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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Federal Case in Central Florida: Davis Pleads

In my last post Federal Case in Central Florida: Updates I concluded with the statement that I suspected we would see a plea from Christina Lynn Davis in short time, and that plea agreement was filed on June 3, 2016.

Ms. Davis was charged with two (2) counts in the indictment. She pleaded guilty to count 6 and the government dismissed count 7. I have decided not to publish her plea agreement, but note that it is not quite the same as Abdullah Hamidullah's plea agreement. The main difference is that hers includes the noted intention of the government to file a 5K1 (substantial assistance) letter for her. What the letter will say is dependent on the level of her assistance and is entirely up to the government.

Also noted from the agreement is that Christina Lynn Davis was arrested by state and federal authorities back in January of 2013. Her arrest at that time was for outstanding warrants in "Florida cases" - note the plural form used - and I would venture a guess that "state and federal authorities" means the Orlando MBI and Homeland Security (DHS). Remember now - this occurred prior to Jennifer Richmond's arrest in the Florida State case, which was in February of 2014, I believe.

I always find these cases interesting, especially in analyzing who really did what and who turned on who and who was really arrested first. I had some of the same dilemma in my own case. There were a couple of records that revealed each of my co-defendants' arrests months before my own, yet the prosecutor admitted nothing, ever.

I still have the docs pertaining to both Beth and Rocky being arrested in completely different situations. But the state would have liked for me to believe that Rocky and I were both arrested on November 20, 2001, and booked into the Orange County jail the same day. And we were, however, his previous problem was denied and omitted from all records they could find. His deal actually came long before the deal I got to see in my own case.

Perhaps it is not much different for Hamidullah. However, in this case all charged defendants have made guilty pleas, so we will never know. The facts and truth will never see the light of day. All we know is what the government tells us, and I must imagine that it will be a major news hit for the anti-adult crowd. We will never know what lists the government has as far as clients are concerned, or what they decide to do with those lists.

Always interesting. I have my thoughts on the who, what, when, where and how parts, but not much point in stating any. Any analysis at this time is entirely pointless. The case is over.