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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jason Itzler Disappears

I have written a few posts recently about Jason Itzler and occasionally I will look online at his current criminal case to see if there are any updates. I last looked a few weeks ago and there was a future court appearance date, but otherwise everything was the same: Itzler was still in jail and couldn't make bond.

Well, I just now looked as I was in New York WebCrims to see if there were any updates on the NY High Class prosecution (there are not). To my surprise, the major case against Jason Itzler totally disappeared. There are no cases showing at all under his name and trust me, there sure was before. My only posts on this blog concerning Itzler are:

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Itzler was arrested on a list of major charges back on September 8 or 9 of 2011 - as in three months ago. I have been having an argument of sorts with one of his fans (not) on this blog and we all know the case existed. There are still news articles out there concerning his arrest and court appearances.

So what in the hell is going on with the guy and the case? Did he die in jail or is he being prepped/protected for his new career as a witness, namely in the Paul Bergrin case? If it involves being a witness, well, the guy has zero credibility so I cannot imagine what government prosecutors are thinking. He has always been rather close to a few news reporters, so I would think that it would be in the news if he died.

He is still showing on an inmate search for Riker's Island, for what that's worth. When I search WebCrims by the case number showing in NYC Dept. of Corrections, which states that Itzler is in the Manhattan Detention Complex (MDC), the result is "no cases found" - same as a name search.

Call me confused.

Edit 16 December 2011 @11:20am EST - Now the case shows in New York WebCrims. It also shows under "appearances" that Itzler was in court on 13 December 2011. Coincidence? I seriously doubt it.


Anonymous said...

According to WebCrim, Case # 04337-2011, NYSID:5677820Q, Jason Itzler's next Court appearance is February 14, 2012 before Judge T. Farber, New York Supreme Court - Criminal Term, Part 52. His attorney is Heller.

The Assistant District Attorney is Eugene R. Hurley, III. This is the same ADA who prosecuted Itzler in his first case and who prosecuted Paul Bergrin. Your theory on Itzler being protected as a witness against Bergrin is certainly plausible. Bergrin was a high profile criminal defense attorney and a "big fish." . ADA Hurley's father, Eugene R. Hurley, Jr., was a disgraced and disbarred attorney (Google "Eugene Hurley disbarred").

Kristin Davis said...

Thought I would comment here - not sure how I ended up on your blog but its lovely.

First, Jason Itzler is a scumball. Prior to his 2004/05 arrest he mocked the police and did media- parading his escort agency around like it was show & tell. My friends on the Opie & Anthony show say he called repeatedly on air and offered them girls, etc. He treated many of his girls terribly - I should know, I employed a ton of them. Then he shamelessly seeks more media by lying about every high end scandal that comes out- mine included. I've never met the guy and was working at a Hedge Fund in Boston when he was in business although he claimed I was one of his "rock star escorts". He is trash.

Secondly, he has the world's WORST attorney. I'm sure Heller took his case for free because when I employed him and he stole 250k from my mother, it put him back on the map. We have the same judge, who is fair and understanding - and he kicked him out of the courtroom. It is not public record but an attorney can pull the papers - Heller was suspended for 5 years in 200 with 36 counts and 18 plaintiffs against him - he stole money that was for bail and kept it and never appeared at his clients court cases. He also was suspended 10 years prior for bumbling a murder case and it was eventually overturned for his negligence (this you can google). See NY Times expose -

Lastly, no one except maybe Itzler wants to get media for going to jail. I sure didn't. I'd gladly have kept my millions and went silently into the night rather then being on the cover of the newspaper. As a felon it renders my 10 years of high level hedge fund experience completely irrelevant. So I had to learn to embrace the media. Anyone who thinks this is fun or romanticizes what happens is wrong. Its not fun - you devastate your family, you lose your money and home and your stuck with a stigma that will last a lifetime.

Best Wishes and keep up the blogging...

Kristin Davis- Manhattan Madam

Vicky Gallas said...


Thank you for commenting. I never did get the media attention thing with Itzler and I am sorry to hear that he used you to gain attention. I had assumed it to be true when it was never publicly disputed. What a dog Itzler is!

Well this round his case involves drugs, so I doubt that with previous convictions considered, he will be free to get back into the business again, no matter who he testifies against.

I have slowed on the blogging lately - perhaps it's a phase. Thank you for the encouragement though.

I wish you the best in your future business and life pursuits.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Mr Itzler is on the front page of the New York Times today. Thought you'd enjoy that.