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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trial Surprise

In Memoirs of an Accused Madam: The War on Adult Business in Orlando, chapter eight (8) is entitled: "From the Defendant's Perspective: A Bizarre Trial." Towards the end of the chapter I discuss the situation that occurred when Dusty was forced by the State of Florida to testify. Prosecutors subpoenaed her and demanded that she be present in the hallway from the moment the trial began on Monday, January 6, 2003, until they finally decided to call her to the stand on Monday afternoon, January 13th. That was their mistake.

What prosecutors didn't consider is the level of anger that she had reached by the time that they called her. Well, on Sunday evening before her testimony, Dusty handwrote a lengthy letter to the judge and then followed-up by having it notarized on her way to court on Monday morning. The act of notarizing the statement transformed it into a sworn affidavit.

I had no idea what Dusty included in the letter, and as the later investigation by prosecutors revealed, played no part whatsoever in her making the statement. In the investigation that followed her testimony, Florida's Office of Statewide Prosecution even subpoenaed the notary public that had notarized this document, and then investigated every allegation in it. The results of the investigation were hidden, at least from the defense, and shortly thereafter the file disappeared in its entirety from the Orange County Clerk of Court's office. The case is Case No. 2001-CF-015492-A. My co-defendant's (Rocky and Beth) case numbers are the same except that the letters at the end are "B" and "C" respectively.

The only thing that I know concerning the end result of the investigation is that Dusty was not charged with perjury and was not approached by prosecutors or any agent of the State of Florida again in relation to my case.

The jury was immediately sent out of the courtroom – the moment that Dusty handed the envelope with the sworn affidavit to the judge as she sat on the stand. So the jury never did get to see a copy of this affidavit and my attorney, Stephen Wolverton, was not allowed to refer to it when the he cross-examined Dusty. As I stated in Memoirs, after she presented the affidavit her testimony was quickly concluded by the examining prosecutor.

Circuit Court Judge Anthony Johnson's clerk was instructed to make copies of the affidavit for the judge, the file, the defense, and the prosecutors, so this is not a secret document by any stretch of the imagination. It did disappear with the rest of the documents in the file. The file was 3 overstuffed volumes, perhaps 6-8 inches of papers in each volume. After the disappearance from the clerk's office, the recreated file contained only some documents from the prosecutor's office, and of course this sworn affidavit was among the many missing documents. Soon the recreated file disappeared also. Today there is a file consisting of 1 volume that is 1 to 1 ½ inches thick.

I do have in my possession most documents from the original file. I have several copies of the sworn affidavit submitted by Dusty. She also gave a copy to Local News 6 investigative reporter Tony Pipitone; however, the station did not use it in their documentary on the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation. When the documentary was made back in 2003, the MBI former director exerted pressure on any news outlet. Before long the show disappeared from the station's website, but of course I have a copy of the tape that was mailed to me by Tony Pipitone. A copy of the affidavit was also given to an investigative reporter with the Orlando Weekly, but the newspaper didn't use it in their 10-page story about the MBI, "The Morality Police," by William Dean Hinton. In fact, no news outlet actually listed the correct charges that I was on trial for, or included any of the really incriminating facts concerning the MBI.

I also have all court hearings and the entire trial on CDs and obviously could prove anything that I state regarding my trial and the court hearings. I so tire of being discredited – like with the 2 reviewers of my book that state it is not believable and assert that I deserved it all. The last reviewer is clearly from the law enforcement profession – perhaps actively or perhaps retired. The MBI has friends in Tennessee – they filmed shows together on Spike TV that they also sell on Amazon.

As stated in Memoirs, I stand by all that I stated – it is a non-fiction book, and I categorized it as "true crime" with subcategories of "criminals," "criminology," and "organized crime" as the agents were the criminals that operated as an organized criminal group.

I did not include a copy of this sworn affidavit in Memoirs, though I am not sure why, except perhaps for the same reasons that I gave all of the agents of the state aliases. This case is a matter of public record and any document in the files can indeed be posted herein, published in a book, or published on the internet; regardless that the guilty parties stole the file from the courthouse. I am finished being the patsy that covers their identities to protect their privacy. Not one ever had any concern for my privacy. Today almost all involved agents are retired care of Florida taxpayers.

The next posting on this blog is the infamous sworn affidavit.

Dusty was always Dusty to me, from the moment that I met her, but her real name is Suzanne Irmischer Redfern. Suzanne was a great friend and she died on March 3, 2008.

Rest in Peace Suzanne

February 1, 1958 – March 3, 2008

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