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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Federal Case in Central Florida: Updates

This is a somewhat of a follow-up to the posts about Jennifer Richmond, the Orlando area sex worker who was sentenced to 3 years in a state prison. Time has flown by and Ms. Richmond is due to be released on August 11, 2016, according to the Florida Department of Corrections website. That's the good news.

In an update to one of the Jennifer Richmond posts, I stated that others she was involved with were indicted by a federal grand jury. Christina Lynn Davis is still sitting in the Orange County (FL) jail with no bond. I have no clue where Hamid (Abdullah Hamidullah) is - the feds will hold a defendant in a variety of locations, so could be almost anywhere, but it's not Orange or Seminole County jails. It's common for federal defendants to be in Seminole, so I did check. It is possible that he's being held at a facility in Virginia.

Hamid did make a plea agreement and enter a guilty plea to numerous counts on May 11, 2016. I have had the plea agreement since last week, but debated publishing it. I decided not to publish it, so if you want a copy, you will need to have a PACER account to get it. The guilty plea was to counts 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the indictment, which is linked in my update on the other post.

Count 2 of the indictment carries a mandatory minimum of 15 years to life, so I must assume that the threats were flying for him to plead to this. Actually, there's no telling what the government did in this case. I have my thoughts on the matter from what I was previously told. Count 2 is the sex trafficking charge. That being said, I know the minimum sentence that Hamid faces is 15 years, but with the other counts, I suspect he will be sentenced to somewhere between 25 years and life.

While many may consider me wrong here, I must say that I have never understood why anyone facing life in prison at sentencing would take a plea deal. What's the point? Are they going to knock a few years off life with a mandatory minimum? My point of view is that I'd go ahead and deal with the trial rather than some deal for life or close to it. I'm using the term deal loosely here, because it's not much of a deal at all.

However, reading the plea deal tells me that public opinion would not be in his favor, and in that sense, there's no reason not to plead in this case. Highly unlikely that a jury verdict on any count would be favorable for Hamid. I have no way of knowing if what is stated is true or not though. Perhaps Jennifer Richmond will address it when she is released.

The man I heard from was scared - seriously scared - long ago, before any of this came down. I did inform him that he had good reason to be afraid. I sent him a copy of my Memoirs book and he later commented that he wished he knew it existed long before. No telling what they have done, and are currently doing, to him. After some of my own experiences before, during, and after the case, I put nothing at all past them. Orlando really is a special place.

As of today, Christina Lynn Davis has not made a plea deal in this case. I do expect that it will happen soon though. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Violence in the Local Metal Scene Series: Intermission

The series on the topic of violence in the local metal scene will be on intermission for some time. There are some situations at play here that I am unable to discuss at this time and others that are best reserved for later, following the conclusion of the criminal case. This is not the end of this series though, and I have much more to say on the topic.

For the moment I will only suggest that if you have teenagers that participate, or want to, keep them away. Really there is more danger than I originally believed or stated in the first post on this topic.

I had a discussion with someone that was active as a booking agent and promoter for Hip-Hop / Rap shows in past. While I am not at liberty to offer his name at the moment, I will state that he is currently serving life in a federal penitentiary. For me the discussion was about differences in the level of violence at metal shows and at hip-hop / rap shows and which type of show was worse.

Was rap getting a bad rap in comparison?

My friend was clear that the problem is not the specific genre of music or the level of violence that comes with any music shows. He stated that the problem is the people involved. The fact is, there are lots of violent people in the US. These people are either 1) prone to violence; or 2) embrace violence. In both situations they can be dangerous, especially as a group. Sometimes being a part of a group will embolden someone that would otherwise not be prone to violence.

I agreed with my friend on some statements and disagreed on others. I felt that he had little exposure to local metal scene shows, if any at all. In the same respect, I have little knowledge of rap and/or hip-hop shows.

In the end, I stand by my statements concerning the violence in local metal scene shows. I believe that I could offer proof of this, especially as it relates to the mosh pits at these local shows. It's really been a topic of research for me since the original post. The series will resume one day in the distant future.

Really this blog is supposed to be about adult business prosecutions more than anything else. Expect to hear more on recent cases in the news in the near future. Thank you for your patience at this trying time in my life.