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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paul Bergrin Trial: The Summation

Paul Bergrin has more trials ahead of him and in a sense, this is only the beginning. The main purpose of this post is to offer a link to Paul Bergrin's transcribed trial summation from the first trial that ended with a deadlocked jury.

It is an excellent summation and like none that I have ever heard or read. It is indeed revealing of the created case against him in the murder of Kemo Deshawn McCray, a drug trafficker turned informant that was murdered when federal agents failed to protect him in his informant work for them. They refused his request to enter witness protection and wait until you find out why!

It is my intention to go through the entire trial transcript in many posts and include a link to the transcript for each day discussed. However, I have decided that this blog will not do it justice with the surrounding posts on various other topics. I am working on a new blog in which the sole purpose is discussion and documents from Paul Bergrin's first trial, the next trial that is coming soon, and later trials if there are any.

There will be an Appeals panel addressing the situation that prosecutors have pushed to the forefront. Prosecutors did not like the fair and impartial Judge William Martini and want him removed from the next trial. The panel will be hearing oral arguments on March 29, 2012 and will make a decision shortly thereafter, probably within two weeks.

To read more about the fight that prosecutors have started over US District Judge William Martini, read this recent article in The New York Times:

For 2 Titans of U.S. Court in Newark, Bad Blood

Why? Since when do prosecutors get to choose their own judge? Isn't that best referred to as judge shopping?

The "why" is that on several occasions, Judge Martini did not rule in favor of the government. But what could be expected in a case with no actual evidence that rides on the words of a parade of convicted felons seeking leniency in sentencing? The progression of this trial reminded me of the Antonio "Nino" Lyons case from Orlando federal court. USA Today investigated thoroughly and wrote extensively on the prosecutor misconduct in the Lyons case:

Prosecutors' conduct can tip justice scales

Federal prosecutors too often work above the law

Justice Dept. agrees to pay $140,000 to man wrongly jailed

Yes, the truth is that federal prosecutors in the Paul Bergrin trial(s) are judge shopping. They absolutely need to exchange Judge Martini for a more compliant judge because there is no actual evidence. The transcript of Paul Bergrin's summation on November 15, 2011, in the concluded trial is here (PDF):

US v Bergrin (1st Trial) Bergrin Summation (link removed - contact me privately for a copy)

In the future you will find all posts, documents, and transcripts on the blog  that is reserved specifically for this purpose. Please do bear with me as I complete the design of the blog and begin to post - expect that it will all be in place by April 15, 2012 or sooner: Paul Bergrin on Trial

We look forward to the Appeals panel making the correct decision and calling a halt to prosecutors' attacks on the honorable, fair, and impartial US District Judge William Martini.


Anonymous said...

While I was in Iraq, Paul helped me through one of the toughest situations of my life. The outcome was not what I wanted, but under the circumstances could have been irreparable. The judge essentially blocked our defence and was pissed when Paul and my JAG attorney relentlessly went after the truth chipping away at the cover ups and lies the government put out there

Anonymous said...

After the government deemed Paul a threat to expose the truth about Abu Ghraib, rendition and harsh interrogation techniques he was silenced. What a shame to take away a mans freedom to silence him and let the truth become a after thought to the media or people's memories.

Vicky Gallas said...

Cover-ups and lies... that's the US government. I appreciate your comment(s) here. I have no way of knowing if both were posted by the same person.

You may not realize it by reading this blog, but my parents were both career USAF. This is how I was born in Paris - back before SHAPE moved to Mons, Belgium where I also lived. My father was personal driver to several SACEURs, beginning with General Lauris Norstad.


Still, I have had serious trouble understanding why anyone would follow such orders (Operation Iron Triangle). A wonderful friend (Fran Thexton) mailed me two books that I just received today:

"The Good Soldier on Trial: A Sociological Study of Misconduct by the US Military Pertaining to Operation Iron Triangle, Iraq"


"Rules of Engagement? A Social Anatomy of an American War Crime" (Operation Iron Triangle, Iraq)

Both are written by Stjepan G. Mestrovic (a university professor). I must imagine that you've read both. I think my friend wants me to see the other perspective and understand why the soldiers followed illegal, unethical, and immoral orders. I'll post my thoughts when I finish each book.

Of course Paul's representation of clients in both the Abu Ghraib and Operation Iron Triangle, Iraq cases is why he is where he is today. Case creation is also a specialty of our government representatives pursuing the war agenda and burying the truth.