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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Classy DC Escorts Case: Final Post

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I deleted all of the Classy DC Escorts case posts. Actually, I've been deleting posts for the last 8-10 days and while this blog used to have 380 posts, it is now around 70. The fact is that I wouldn't want most of the posts to linger in cyberspace forever. The reason that I started this blog in April 2009, was to correct misinformation still floating around the internet on my own case and trial. It has indeed served its purpose and most of those posts will remain.

The reason for the deletion of all Classy DC case posts and all related documents is that the case is really over. The only defendants that have yet to be sentenced are Otasowie Asuen and Akuiyibo's former girlfriend, and according to a document submitted by the government, she will most likely be sentenced to 6 months.

Each defendant in the Classy DC Escorts case opted to plead guilty. I cannot presume to know what prompted the decision to plead, except in the case of the photoshop lady, Jennifer Churchill. Her guilty plea was to the equivalent of a traffic infraction and the penalty was a $500 fine. Sounds about right because all that she did was edit images for this business.

There were named and unamed informants and unindicted co-conspirators involved. Most are still in the escort business. The operation itself was not an intelligent set-up by its name alone. Washington DC is never a good place to open an escort service no matter how lucrative it may initially sound. It's fed land and of course this was a federal prosecution.

The sentences:

Kuraye Akuiyibo - 51 months (should be out in around 2 years, considering time served, time off for good behavior, and a year off for completion of the drug program).

Jennifer Churchill - $500 fine (already over for her).

Alafaka Opuiyo - 20 months (should be home in less than a year).

Kiana McKelvin - 6 months (with time served and time off for good behavior should only be away a couple of months).

Otasowie Asuen - Sentenced to 33 months in BOP with credit for time served (should be home in just over a year when taking into account the time already served, good time, and time off for participation in the drug program).

Note: My anticipation of time the defendants will actually serve is a generalization. Sentences are not calculated until the defendant is in Bureau of Prisons (BOP) custody. BOP sentence computation is extremely complicated and the reference to "time off for good behavior" is actually called "good time" by BOP. For more information, read:

Federal Bureau of Prisons Sentence Computations

So, my removal of all related posts and documents is my gift to these defendants. This post will remain and I will edit it only to update sentencing information for the last two defendants. Perhaps now each will be able to go forward in life and even if in prison (as Akuiyibo and Asuen are), make this unfortunate time in their lives a glance in a rear-view mirror. Nothing good can come of dwelling on what happened and why. Believe me - I know.

Edit on 16 August 2012 @4PM EST:

Akuiyibo's former girlfriend's attorney has filed documents that reveal her desire to withdraw the guilty plea. It is my opinion that the goal is to secure a better plea deal because I seriously doubt that she wants a trial in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Edit on 20 August 2012 @5PM EST:

The ex-girlfriend was sentenced to 30 days in BOP, 2 years supervised release (probation), and home confinement for the first 5 months of supervised release. There are also fines. The judge denied her motion to withdraw her guilty plea.

Edit on 1 September 2012 @1030PM EST:

Otasowie Asuen was sentenced on 31 August 2012 to 33 months in BOP.

This case is over for the most part. I do hope that these defendants can move forward in their lives and I wish each of them the best in the future. One defendant requested that I remove this post; however, I have declined. What most defendants and relatives in any case do not seem to get is that the information will not disappear into the abyss when I remove a post. The mainstream newspaper articles are often on the internet for many years; so are DOJ press releases.

For the most part, my posts have been friendly towards the defendants in this case, so why would anyone want the only thing anyone ever sees to be sensationalist crap from mainstream newspapers or DOJ press releases? Made me wonder too.

To be forthright on the issue, I removed all previous posts on this case for two reasons: 1) my health; and 2) I made a mistake. Most readers that flocked to this blog over the Classy DC Escorts case never read my mistake post or if they did, the connection was not made. I thought something was common knowledge and it was not. I named an unnamed government witness that is still playing escort in several US cities. I really thought people knew who she was as I did and was appalled that she was witness / informant in this case with subsequent prostitution / solicitation arrests in two other areas of the US and still working.

So what lessons were really learned or what "message" did outsiders like me receive from this case? Well, I always knew I was correct about touring escorts, TER, incall, not operating in a federal area like Washington DC, never transporting escorts for any purpose whatsoever, and the importance of paying IRS their share of your lucrative business. So I guess I didn't learn anything at all. What "message" did you receive? (The DOJ noted in the sentencing document for each defendant that they wanted to "send a message to others".)

The only message that I received was one that I have known for many, many years: Informants are indeed above the law. If you're an informant, you may actually be able to get away with murder; it has happened in other cases.

Updated on 26 November 2012 @1:30pm EST:

This post still receives many reads and so I am updating it. If you are interested in the Classy DC Escorts case, you will probably want to know about the book released a day ago by Matthew Janovic about the DC Madam case. Mr. Janovic is also a guest blogger on this blog and posted on 25 November 2012. He was the researcher for Deborah Jeane Palfrey's defense and has all of the documents that no one ever had a chance to read, including the telephone records. The book will be widely distributed in the near future and is currently available on Let the Dead Bury the Dead: A DC Madam account

On a different note, please do understand that when I created and published the post about the unnamed government witness in the Classy DC case, the case was already over as each defendant had made a guilty plea. At that point, this prostitute was no longer a witness to anything and I had no sort of responsibilty to remove that post, or any other posts for that matter. So while the post was in the back of my mind, it certainly was not removed as a result of any wrongdoing on my part.

Have a great life!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you for the Wealth of Informative Information.

Unlike The Evil Type Such as Monica Foster's bloHypocritete Post and Shilling and Pretending to be a tool for Public Service.

I will be contacting you to donate and fund this Very Informatarticleicle wtransparencyracy, and bringing into focus of how this Government operates.

Thank you Darling. I wish you the best of Luck and Karma In you venture.

Vicky Gallas said...

Wow. I just looked at that nut's blog. Just crazy - and it looks like it's all to sell her anti-adult business book.

I'm only sorry that you didn't find my blog before I removed close to 300 posts in the last 10 days.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the information about this case. Just a general question. You stated:

...Well, I always knew I was correct about touring escorts, TER, incall...

As a client I'd like to learn what I can do to protect myself. What general information can you post about this? (Apologies if I've simply overlooked it.)

Vicky Gallas said...


Really it was a reference to statements in my Blueprint books, but here are a couple of articles posted on my other blog that may help:

"The Erotic Review and Reference Verification"

"The Touring Concept"

I really have little knowledge that is from a client perspective and all that I write on escort businesses is from the owner viewpoint.

You are too kind - there is not much information at all in this post you are commenting on. I did a post purge back in early August 2012 and deleted over 300 posts. There were around 10 posts deleted about this case and corresponding documents linked on my website.

I have noticed numerous books on Amazon written by clients though.