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Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Escort Business Arrests in South Florida

This case is a State of Florida case and not federal. A tip from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) started the investigation in December of 2007 and the four defendants were arrested on September 7, 2010.

The business used the name of All Perfect Ten Escort Service and operated in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. I have seen their ads or website in past, though I'm not sure where or the circumstances. The corporation name is RDP Enterprises of South Florida.

The case is being prosecuted by Florida's Office of Statewide Prosecution (OSP). As many readers of this blog know, the OSP is not my favorite group of prosecutors in Florida and they prosecuted me. They are not the usual State Attorney's Office (SAO) and only prosecute cases in which the alleged crimes cross jurisdictional boundaries. In Florida the state courts are divided into circuits and some circuits have one or two counties and others have more. Miami-Dade is in the 11th Circuit. Palm Beach is in the 15th Circuit, and Broward is in the 17th Circuit. So if you're operating an escort business in Miami-Dade and Broward you are crossing a jurisdictional boundary. Here is a Circuit list by counties: Circuit Courts

In my own racketeering case I operated in Orange and Osceola counties – both in the 9th Circuit – but also sometimes sent escorts to Seminole County which is in the 18th Circuit, though they couldn't actually prove that, even by having their informant, Terri Isaacs, riding around with agents in cars attempting to locate clients in Seminole County. Yes, the MBI actually put this bimbo in a car and drove her around with the hope that she would recall where alleged clients resided. Can you even believe that? I couldn't.

Regardless of their freaky informant's bad memory of the few calls she went to for me, the main case agent (Brant Rose) claimed that he dialed a Daytona Beach escort service number in the Yellow Pages and reached my voice. Daytona Beach is in Volusia County – in the 7th Circuit. Rose lied and there was no ad in Daytona and I never sent any escort to Daytona, but this is the lie that allowed the OSP to prosecute the case. No matter how many times I, and later my attorney, demanded a copy of this Daytona Beach ad they never turned it over because it didn't exist. For that I say fuck you to the liar agents and prosecutor, John Craft. Liars; nothing but fucking liars. They never even had jurisdiction in my case, but took it anyway. Screw law – they sure as hell do not care about law, so don't let them pull your leg on that one.

You are probably wondering what the difference is, right? Well I will tell you: The OSP has all the power of the feds and all the money available to prosecute, or rather over-prosecute, anyone for anything. It is the main reason that I recommend anyone in the escort business in Florida stays with one area in one county. Even my research site states that escorts are only available in Orange and Osceola counties – both are in the 9th Circuit. I will soon be going into the party booking business and trust me; I won't be venturing out of any one particular jurisdictional circuit in this state.

According to the FDLE: "David Naftaly, 42, of Parkland; Rachelle Pelletier, 44, of Pompano Beach; Elizabeth Smodey, 27, of Wilton Manors;and Mike Mitchell, 49, of Wilton Manors were arrested and charged with racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, and money laundering.

The charges are the same as my own, except that I was not charged with money laundering and I was charged with "Conducting Illegal Financial Transactions" which is also a felony, but the charge was not actually filed. Only "Racketeering" and "Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering (RICO)" were filed and the jury acquitted me on both counts. Each is a 1st degree felony and punishable by up to 30 years in a Florida prison for a total possible prison sentence of 60 years. Let's pretend they murdered someone, right? Hell, Casey Anthony will end-up with less time than that.

In this case there is a claim by FDLE agents that at least one escort was underage, but I'll take such a claim with a grain of salt. They initially attempted to paint such a picture of me using a photo from my website of an escort in a cheerleader outfit, but Michelle gave me the photo and she was 28 years old and a married mother of two children when it was taken. It was the only photo that she gave me wherein she had clothes on and anyone that viewed my website would know that everyone was dressed or covered appropriately. We were very conservative and there was no nudity.

The four defendants were booked in the Broward County jail. The case # is 10016359CF10 and it is a Broward County case. The State Reporting Number is: 062010CF016359A88810, though I am not sure yet what a "state reporting number" is and will post when I find the information. Something new that was invented to make investigation more complicated, no doubt.

If any of these defendants or their attorneys would like to speak with me they should initiate contact through this blog and we will go from there and confirm our identities before we speak. My help is free and I am the only defendant to win such a case in this state. I would prefer that their attorneys made the contact, if each has an attorney.