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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jason Itzler of NY Confidential Fame: Clown or Killer?

I have never mentioned Jason Itzler on this blog for a couple of reasons. The main reason that I ignore him is that he sought fame as a result of mismanaging the escort business known as New York Confidential for two years (2003-04) and his mismanagement resulted in a plea bargain and prison sentence in 2005. It is so easy to open and operate an escort service the wrong way and end-up in prison so why did he get all of the attention that he demanded?

The secondary reasoning for never discussing him is that I have always considered him a clown. What moron calls himself the “king of pimps” publicly and to news reporters in interviews? Itzler does, or rather did. I find the entire concept absurd and would have renamed him the king of clowns. Beyond that, I have felt for some time that it is entirely possible that Jason Itzler is a confidential informant, though if he is, he sure didn't get a very good deal for whatever information he gave. Hell, this idiot is even the clown of CIs, if he is one.

I am only writing about Itzler now as something that I read yesterday was really disturbing. So that we are on the same level of understanding here, the articles that I found disturbing are:

Jason Itzler was arrested on various charges in relation to a new business in New York, a companion service as he referred to it in court, just a couple of weeks ago (September 9th I believe). There were drug charges included this round and he has been arrested on drug charges in past; smuggling ecstacy to be specific. This time the charges include selling cocaine to this alleged client of his new business. I must imagine that the “client” was a set-up to begin with.

According to the articles noted, Julia Sumnicht's family hired a private investigator that discovered Julia's last hours before she returned to sleep in her own bed were spent with Itzler and his Miami roommate Zoltan Prepszent, a photographer. Dumb as he is, Itzler has already been running his mouth to reporters in NY from jail in relation to this girl's death and the GHB he also ingested, but of course he didn't die, and there was no mention of whether Prepszent took the crap also, or not.

You'd think that after all of his previous arrests and his time in prison, Itzler would have learned to shut the hell up by now. He's so stupid that he apparently doesn't realize he's probably going to be facing a murder or wrongful death arrest in the near future.

So is he a clown or a killer? In my opinion he is a clown and as clueless as Julia Sumnicht was. So who drugged both of them or did they drug themselves? If this girl took the drugs of her own free will and Itzler did not provide them, can Itzler still be charged in her death? After all, we are all responsible for our own lives and behavior.

Beyond that, if the feds intended to use Itzler as a witness in Paul Bergrin's trial, well, he has indeed worn-out his usefulness and tanked his credibility forever.


Anonymous said...

I remember Jason when visiting new york confidential to get a job. I thought the office was well managed, and clean. I was deffinitly was impressed with Jasons social skills, he was a total gentleman.Im sure jelousy is what got him into all that trouble. Its hard being good looking, polite, and successfull i suppose. well i am looking to get in contact with jason about some business ideas that i have. I am getting my bachlors degree in Business Administration and sales management. If shop got closed down we could open up in a legal state. I am so sad to hear NYConfidential isnt going on anymore or something. I wanted to open a branch in cleveland. i really had good things to say about that company and I will be dissapointed if i never get to do honest business with jason

Vicky Gallas said...

NY Confidential has not existed for many years and Jason Itzler is in a NY State prison or rather he was the last time I looked. If you want to know how Jason operated, you need only read Natalie's testimony / trial transcripts from the Paul Bergrin trial - she testified in the 2013 trial.

You sound completely crazy, which is why you posted anonymously, I'm sure. lol

Mark O'Connor said...

He's not good looking or successful. The man has 0 cents to his name and will only earn more in the future in an illegal fashion which will again lead him back to prison in the Protective Custody Unit for weakling, rats, and child molesters.