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Friday, January 21, 2011

Most Bizarre Racketeering Case Ever

In my last post – Looking Forward in 2011 – I requested than anyone ever hearing of a more malicious racketeering / RICO prosecution with so little evidence that there was no search warrant or court order to wiretap involved to state the case and the court. I invited you to prove me incorrect in my statement that there is no case as ridiculous as the one I endured, and a relative of Philip Furtney came through.

He made no mention of my challenge, but the topic of the email was Philip Leroy Furtney of Ontario from The Bingo Racketeering Case. This man endured more than anyone in any of the Orlando Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation's (MBI) absurd prosecutions abusing the racketeering statutes. Of course it is an MBI case in Orlando!

To read all about the long plight of Philip Leroy Furtney of Ontario, click on the links below. Mr. Furtney passed in September of 2007. He was described as a passionate man that never gave up.

The Bingo Racketeering Case

The Great Bingo Fiasco

Bingo Case Hearing

The Cost of MBI

May Philip Leroy Furtney of Ontario rest in peace and know that he won the 15-year fight! May agents and prosecutors with the MBI and the State of Florida rot in hell where they all belong.

Update on 27 November 2012 @3:20pm

I received an update in email from an interested party today. The statement:

"State of Florida finally paid up five years after Phil’s death, FYI"

The Orlando MBI, their crap attorney Joe Cocchiarella, and former Orange County State Attorney Lawson Lamar have ruined far too many lives. They all deserve to be exposed in the sunshine.

RIP Philip Furtney

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Anonymous said...

God Bless you Philip, Rest in Peace my friend, Marlene