see you leave Vicky, its been nice to actually read someone else's words that echo many of my same thoughts, but fall onto deaf ears of those who think they understand this whole biz because they have been in it for a whole 3 or 4 years.

Its a whole different breed now in the industry. Girls stab you faster in the back than you can blink, and have ultimately been the demise of what once was a good business model through their greed and the internet.

When I have stated these thoughts I have been told I am too old school and that I need to get with the new program... funny, these girls are coming down with diseases faster than ever, yet they revert back to the old saying "Oh no honey, working girls are so much safer than any girl you can pick up in the bar, we have standards and get tested."

But the truth is, they aren't, that saying applied to our generation because we did things with a mind on the value of our own lives and futures, not the value of only good reviews.

In our day, giving a BBBJ would have gotten you fired, now, its the norm. You read all of these 'hobbiest" (such a degrading term to be used towards how men view women when you really think about it) blow hard that it is rare that HIV or other STDS are transmitted this way, but lately there has been a lot of rethinking on this subject in the medical field. They can't really with totally certainty pinpoint if someone got Aids from a bbbj or from vaginal or anal sex, as most people if they are having a bj are also going to be having sex.

The fact that Greek is now almost considered a GF experience is preposterous, and its the girls fault for allowing it to happen, from their own greed, their willingness to be ultimately controlled by demand that they could have simply said no to.

Its just a whole different world now, women outing other women for slights of differences, women setting up other women to fail by bad mouthing them, submitting fake reviews, all with the stroke of a key, they can completely ruin anothers life without a second thought, back in our day we looked out for one another, even if it was the "competition" now its like a slaughter house and these people don't realize or even care about the damage that they do to others lives.

I would be sad to see you go, but can understand why you would. I myself am at that point, and a huge part of it is because of boards like TER and those that dominate it.

Being around these people that don't even understand why meet and greets originally started - because there was no internet, or the dangers of reviews, and touring, and who are so cut throat and just vicious does not appeal to me and I have slowly come to the realization that its no longer a world that I belong in, lol, even though I was one of the best at one point, it just makes me sad.

Sorry for the ramblings, guess I just miss a world that used to be, and don't understand the new one I am surrounded in, and having your blog around allowed me to see some sanity every once in a while in this mind bending, soul altering business.

Whatever you decide, may it be something that brings your soul joy and a level of prosperity that can only be measured by the sparkle in your eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Vicky Gallas said...

I bet that I know you... Did we meet after my trial? I say this because the person on my mind was one of the last classy ladies that I knew in the biz - a real lady.

What some of these people do today is appalling and they're so stupid they do not have a clue that LE is collecting all of their statements and info. I haven't ventured over to TER or Big Doggie in quite some time, but the last time I did, I clicked through to many websites and viewed all of those terms - can't even bring myself to type them I find it so disgusting. And you are correct in that it is greed and stupidity that rule. But what sort of lousy excuse for a client would want to see people like that anyway?

I think anyone getting into business today has to completely disconnect from the escorts. There is no longer such a thing as friendships and everything is about money.

I don't know about posting here on the blog. There is just so much that really ticks me off these days - too many nasty people out there and I'm just tired of arguing with them. Sometimes it's just better to go for a walk on the beach or read a book. I've figured out that not only can I not solve the world's problems, I don't even make a slight dent in the issues; sort of a spinning the wheels thing.

I appreciate your comment. You have a great Thanksgiving.

Matt Janovic said...

Sigh. Yes, to think we who were old enough to really experience the Cold War have to feel some nostalgia for those times, but I have to agree, I miss those years.