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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Truth about Censorship in America

Censorship in the US has not really changed in the last 20 years and only the medium used to promote the censorship agenda has changed. With the world on the internet, gathering like-minded people to a specific cause is easy and can earn money at the same time. What else could state and federal agents and prosecutors ask for? Built-in groups to further the agenda of censorship online is easy today and it actually works. For a primer on internet censorship, read: Internet Censorship

Conformity and the Community

With the anti-adult business agenda you simply find groups that believe life should be as you want it to be and your way is the only acceptable way and stomping the First Amendment into oblivion is a simple task. What sort of groups think the way you need them to think? Let's see – most are based on religion and the classic religious-based nuclear family model. They do not care that you or I are single or divorced or that the couple next door actually enjoys partner swapping. If you do not see it their way, you're just wrong.

Today we have online communities that are made-up of people that think alike. Some of these online communities have become useful tools in the anti-adult business agenda. They want to create and enforce the rules for you and I and the rest of the world, but they also enjoy making money$$$ while doing it. It's a win-win situation for these sort of groups. The like-minded will spend money and spread the word.

One such ad-filled internet community has 12,605 Likes on Facebook at this minute. It's called The Good Men Project, but according to WHOIS data, a woman is behind it. Her name is Lisa Hickey and the company is Good Men Media Inc. of Belmont, Massachusetts. If you'd like her contact information (email and telephone number), please feel free to contact me, or just look in WHOIS yourself. They even publish a book: The Good Men Project: Real Stories from the Front Lines of Modern Manhood by Good Men Foundation.

One must wonder if Lisa bullied her husband into the entire enterprising venture; at least I do. Actually I also must wonder if she has a husband. Oh and this group is no friend to the LGBT community either as was made obvious by a read of several articles on the website. Really people that state the stuff I read on that site have a religion/family-based agenda. The Orlando MBI also has a religion/family-based agenda, so this is something I'm used to.

So why am I picking on this outfit? Because they chose to target adult business online and me, Vicky Gallas. I suppose that the major difference between Lisa Hickey and her gang of thug supporters and me is that I do not pressure Google to remove their listings or their blog. I have no desire or need to censor them and if I did, I wouldn't be telling you about the little censorship project.

Read Sex Trafficking on Google to understand where I am coming from on this topic. Around the middle of the article you will see several lists of example links. My Blueprint Blog is example #4 in the Google Blogspot example list in the middle. The article was written by Raymond Bechard who also started an anti-prostitution Political Action Committee (PAC) called Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking.

The main problem is that Raymond obscures the meaning of sex trafficking with the claim that all escort services are prostitution and all prostitution is sex trafficking. So according to Raymond Bechard, anyone that owns an escort service is a sex trafficker. I have a real fucking problem with such misinformed statements. The next problem is that Bechard uses his misinformation in attempt to eliminate anything adult from the internet. We already have filters available to those that do not want to come across any sort of adult website in search results.

Guess what jack-ass? Not all of us are a part of the classic nuclear family. I resent your hardline attempts to censor out all that is adult using the sex trafficking tool. Many of us have grown children and many others have no children and many more just are not into censorship. There is a First Amendment in this country for reason. Stop trying to censor out anything you do not like using misinformation!

Make no mistake: Google is under attack by groups like this that pursue the anti-adult agenda. They work better at censorship than the internet firewalls in China. Haven't you noticed that the internet has been missing a lot of information and many adult websites lately? I have, and it is the main reason that I am back. Someone has to argue with those that profit by furthering an anti-adult agenda and who better than me?

I had to take a break from this blog for several reasons. I do recall making statements in reference to posts that were coming soon on specific topics and I will do my best. I can't promise daily posts, but I have returned. 


Anonymous said...

I am very happy you are back!

Montgomery Blair Sibley said...

Don't stop writing!! The internet needs you.

Vicky Gallas said...


Thank you. What are you up to these days? I hope that all is peaceful and good in your life.