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Monday, October 3, 2011

Too Many Enemies

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about Jason Itzler's current problem involving Julia Sumnicht's death in Miami in March of 2010, and have decided to expound on the issue: Jason Itzler of NY Confidential Fame: Clown or Killer?

After reading the news release from the New York County District Attorney's Office dated September 9, 2011, I got to thinking about his situation. According to this press release, the big set-up involving a “client” paying for an escort for 3 days and Itzler's alleged sale of $4700 worth of cocaine to this client in two separate visits to the hotel room transpired after he had only been in business for “a few weeks”.

Now I will be the first to tell you that this is unheard of in relation to escort services. Cops simply do not set-up and close a business within “a few weeks” of its opening. Jason Itzler has serious enemies as do many in adult business, but in this situation, I would step out on a limb and state that the evidence gathering by private investigators working for Julia Sumnicht's family and Jason Itzler's September 9, 2011 arrest by the Manhattan D.A. on a list of felony charges are interconnected.

Sumnicht's family believes that Jason Itzler slipped GHB (the date rape drug) into their daughter's drink without her having any idea that this was done. In one article I read that the private investigators could actually prove this. I made it an exercise to list any possible means by which the P.I.s could prove that Itzler slipped GHB into her drink and there is no way that is possible. There is a possibility that his Miami roommate stated this to them, but I consider that doubtful and even then, this wouldn't be proof.

So it looks like the private investigators for the family are spreading rumor and innuendo as fact. From where I stand it also looks like they may be the party that set-up Itzler in relation to his brand new business. I find this disturbing for several reasons.

Jason Itzler has made many enemies over the years because of his incessant rattling to news reporters. I don't like him because of it. Why? Well, he presents himself as being at the high-end of the escort business, and he is in relation to $s he charged for escorts, but then in the same breath he calls himself the “king of all pimps” and I find the term denigrating and a reflection on the business in its entirety. If this high dollar operator calls himself a pimp, what would the general population consider everyone else in the business to be? To me he is a walking conflict: He acts low-end and charges high-end while claiming class.

Still, even though I dislike Itzler, I dislike the thought that renegade adult business haters are quite possibly stalking him for the purpose of set-up even more. The women that worked for him made a lot of money for themselves and did so entirely voluntarily. I do not believe that there was ever any claim that he coerced anyone into anything. The guy just has a big mouth, but reminds me more of mighty mouse than anything else. I do not believe he needs to drug anyone for sex or any other reason. He's a popular guy with lots of friends no matter what I think of him.

Renegade adult business haters come from many backgrounds – I have my own, so I know. My angry followers are religious zealots. They say things like, “I pray to God that her telephones and websites are wiretapped” and “God bless you” all in the same sentence. Newsflash: I have always, as far back as day 1 in the escort business, talked and acted as if my telephones were wiretapped and email was monitored. That is why I was acquitted.

I really do not like the idea that someone other than skilled detectives accountable for their actions have been allowed to play stalk and set-up with Itzler and there is little doubt that this is the situation.


Anonymous said...

Jason Itzler is NOT popular, nor does he have ANY friends. Who is helping him out with bail? NOBODY!

Vicky Gallas said...

Well, I would disagree. Obviously you don't like him and I don't like him because of all the crap he says to the news - mainly the gossip stuff, claiming all the well-known people as clients and the "king of all pimps" crap.

I was in business full force for 10 years in Orlando and had the main biz here so obviously I helped some celebrities and politicians along the way, but sure do not run around yapping about any.

He probably has a really high bond - I admit that I have not checked - and stands to serve serious time, so he isn't a good risk for bond. Only a relative would pay bond and perhaps none are able to. Still, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have friends.


Anonymous said...


He has NO friends. His bond is only 200K. That can easily be raised by a piece of property. If he really knows people and had friends, someBODY would be able to help him out. Somebody would help him to hire an attorney. Unfortunately, he HAS no (zero)friends and will have to serve many more years in the inside where he will be viciously beaten AND raped.

Vicky Gallas said...

Only $200K? LOL You and I apparently live in a different world. I live in Orlando area where the average job pays $8 per hour and people can barely make the rent. Piece of property? I'd never own a home in this country again after what they did to me.

Perhaps we have different definitions of "friends". I have no friends from the escort business of past. The few friends that I do have make under $12 an hour and do not own property (how could they, right) but I have known each for 20+ years and they are real friends. To anyone except a real friend or a relative he's a bad risk as he stands to do serious time. It's not like he's going to trial.

Your last statement is horrible. If he is "viciously beaten and raped" I do hope that he sues the living hell out of corrections workers and the state.

Vicky Gallas said...

To add:

According to several news articles from a few days ago, Itzler has a new attorney, Mark Jay Heller. News is referring to him as a "high-powered attorney" so I do not imagine that he's with the public defender's office.

Again, he has more friends than you want to believe.

Anonymous said...

He has no friends. I challenge you to name one friend that he has. You will turn up with zero. Being the big shot you think he is in NYC, SOMEONE would help him. Nobody has and nobody will. He is universally hated and despised. He owes a lot of money to a bunch of people.

Vicky Gallas said...

You obviously hate Itzler and you're a broken record on the topic.

Challenge me to name a friend? Okay: Zoltan Prepszent, as after all, they did share an apartment and party together; whoever paid for his "high-powered" attorney.

So I have "named" two, though I do not know the actual name of the second. I'm sure positive that there are more. How many times do I have to tell you that just because he doesn't have a "friend" with $200K to spare doesn't mean he doesn't have a friend???

You post anonymously and in this case you lack credibility because of that fact. What did Itzler do to you and who are you? If you won't answer that I won't be hitting the publish button on your comments anymore.

We get it - you hate Itzler.