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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Under Scrutiny: My Life in the US Today

Someone emailed me to ask escort business related questions recently and one of the questions was why didn't I open another service, as after all is said and done, I was found not guilty by a jury and there was no actual evidence. Oh to dream... having money again would be wonderful!

This was my response to the person with the questions. To put it in proper context, my current scrutiny has nothing to do with the Orlando MBI, other than the fact that they would love to help anyone anywhere prosecute me for anything, created or real.

The current situation also has nothing to do with former MBI agent Ray Peters' comments on my last post. I'm sure he just showed-up here with the intention of discrediting me so that no one will have any interest in Memoirs. At the same time, I have had a stranger trying to talk me into writing fiction books - the stranger even dropped a review on Memoirs, albeit one that really doesn't describe anything at all that I wrote.

No, I wish it were so simple, because quite frankly, the aforementioned parties are simple to contend with in comparison. Suffice it to say that my blogging and publishing of case documents in reference to the Paul Bergrin persecution and trials has angered the wrong people. I state this with the awareness that I am not the only one currently under such scrutiny.

Seems like I crossed another line with the recent blog posts about the fictional documentary. Well, it sure is not the first line I have crossed in those eyes - I was threatened with prosecution over my Blueprint books a long time ago from that crowd, but hey, I'm still here and the books are still here, so maybe they're not as powerful as they think they are. At any rate, I intend to keep this fight public.

So, without further ado:

I am still under scrutiny and actually more so these days than ever before. Perhaps the best way to describe it is if you are driving along peacefully and suddenly a cop car appears in your rearview mirror. That cop follows you, turn after turn, but you know you have done nothing illegal or even incorrect. You really have no choice except to continue driving along.

The cop is getting angry because he can't find any reason to pull you over and search your vehicle while actually planting drugs. Next thing you know, the cop is so close to your rear bumper that you have no choice except to speed-up a bit. He has now provoked you into speeding, even if only 1 mile over the speed limit, but that's enough to allow him to pull you over.

Next thing you know, the siren and lights are on, and you have no choice but to pull-over. The cop approaches your car door and orders you to get out of the vehicle. You ever so nicely ask what the problem is. The cop screams his order to exit the vehicle, sounding like a Marine drill Sergeant. Now you are standing on the side of the road with your hands on the vehicle trunk as ordered. The cop is back in his patrol car, calling for backup.

You see several cop cars with lights approaching. They pull-up behind the original cop, get out to speak with him, and glare at you. Now you are being handcuffed, pulled towards one of the backup cars, and shoved in the backseat. You watch as a couple of the cops open your car doors and begin the pretense of searching.

One of the cops yells, "I got it!" and holds-up a baggie with something that looks white.

You finish the story. And for the record, I do not consume, possess or sell any sort of drugs. *sigh* I always wonder what will happen next with these people. No peace.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Endearing the Snitches

I have been watching a disturbing trend lately that is worthy of addressing. Government informants are not only working to save themselves in criminal prosecutions and getting paid cash $s to do it, many are also playing to the media, writing books, offering consultant services and booking speaking engagements. At least in the days of Sammy Gravano and Henry Hill, the snitches and government informants hid not only from their victims, but also from the limelight. Their informant lies and drivel were not thrown in our faces.

I was first disturbed by this snitches in the limelight problem - and hey, I'm coining the term here, so consider this first source - late last year when Sabu, the snitch from the Jeremy Hammond / Anonymous prosecution came out publicly in mainstream news interviews. Next thing I knew, he was booking speaking engagements. What unadulterated flippin' audacity!

I admire Jeremy Hammond and resent Sabu from the bottom of my heart. Nothing I can do about Sabu's new-found fame in the media except to turn my back (and wallet) on any business that decides to insult the public with his paid presence. Anyone that knows anything about the snitch / informant part in the failed US criminal justice system and deplorable prison industry should join me on that. Sabu and the rest if his ilk are the dregs of this society and as they laugh and speak in news interviews, their victims suffer every day, all day.

Additional recent encounters with this obnoxious new phenomenon involve former players in the world of adult business that turned informant. I read an article the other day about Anna Gristina dealing with a probation problem over a picture. Of course the State of New York is making its play to lock her in a cage again. I did a Google search for her name to find more info on this new issue, but most recent articles that showed in search were about former hooker Rebecca Woodard, and she was bragging about how it was hard as hell to hook Anna Gristina as she played the role of snitch / informant.

Woodard wrote a book about her efforts as a hooker turned informant and has been interviewed in mainstream news numerous times. She apparently embellished the snitch role. I just did a search on Amazon and her stupid book isn't selling much with those damning reviews. You could get the hardcover copy for $.01 used, if you wanted one, but according to numerous reviewers, she can't form a decent sentence and you'll suffer boredom attempting to read it. Well, that's good news. Anna - 1, Snitch hooker - 0!

The next encounter was the result of a search on Heidi Fleiss. Heidi has always been an interesting person and I just wondered what she was up to these days. In the search results were numerous articles about former hooker Alexandra Datig. A search on Datig revealed much about her. Apparently she's an anti-marijuana crusader among other new occupations. Go to hell Datig; you're completely f'ing clueless.

Datig (of Heidi Fleiss fame - just so she knows why anyone at all would listen to a word she says) has also embarked on a new career as a victim, claiming that she was a victim of human trafficking. Good grief - escaping prosecution and being paid as an informant while working as a hooker for lots of $s wasn't enough for this informant / snitch - she has the audacity to claim victim of human trafficking status. Have you ever heard anything so absurd? Oh and of course she's writing a book about her life, as if anyone gives a rat's rear.

I thought these snitches were supposed to blend into the background, hide under aliases, and in general, stay in their little holes. Now we have to hear about the lot of them on a regular basis as they each turn into the new mainstream media darlings, limelight bound and standing to profit further from their dirty deeds while we're all forced to endure their stench repeatedly.

There are many more, of course.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Reporting for Jury Duty: Watching and Learning

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, I had to report for jury duty here in Brevard County, Florida. I think anyone that's read this blog or knows me at all knows there's not a chance the state would put me on a jury, at least not for a criminal case. I do have certain personal obligations that would have allowed for an excusal for cause, but decided that I would at least attempt to meet my civic responsibilities.

It was an interesting day. I awoke at 4:30am and started the day by drinking two double espressos at home. I arrived at the Moore Justice Center in Viera around 7:30am and had my first cup of coffee almost immediately and followed-up with four or five more cups and a coke before making it to a courtroom around 1:30pm. Just so you understand, I slept less than 3 hours before doing all of that.

Could I have passed a Field Sobriety Test?

Judge Cathleen B. Clark controlled her courtroom well and she was nice - something I never thought I'd say about a judge. While I abhor the system she chose to work in, I admit that we need more like her instead of what we usually get. Judge Clark was liberal with both the state and the defense during voir dire, allowing more time for questioning of the jury pool than my own judge in my racketeering and conspiracy trial. Seriously. Perhaps equally as long as Paul Bergrin had to question the jury pool in his massive federal case.

By this point, you may realize that this was a DUI trial. As a longtime LEAP and NORML supporter, I really do not know what a Field Sobriety Test (FST) is, but I didn't want to sound completely clueless and ask. Well, I just Googled it and it's exactly what I thought it was, so that's a good thing. It's the test that cops give at a traffic stop if they think you are intoxicated - stand on one leg, walk and turn, check your eyes etc.... At one point the jury pool was asked if we could think of any valid reason not to submit to a FST as a driver. Most potential jurors came-up with at least one reason. I offered several in the course of the conversation. At the time, I thought a breathalyzer was a FST also, and perhaps it is, but can't find any info on it now.

I stated that I wasn't entirely sure that I could pass a FST at that moment. So much coffee / caffeine and so little sleep had me blurting out numerous thoughts as we progressed through the voir dire. If you know me at all, you know I'm weird enough to say what I really think just about anywhere. Of course I tried to guard my inclination to be too brutally honest at the wrong time as I believed the defendant might need someone like me on the jury, someone that knows what the state is really all about, someone that knows what time it is.

As it turned out, most of my fellow citizen jurors knew what time it was too. That's a good thing and I can only hope that the defendant was acquitted. He looked to be my son's age and I doubt that he would have taken it to trial if there wasn't too much at stake. I do not recall his last name or I'd look-up the case in the clerk's office online.

It was easy to figure out some of the issues with the case by the questions the prosecutor and the defense asked. I'll start by stating that the case should never have been filed to begin with. This seems to be par for the course in Brevard County, Florida. Cops here will arrest a ham sandwich and force the victim defendant to prove innocence or prove a negative, at least this holds true if you're not one of their informants. On the other hand, their informants get away with murder - literally.

Issues of the Case

Now this is my perception of the situation derived from the questioning of the jury pool and is not absolute. At the end of voir dire, I was excused (go figure), so I am not aware of all the facts:

The defendant refused Field Sobriety Tests.

The Palm Bay PD cops neglected to make a video recording.

The only witnesses were Palm Bay PD officers.

The defendant refused whatever plea deal the state offered.

The defendant did not intend to testify in his defense.

The state really had no case.

Much of the questioning in voir dire focused on potential juror trust of law enforcement and discussions were geared to reveal encounters and past experiences with cops. Good grief. For a moment, imagine me attempting to respond to some of these questions without mentioning my previous case and without lying. Not an easy tightrope to walk, especially when you have had as much caffeine as I did that day.

At one point there was no way around a response that I did not trust cops and would never give permission for anything for any reason, such as a FST or a vehicle search. But I was not alone in those thoughts, which was a learning experience for me. I didn't realize how many of my fellow citizens have suffered at the hands of an overzealous cop hellbent on locking them in cage or simply harassing them. It did take some time for most to open-up about their experiences and thoughts though and perhaps that's why the judge allowed so much time for voir dire.

So what did I learn?

Mainly I learned that the state will take anyone to trial regardless of the quality of the evidence. In my case they went for quantity versus quality. In this case it was just slim pickings. The state expected the jury to simply believe what the Palm Bay PD officers stated, with no corroborating evidence whatsoever. Now that's scary.

With such a flimsy excuse for evidence there's no way in hell I could have come-up with a guilty verdict. At the time, I was reminded of a joke:

How can you tell when a cop is lying? He opens his mouth and speaks.

When a cop is testifying they don't call it testilying for no reason. Cops falsify arrest reports and statements and commit perjury on the stand with impunity - that's a fact!

I always thought that DUI cases were based on scientific evidence, not the word of cops making their quota for the night. I stated something to this effect when the prosecutor was asking questions that reflected no evidence in the case. The prosecutor sort of brushed it under the rug. She was nice - certainly far more personable and nice than my persecutor, John Craft, formerly with the Statewide Prosecutor's Office and now an Assistant U.S. Attorney. She was not intrusive, but it was obvious that the state was shopping for a jury of cop-lovers.

If you believe cops just because they're cops, you would convict this defendant, but if you were me, well, he would have been acquitted or it would be a hung jury - take your pick. I don't care how long we all had to return to the courthouse, I'd never, ever convict on the word of a cop. I'm not that stupid. I learned what time it was long ago.

During voir dire there was a second prosecutor that spent most of his time on a laptop and pointing to stuff for the lady prosecutor as she questioned us. I must imagine that he was searching Google and Facebook for jury pool names, including my own. If he looked at my FB timeline, he probably saw this:

I also learned that the very great majority of jurors / citizens expect to hear from the defendant. Of course I already knew that from my own case. If the defendant doesn't fill-in the blanks for the jury, the prosecutor will. And yes, I testified in my defense in my case and was drilled and screamed at for most of an entire day by a very experienced (and overzealous) prosecutor. We had arguments and screaming matches while I was on the stand - literally.

So hopefully I got over my PTSD concerning the court people and courthouses by confronting the issues head-on with this jury duty. I even laughed with a cop today, which is a first in a long time (at least 12 years) for me. As reluctant as I was to go, I am happy that I did. I learned more than I'll say, but I'm one of those people that's always testing, searching for vulnerabilities, and I found what I was seeking.

I also met some nice people and had lunch with a couple of wonderful women. A big shout-out to Carolyn - it was great discussing Paris and the rest of Europe with you. Good times, no doubt. And a big hello to Noella, retired corrections officer... I've never encountered a corrections officer that was not nice to me - well, one of many when I was arrested - but I understand it's a job and a lifestyle. It was great to meet you both!   

For the record, I wouldn't Call the Cops if my neighbor was a serial killer!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Unique and Selective Prosecution of Jennifer Richmond

Jennifer Richmond was a sex worker in the Orlando, Florida metro area. She never owned an escort service or solicited anyone to work for an escort service or in any way operated the business she worked for.

In the great majority of cases in the US, Jennifer Richmond would be considered a victim and either not be arrested to begin with or would be released in short time on bond or on her own recognizance. Chances are good that she would never see the inside of a courtroom or if she did, she would be sentenced to probation and a fine.

In reality, Jennifer was in business for herself. I seriously doubt that anyone held her hand during her calls or instructed her on any specific act of prostitution. I also doubt that agreement to an act of prostitution was a requirement to be dispatched to the calls. She acted of her own free will.

Now here's the problem with being a sex worker acting of your own free will

To the powers that be, in this case the Orlando MBI, you are no longer a victim and they seek to prosecute. So an arrested sex worker that waves the white flag and says, Help me, I'm a victim, gets all sorts of perks and is rarely prosecuted or if she is, the case is eventually dismissed. Worst case scenario for the white flag waving sex worker is probation and a fine.

Refuse to call yourself a victim and the wrath of the angry MBI and the Orange County State Attorney's Office (SAO) will come down hard. A refusal to denounce sex work and scoffing at the idea of concocting wild stories about the agency owner results in the same hardline prosecution. Just ask Jennifer Richmond.

In Florida the racketeering statutes are open to conspicuously gray interpretations. Of course this also requires the participation of a judge. The Orlando MBI and the SAO could not do it without a judge's assistance. In this case, Orange County Circuit Court Judge Janet Thorpe had the right docket. Judge Thorpe sentenced Jennifer Richmond to 3 years in a Florida prison for being a sex worker that refused to call herself a victim.

Most of you read the mainstream news stories with the quotes from Jennifer stating that she made so much money, she stashed it in air-conditioning vents and under carpet or something wildly similar. I'm 95% sure that the quotes were taken out of context and this was nothing more than a joke. If under a similar interrogation with agents from a list of state and federal agencies, it actually sounds like a stupid joke that would come out of my mouth, so I get it. Rest assured that there is not a chance in hell that it's true.

Jennifer was born in 1992, which makes her 22 years old at the time of arrest this year. This woman - I hesitate to call her a 'girl' out of fear the anti-trafficking freaks will come out of the woodwork and talk their line of crap to justify receiving more government grants. There's no doubt in my mind that she was naive as to the possible consequences of being a sex worker in Orlando, but she was no victim and clearly enjoyed life.

At least she didn't lie on demand as so many do

In my own racketeering case in Orlando, all except two escorts that the MBI managed to locate that actually worked for my business, lied on demand when in MBI custody and under threat. The two that did not concoct wild stories on demand approached it more mildly than Jennifer Richmond did and left themselves some space. When testifying during my trial, the truth came out, but they were not young and naive women - both were in their 40s - and knew better than to challenge and laugh at agents that held their lives in hand while in custody.

One escort made-up anything the MBI wanted her to when threatened with a trip to jail. During my trial she was almost silent and didn't repeat the fabrications; however, she did repeat a joke I offered in response to one of her stupid questions one night. Lesson learned: Never joke with these people (agents, escorts anyone in connection to an adult business) because they are obviously unable to distinguish a joke from the facts. And people wonder why I am so serious?

What makes this case unique

Now my case was unique in that the MBI had been harassing me for many years in their quest to get rid of me. If I had lost on either count in trial, I would have been sentenced to somewhere between 12 and 20 years. Judge Anthony Johnson's docket was chosen by the state for this reason and many more. No matter what the state actors did, both prior to and during trial, Johnson ruled in their favor. The dude probably played golf with them. This was an intended railroading from jumpstreet.

Recall the case of Mark Risner, an Orange County, Florida Navy veteran that operated a brothel out of his house for a couple of years. The sentence did not receive much publicity, but certainly more than Jennifer Richmond's quiet railroading did. To date, I'm the only one that's written a word about poor Jennifer's sentence, and I can understand why they'd hide from this one. Mark Risner was sentenced to 15 years probation, adjudication withheld, and a fine - and this dude operated a brothel and had 13 counts filed!

So how does a sex worker end-up with 3 years in prison when an admitted brothel owner gets probation? This question goes out to Orange County Circuit Judge Janet Thorpe, who I must add is currently running for re-election this month. Remember - the SAO and the MBI couldn't have done this without her. Do not forget that when you vote and choose to select her opponent, because no matter what he's done, he couldn't be as bad of a choice as this witch. She sent a 22 year-old prostitute to a Florida prison for 3 years when she should have dismissed the far over-reaching racketeering charge!

Let's not pretend that Jennifer Richmond lost in trial and this absurd sentence is her payback for having the audacity to take it to trial. This is the only plea deal she was offered when she refused to direct agents to this non-existent hidden money that she cracked jokes about and testify against Hamid, the alleged agency owner.

I have no clue why she would accept such a rotten deal, but it's clear that it was coerced. She should have taken her chances on a jury. I cannot imagine any Orange County jury siding with the state and the MBI in this situation as it's obvious she was over-charged to begin with and with the sole purpose of obtaining information on the agency owner. Worst case scenario would have been a hung jury and a mistrial.

Another unique factor is that Jennifer was charged alone. This was a selective prosecution, without any doubt.

A Challenge

I challenge any reader to name the case if you want to claim that the sentence sex worker Jennifer Richmond received is the norm today, or ever during our lifetimes, anywhere in the US. I have been researching for several days and was unable to find any same or similar cases. While I'm interested in history, I'm going to state a cutoff date as any case after 1980, because what they did to women back in 1950 is immaterial here in this context.

The MBI Past

The MBI and the Orange County SAO (namely ASA Joseph Cocchiarella) are best known in the adult business world for their coerced plea deals and use and abuse of the Florida racketeering statutes. These people did not prosecute me as my case was prosecuted by Office of Statewide Prosecution (OSP), so I do not necessarily have the bias that you may believe.

I conclude this post with an excerpt from Memoirs on a specific MBI strategy used against workers in body scrub businesses (AKA massage parlors) back in 1997. From Part 2, Chapter 5, Sleeping Giants:

By the middle of 1997, the MBI was back in the news, and busy working with the IRS and a Seminole County agency raiding body scrub shops in Seminole County. Fearful of working for my escort service, my friend Felice had been working at one of the body scrubs. Felice and Cortland had closed their own service during “the amnesty program,” and she was petrified of the MBI. She thought that she was safe in Seminole County since it was out of their jurisdiction, but then the MBI gets involved anywhere that they can. I had warned Felice that she was a sitting duck in one of these places, and could be held responsible for things that other people did, but she felt that it was safer than my agency.

What the MBI did in these body scrub cases was unprecedented. Oh, charging the owners with racketeering was what they usually do; however, in this situation they also charged the workers with racketeering. Felice was charged with three counts of prostitution and one count of racketeering. The average person would believe that they must have had three solid cases of prostitution in order to file the charges this way, but that was not the case. When we realized what the MBI had done we were in a state of disbelief. They had followed customers after they left the body scrub and convinced them to cooperate. Having heard stories about the MBI tactics used to convince someone to become their witness, it was easy to understand how these men signed the statements that they did. As usual, the men were not charged.

In Felice’s case, they had one customer alleging that he had visited her on three separate occasions and she gave him a hand-job. Felice told me that this was not even true. The MBI, working with the state attorney’s office, generously offered to drop the count of racketeering if she pled guilty to three counts of prostitution; otherwise, they claimed that they would take her to trial. Imagine someone going to prison for up to thirty years for an accusation of giving a man three hand-jobs and it’s easily understood why she took their so-called deal.

For more information on sex worker rights and political and law enforcement strategies in the current frenzy to eradicate all adult business in the US, make sure to check out Norma Jean Almodovar's website for all the statistics and facts: Police Prostitution and Politics


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sex Worker Sentenced to 3 Years in Orlando

I didn't discuss the case months ago when it was in the news for several reasons, with the main one being my belief that federal indictments were coming for others involved. Also, one of the parties reached out to me and I didn't want to publicize his plight. Now I'm not so sure what's really going on. I'm sure most of my blog readers read about the case in the news though:

Two women 'who earned hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as high-class escorts had so much cash they hid it in air vents and under carpets'

Jennifer Richmond was sentenced to 38 months in a Florida prison on July 25, 2014. This was an Orlando MBI case - you know, the overzealous morals crusaders that harassed me for years and arrested me on racketeering and conspiracy charges. I was acquitted on both counts by a jury of my peers, but Jennifer was coerced into this lousy plea deal. And Jennifer was an escort and admitted prostitute, but never owned a service.

Ms. Richmond will spend just under 3 years in a Florida hellhole prison because she made money working as a prostitute in Orlando and had lots of fun doing it. You can look her up on the Florida Department of Corrections website. Just click on "Offender Search" in the top navigation bar, click on the first link to search all databases and enter only last name and first name.

The other two parties named in the article have not been charged with any count anywhere - not state or federal. The other woman bragging to the MBI about how much money she made that is named in the article is Christina Lynn Davis. Hamid, the alleged agency owner, was never indicted or charged either.

Really? The whacks at the MBI along with their pals in the State Attorney's Office managed to force a guilty plea on a racketeering count out of a naive sex worker.

I heard that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was threatening Jennifer Richmond after she was taken to the Orange County jail. They demanded to know where the money was and allegedly told her that she had three choices: direct them to the money; life in prison; or suicide. Then came the plea deal, which was clearly coerced.

No one else is charged in this case. Just this naive sex worker that was enjoying life in Orlando, until the MBI came along. So where are all of the sex worker rights organizations? Maybe some of them will see this post with Ms. Richmond's sentence, which has received zero publicity, and come to her aid.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Injustice and Pizza

This blog still gets plenty of reads, though I clearly deserted a long time ago and returned only to exit again too quickly. So much has happened in so many directions the last couple of years that I lost my focus.

This blog was supposed to be about adult business prosecutions, of which there's no shortage these days, but later evolved into frequent posts about Paul Bergrin's first trial that ended with a hung jury. By the time the second trial started, I had started a new blog for Paul - Paul Bergrin on Trial - and then later, after he was convicted, a website: Paul Bergrin - American Whistleblower

I'm still in-touch with Paul Bergrin and will be updating the story on that blog later this week. Never in US history has there been such a miscarriage of justice in our courts. The degree of maliciousness and prosecutorial misconduct in the Bergrin prosecution is unprecedented. If you have not read all of the trial transcripts, you're missing out.

I was lost when Paul Bergrin was convicted by that jury. I suppose, especially because of my previous racketeering case, that I believed justice prevails. I trusted juries, at least to some extent. But Bergrin's jury paid no attention whatsoever to the only actual eyewitness to a murder on a Newark street and fell for the government's concocted version of events as described by their criminal informants that exchanged testimony for get out of jail free cards or years off sentences instead. Yeah, I'm still completely disgusted and have little trust in American juries anymore.

All of this has seriously affected my judgments in other areas of my life. You may be aware, if you read a previous post on Knock and Talks, that I am dealing with a legal situation here in Brevard County, Florida. I'm admittedly angry. Maybe I'm mad at myself in part because I'm not a cop caller and when I noted crimes being committed, I did not call the cops. I did make a complaint to the owners of the particular Papa John's stores on one such occasion, but left it at that. Now I am ready to air all of their dirty laundry from years past. Sometimes I think... So you want to send my child to a Florida hellhole prison over that? After what I have personally witnessed over the years? Really? Yeah, I'm mad as hell and I like to write.

So, you can look forward to some crazy stories, updates to the Paul Bergrin blog, more advice on whether to open an escort service, or not, and informational posts on recent adult business prosecutions, like the myredbook indictment for example. There's so much to talk about.

Do you like the video at the top of the blog currently? Call the Cops by Rob Hustle. The video speaks volumes on my state of mind, but sometimes calling the cops to document situations is an intelligent move. Just remember that they're not there to help, so get your case number and go on your merry way. You never know when that number will come in handy.

To the person that sent me the postcard from Paris: Thank you - nice pic of the City of Lights! The last few sentences were scribbled and I have no clue who you are. Please do enlighten me...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Discussion About Knock and Talks

Police usually use Knock and Talks to talk their way into a residence with lies, manipulation, and coercion. However, this tool in the law enforcement toolbox is not always to gain entry and can be used to intimidate a suspect into making a statement that would give the officer(s) probable cause to arrest.

The one thing that you can be sure of is that if law enforcement agents are attempting a knock and talk, it's because they do not have the evidence they need to make an arrest. I can guarantee that they do not want to talk to you for any reasons that could be beneficial to you. In fact, many law enforcement careers are based on lies and the manipulation of anyone they choose to target.

As my father taught me long ago, the police are not there to help you. Arresting people is their job. There is nothing in a law enforcement officer job description that even alludes to helping people. It's all about arrest and obtaining evidence to eventually arrest.

So why on earth would anyone ever speak to a cop or investigator that knocks on their door? Well, I think back to my own case when the infamous agent Brant Rose and another agent knocked on my mother's door wanting to discuss me. Unlike me, my mother used to care about what they neighbors think. The agents at the door got louder by the minute in their attempt to get invited in. She did invite them in so no one could hear the hallway conversations. The coercive knock and talk technique worked on her. Not that she said anything at all to them once they entered, but still... they did get to have a look around.

I, on the other hand, do not give a flying crap about how loud they get in the apartment building hallway and that is where they stayed when a similar attempt was made on me around 10 days ago. No cop will ever enter anywhere I live without a search warrant. As a matter of fact, when MBI agents came to arrest me in the false and created case back in November 2001, at my home in Orange County, the first thing I stated to them at the door was that they did not have my permission to search. They screamed that I was under arrest and shoved me back inside, but they sure as hell did not get the benefit of searching!
So to conclude here: Knock and talks can be utilized by law enforcement to gain entry to a residence or just to talk to a person or a suspect to get information they will later use to arrest. What we do know for sure is that cops do not bother with knock and talks if they have evidence (probable cause) to arrest - they simply arrest and then attempt to manipulate the party into a statement while in custody - because in-custody manipulation is so much easier for them.

If law enforcement officers ever show-up at your door attempting a knock and talk, call an attorney. After all is said and done, we have few rights left in this country, but we always have the right to shut-up and not hand them what they need to get an arrest warrant. Words can be twisted and conversations manipulated and they're definitely not stopping by to help you.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

No Justice and Abusive Lousy Cops

Well people, it is time for me to return to the blog. I have experienced and watched more abuse and injustice in this country than anyone should ever have to see or know exists. Now, as a result of my expressed opinions, my son is a target of a couple of area cops that knocked on my door in attempt to do a Knock and Talk with him last week.

Perhaps it was a rude awakening for these two jerks, but no one in this household responds to Knock and Talks. They were not invited in and had the door slammed in their faces. As they exited the building, both laughed and yelled Merry Christmas, while stating they'd get a warrant. No telling what off-the-wall lies were stated to get that warrant, but the arrest happened last night, on Christmas. If they had enough evidence to get a warrant, they would not have attempted a Knock and Talk to begin with, which is a main reason that I know it's a result of our encounter at my door.

The bottom line is that my clear statement to these lousy cops that there's no way in hell my son would ever be speaking to them and that there was zero trust for cops here resulted in a sworn statement by one of them to get a warrant as it was issued the following morning. Anyone can be arrested on the word of a cop at any time in this country and Florida is certainly one of the worst states for this in the U.S. as most cops are uneducated power-hungry asshats with nothing whatsoever to lose.

I am ready to throw-up over the abusive power freak cops with an agenda in this crap place and intend to address this issue and many more on this blog in the coming year. I have decided to use this blog to post about police misconduct and abuse in general or specific accounts of injustice anywhere and am creating a new blog that is specific to Central Florida. I realize that many readers of this blog are not in Central Florida and are all over the U.S. and the world.

The blog about Criminal Injustice specific to Central Florida is here, but you won't see the first post until January 1, 2014. I am currently working on the design, so it's far from finished:

Central Florida Injustice

UPDATE on 28 February 2014 @ 9:00AM:

I was finally able to read the affidavit filed by this sad clown of a cop in this false, selective and malicious arrest and prosecution and as evidence of what is stated herein, that he definitely had me on his mind when he wrote it, he actually stated my son's address as 123 Vicky Gallas street when he entered the address on a particular document. Really? The content is far too repetitive, and in general, the affidavit could have been used to arrest any one of several parties with minor changes to the other party(s) accounts, which is what was done here - after interview changes to fit the selected target as opposed to what was really stated. Clearly some (at least one in particular) cops have been getting too much free pizza from that store.

Remember my name.

Oh and sorry for not posting on the new blog since starting it, but I have been busy. One thing about all of my blogs is that the previous posts continue to get a high number of reads daily and weekly even when I don't post for months. I'll be back --- just working on something else at the moment.

UPDATE on 11 March 2014 @6:15pm:

I thought I'd seen/heard everything. I cannot even believe that anyone had the audacity to charge or file this case. (>_< ) ( >_<) but now I'm $_$ ... hell, I even expect to be reimbursed for the $25 CD player I bought to listen to this crap.

NEXT: A discussion about Knock and Talks

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Surveillance State

From October 2001, with the passing of the USA Patriot Act, forward to date, surveillance in the US has proliferated beyond our worst and wildest nightmare. I knew this as it happened and thanks to recent document releases to the public by various parties, I am finally vindicated. Not that I needed vindication for my many statements over the years, but I am ecstatic that the rest of the country has finally awakened.

I jump up and down with glee that no one can call me paranoid anymore as so many people have over the years. If you do not understand my feelings on this, it's only because you've never experienced the severe harassment and abuse that I did for years prior to my November 20, 2001, arrest and then in the years that followed, but it seriously worsened as I awaited trial. Of course all of this included being called a "conspiracy theorist" and paranoid by every moron I encountered.

I am only sorry that Suzanne Irmischer Redfern (Dusty from the book) is not alive today to experience her own vindication. Dusty and I suffered through so much between my arrest and the trial and no matter where we turned, no one believed us. The MBI told anyone that would listen that we were both paranoid, crazy, and none of it ever happened. Well, it happened alright - from helicopter chases on I-95 to GPS tracking to illegal wiretapping to stolen mail to secret break-ins in both our homes and much more.

People often wonder how I can still be so angry today - more than 10 years after my acquittal by the jury. Well there you have it... There's nothing like knowing all of this shit and being called paranoid every time you attempt to discuss it anywhere with anyone. Perhaps it's even worse when people act like they believe you, yet dismiss all that you say while pretending to agree. For a very long time the only thing I said about it in response to MBI lies was I know what you did. A person can only take so much. Denial is a river in Egypt, or so they say. The MBI has many member agencies, including the DEA, the FBI and a list of others and are not simply a random good ole boy Florida agency.

You can read about much of what I suffered in Memoirs. Today you'd have to have your head buried in sand to not believe my story. I offer special thanks to Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks and the many people that they've worked with along the way for the enlightenment of the general population in the US.

Today when I venture to the comment section on most news articles related to the surveillance state it is clear that people get it - they really get it - and they're all mad, save a few random government sock puppets paid by that surveillance state. And every single day there is more information coming out about what they've been doing to us, the people, all of these years.

So what have we all learned in the last few months? Really there is so much that it would be impossible to list in a blog post, but you can start by reading documents on a couple of websites:

On 4 September 2013, WikiLeaks released Spy Files 3, but 1 and 2 are also important. This should keep you in reading material for some time:

A website that I have visited regularly since 1997, frequently posts documents that that reveal the truth on a lengthy list of topics. There are so many interesting documents that I do not want to devote attention to any specific ones:

If you did read the book about my story, you're aware that the story begins with my pursuit of the telephone line blocking issues and the topic is expounded throughout as the situation evolves. I have accumulated some additional information since the publishing of the book and I will state that there was a defense contractor involved. I have no documents to prove this though and therefore I'm not throwing the name out there. It would be wonderful to find documents on the subject before I die. If someone out there comes across such important information, I'd truly appreciate a heads-up on it - I think I have earned that much.

No matter though - really I am just happy that people are finally waking-up and smelling the coffee as more abuse is exposed every day. I love it.

Edited on 7 Sept. 2013 @5am.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

John Craft Investigated for Racist Remarks

If you took advantage and read my Memoirs book when it was free, you know that John Craft is the jerk that prosecuted me for the Office of the Statewide Prosecutor in Florida in January of 2003. Craft prosecuted many MBI cases and worked closely with the agents, eventually charging me with no real probable cause.

In the course of the prosecution, John Craft attempted to use my posts on a forum against me, sending each printed post to the defense in discovery. Take note that the statements in those posts were all about police misconduct in my case and others. These people get really mad when a defendant in a malicious prosecution makes attempts to expose their criminal abuse.

It turns out that he's also a racist, according to the many articles I've read and the screenshots I've viewed. John Craft was a Florida cop before he went to law school. He worked as prosecutor in Sanford (Seminole County in where Trayvon Martin was murdered) before he was employed by Florida's Office of the Statewide Prosecutor. Read the articles here:

Prosecutor's Facebook posts about Obama under review

Federal Prosecutor under investigation for 'racist' comments about Trayvon Martin on Facebook

Federal prosecutor under investigation for racist Facebook posts

As noted in the book, he went on to become an AUSA (Assistant United States Attorney) in the Eastern District of Texas when Florida refused to take him back when he "retired" immediately following my trial. Actually it was former Florida Attorney General (Charlie Crist) that informed him in a two-page letter that he'd never work for the State of Florida again. It had to do with my case.

Even after all these years, it's great to see this jerkoff suffer under scrutiny - he did so much to me and my entire case involved so much misconduct. Maybe the Obama DOJ will fire him. I can only hope. He apparently forgot who he works for. One thing is for sure - if the Eastern District of Texas doesn't fire him, they sure won't be able to assign him to any case involving a Black defendant!

Good riddance to this trash! We need not wonder why the Orlando Sentinel was one of few mainstream newspapers that didn't carry this story.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Close Guantanamo Camps Now

There is currently an operation underway to demand that the concentration camps at Guantanamo Bay be closed forever. Truth be told, this offshore hellhole should never have been opened to begin with and it is a disgrace to anyone in the world that has a sense of reasoning and fairness. There has never been justice for anyone in any of these camps and it is far past time to close its doors forever and release all prisoners.

President Obama made a promise prior to the 2008 election and now we need to demand that he keep that promise. You know what they are doing to the prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay camps and your silence makes you complicit.

For more information on how you can do your part to demand this dump be closed forever, visit:

We are closing Guantanamo Bay for good

I can tell you that after 5pm EST the White House stops answering telephone lines and there is no system in place to leave messages except via the fax #. Please make your calls on Monday, 20 May 2013, if you have not already. This operation is supposed to be 17-19 May, though it should be extended until the camps are closed. Please sign the petition if you have not already.

There are those that blame Congress for blocking President Obama's intended closing of the camps, but I do not buy it. If you do, then dial your congressman today, tomorrow, and every day until GTMO is closed.

The existence of this offshore concentration camp is an outrageous slap in the face to US citizens and the rest of the world. Demand it be closed forever!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Murder in Kern County

David Silva was beaten to death by 7 Kern County, California Sheriff's deputies and 2 California Highway Patrol officers on Wednesday, the 8th of May. What was his crime? He was accused of "possibly being intoxicated," but we really do not know if that is even true. He "resisted" a deputy and a vicious canine and for that, he was beaten to death with batons by a gang of angry thugs. 

How does a man on the ground resist a police canine?

This is Rodney King all over again and multiplied, which equals death with cops today. And these bad boys cover their crimes - videos taken by bystanders on cell phones were later confiscated by deputies and at least one witness was harassed and arrested on false charges. A woman dialed 911 while David Silva was being beaten to death and stated that she got it all on videotape.

Cops actually went to the homes of witnesses and confiscated their cellphones with the video evidence. They entered one woman's home uninvited. Please read the account here:

We the people must demand that these bad cops are held accountable. At this point the Kern County Sheriff's Office is investigating the actions of its own officers and that will never be acceptable. The investigation must be by the DOJ Civil Rights Division. It is the Eastern District of California, Fresno Office that serves Kern County.

What can we do?

Call the US Attorney's Office in Fresno and demand accountability at (559)497-4000 or fax (559)497-4099. The more people that call to demand that there is a real investigation and all officers are held accountable the better. Please remember to be polite and state that you are a citizen demanding an investigation into the killing of David Silva:

Complaints should also be made here. Scroll to "Criminal" and you will see a list of complaints handled by this division, including: Excessive force or other Constitutional violations by persons acting as law enforcement officials or public officials

David Silva's killers must be held accountable!

UPDATE on 12 May 2013 @6pm:
At least the Kern County Sheriff's Office has publicly named the deputies involved in David Silva's murder, which is more information than is ever offered in Orange County, Florida when a victim is killed in police custody. In Orange County, they're always referred to as John Doe Deputy 1, John Doe Deputy 2 etc... until or unless the public demands names and they're forced to comply. The deputies involved in David Silva's killing are:
Sgt. Douglas Sword
Deputy Ryan Greer
Deputy Tanner Miller
Deputy Jeffrey Kelly
Deputy Luis Almanza
Deputy Brian Brock
Deputy David Stephens
In Custody Death Investigation - 05/09/2013 2:48pm
We also need the names of the two California Highway Patrol officers.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Dare I

Tonight I decided that it was time to do some redecorating around here. I last did a major post purge in early August of 2012, though this time there are not so many posts to worry about. No particular reason for this except that I believe in cleaning house. Well, okay - I also intend to stick with the topic of injustice in its various forms and at this moment there are off-topic posts that need to go.

Please do your part to close GTMO once and for all. For more information read:

We are closing Guantanamo Bay for Good

I'll post more on the upcoming operation to close GTMO in a new post.

Peace to you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cocoa Cops: First Impression

It was back on June 6, 2007, at 2am in the City of Cocoa, Florida, when my son was returning from a WWE event that he went to in Orlando earlier in the evening on the 5th, his birthday, when he was pulled-over by the constitution violating asshat with the Cocoa Police Department. This was Alex's first encounter with a traffic stop in Cocoa. The cop was Officer David Allen Baker and he was on a motorcycle.

Yes, this is the first post of many on the topic of abusive police officers and Cocoa has always had a bad reputation so I figure that it's a good place to start. There is not much information out there about the abuses in Cocoa or nearby Rockledge and I feel that there should be. I probably have 10 different stories to tell and I certainly intend to.

I heard this freak scream at my son like a Marine drill sergeant. Shortly after the initial screaming Alex was ordered to end the call and get out of the vehicle. The location of the traffic stop was less than 1/2 mile from the Cocoa house that we lived in at the time and I could testify to the fact that he did not make it home for more than 45 minutes.

After Officer David Baker ordered Alex out of the vehicle, he ordered him to place his hands on the trunk area while he awaited information from dispatch. He demanded (not asked) to search the vehicle and even though he was clearly told that he did NOT have permission, he proceeded, looking in the glovebox, the center console, and in and around the seats. Alex was ordered to stand aside while he searched the trunk.

Throughout this encounter the abusive officer screamed like a drill sergeant. According to documents that I later received showing the call-log, he was trying to get a dog there, but the only available dog at the time was busy in Melbourne. It is a commonly known fact in this area that former Officer Frank Carter kept the dog busy harassing motorists in Melbourne, so that was not surprising.

Baker did not discover anything illegal in the vehicle, of course, and then chose to write two tickets: The first was for "driving a vehicle in unsafe condition" and was written based on 1 of the 2 tag-lights being out. The second was for "failure to stop at a traffic signal" and was pure BS. In other words, this was a false arrest.

When a police officer pulls a motorist over and writes a ticket, it is indeed an arrest. It is immaterial that the person is not taken to jail or that it is a traffic ticket: it is an arrest. In Florida there will always be a record of that arrest even if the motorist or defendant is found not guilty or chooses to take a traffic school course to avoid conviction and it should be taken more seriously than it usually is.

By the time Alex finally made it home at close to 3am, I was frantic. I had no clue what had transpired in such a length of time. At most, writing a traffic ticket (whether right or wrong) should take less than 15 minutes. We then drove to the 7-11 about a 1/2 mile past the stop and on Dixon Blvd. so that he could show me what happened and where it happened.

There were several Cocoa P.D. officers in 7-11. I do not recall what specifically I stated that started the conversation, but I ended-up describing the right turn that resulted in the "failure to stop at a traffic signal" ticket to one officer and he informed me that all my son needed to do was take pictures of the intersection and the traffic lanes with him to court because a motorist does not need to stop at that light before making a right turn. As a matter of the fact, the vehicle would turn right 25+ feet before the light and never actually reaches the intersection anyway. A driver could not stop at that light when in the far-right lane if they wanted to.

So Alex pled not guilty and went to court and was found not guilty on that particular ticket. The judge was nice; however, would not let him state for the record what happened during this traffic stop. She kept stopping him by stating, "Mr. ---, you have already won...." It is my opinion that the particular judge had previous experience with motorists that Officer Baker had written tickets and already knew exactly how he abused people and violated constitutional rights.

Alex chose to plead guilty to the "driving vehicle in unsafe condition" ticket as at the time, it cost a mere $7.50 to the clerk's office and $4 for any officer to do a safety check of the vehicle. For $11.50, it seemed like the best option at the time.

I must finally take a moment to say FU to Officer David Allen Baker for that BS ticket. If he was truly unable to see the tag # (his claim) because one of its two tag-lights were out, he should get his flippin' eyes checked. But then we all know that is not the case. The one light worked fine and the tag # was easily viewed by anyone driving behind the vehicle. That ticket ended-up costing Alex an added $100 per month in insurance for three entire years. The total cost for that ticket was $3600 + the $11.50. FU again David Baker.

Would you like to know what former officer David Baker does today? He's an attorney. This constitution violating, screaming asshat is an attorney in Brevard County. Lucky for area defendants that he is not in criminal defense:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scary Bad Cops in Hernando County Florida

This was previously posted with the title, "Overzealous Scary Cops in Hernando County Florida" and is being reposted due to several requests. I removed it in my big post purge in August 2012. It was originally an early (March) 2011 post, so this did not actually happen last night. Back by popular demand: (UPDATE at the end on January 8, 2014)

Last night my son and a friend had a frightening encounter with several (4) Hernando County Sheriff's Office deputies out in the rural area referred to as Ridge Manor, Florida. Either three or four patrol cars arrived at the scene with a total of 4 deputies. My son was driving a Toyota Prius and had the vehicle papers and his valid driver's license to hand the deputy and was puzzled as to the reason for the stop as he is ever so careful not to commit any sort of traffic infraction whatsoever.

Alex has learned to just stay a smart distance from cops and has been taught to understand that a police officer is more powerful than the POTUS. One must fear that a cop could plant drugs or shoot them dead as the result of a simple traffic stop in Florida.

The only time I shake is if I am being pulled-over by a cop as there is no telling what will happen next. No one wants to die at the hands of a whacko cop that later claims to have seen a weapon and trust me, it happens too often in Florida. And we aren't even Black. I fear for the Black motorist in this lousy state – refer to my posts on former officer Frank Carter of the Melbourne Police Department.

Alex was driving at a speed of 52 mph and the speed limit before the stop was 60 mph, so he knew the pull-over had nothing to do with speeding. The car is almost new and sure didn't have any light out or faulty equipment issue. Knowing that he had done nothing illegal or even incorrect, he had his friend dial me the minute that he heard the siren and had the brights in his face as the cop turned around to come after him. The second that police vehicle #1 got behind my son, vehicle #2 and vehicle #3 (and possibly a #4) appeared from nowhere and were also behind him with flashing lights on.

Alex pulled to the grassy area on the side of the road right next to the intersection of Croom Rital Rd. and Kettering Rd. in Hernando County, Florida. I was on the phone with his friend at that point. This is exactly what happened next and Deputy #3 and Deputy #4 remained in the background throughout never saying anything to them. [my thoughts and Alex's descriptions are in brackets]:

Unknown Deputy #1: License and registration

Alex: Yes sir. May I ask why we were pulled over?

Deputy #1: We received a complaint of objects being thrown out this window at the vehicle behind you.

Alex: I don't know what you're talking about. We didn't throw anything.

Deputy #1: I'm going to be real with you. I'm a dickhead who doesn't give a fuck about anything. I don't have time for fucking games. If I find out one of you is lying I'm going to seize this vehicle and everything in it and you're both going to jail. The vehicle behind you has a witness, the vehicle behind them, that is willing to write statements. [took driver's license and car paperwork and walked back to his vehicle] [I heard the entire conversation - the deputy was loud, but not screaming like an angry Marine as some do]

[within a couple (3) minutes]

Deputy #1: Passenger out of the vehicle. [brought my son's friend to side of deputy's car]. [I heard this].

Friend described: [The deputy asked what happened here and friend told him the story]

What really happened: We were behind a car driving about 15 mph under the speed limit. There was no lane to pass him, but two other vehicles went around both of us. I waited until there was a second lane to pass and went around the slow driver. The driver attempted to run me off the road by speeding-up as soon as he saw I was trying to pass him. I passed him anyway by speeding-up. He was right on my rear and turned on his brights and this went on for about five minutes. He pulled-off and about 10 minutes later I am being pulled-over, but have no idea why.

The friend thought the cop asked him to empty out his pockets and was starting to do this when 3 deputies went for their weapons and 1 grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him against the car. The deputy told him to place his hands on the car and then patted him down, placing his hands in friend's pockets, and searched him. Scared him to death.

Deputy #1: Mr. -------

Alex [got out of car and walked towards deputy #1]

Deputy #2: GET OFF THE PHONE! [I heard this]

Alex: It's my mother. What...

Deputy #2: GET OFF THE PHONE NOW! You're 18. Hang it up.[I heard this]
[I had instructed my son to ask the deputy's name and where/what police department he was with as my son had no idea where they were specifically at that time]

Alex: Yes sir. [he hung-up on me]

Deputy #1: Your buddy over here admitted everything so you want to be smart as well and go ahead and confess to what happened.

Alex: [repeated story of what actually happened]

Deputy #1: Do you have any weapons, guns, drugs, hand grenades [?] paraphernalia?

Alex: No sir.

Deputy #1: PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE CAR! [deputy starts going through Alex's pockets and searching him and looked through his wallet]

Deputy #1: Do you have any drugs, weapons, guns, paraphernalia, hand grenades, or dead bodies [?] in the vehicle? So then I have permission to search, right? [exact quote]

Alex: Yes sir.

Deputy #1: Turn around and face my partner. [Alex no longer had any visual of vehicle] [deputy searched for about 4 minutes]

Deputy #2: [starts asking both Alex and friend questions]. [He pointed at a vehicle and asked both at the same time if they recognized it and both responded “no it doesn't look familiar”.

Deputy #2: What are you doing way out here?

Alex: Visiting a friend.

Deputy #1: [pulls out posters and flyers from back seat]

Deputy #2: Why do you have all of those?

Alex: I do some promoting for Club Firestone.

Deputy #1: [walks to his vehicle] You might want to stay in Merritt Island boys and don't come around here again. We are a bunch of fucking pricks who don't give a shit and will cause you some fucking problems. [Deputy threw Alex's driver's license in the grass]

Alex: [we got back in our vehicle and noted Deputy #1 walked to the vehicle that we couldn't identify].

So what in the hell is going on in Hernando County? Apparently they sure do not want anyone that doesn't live there entering the area. My son has had many traffic stops for no reason whatsoever, but none as scary as this one because they really do not know the area at all and even though he has met cops that were screaming like Marines throughout the encounter, they do not normally threaten to seize a vehicle and take the driver and passenger to jail – this is the unique issue here. Of course the search demand was because they expected to find drugs.

I have since dialed the non-emergency number for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office and the operator was helpful. She stated that the deputy that made the stop (deputy #1) is Deputy Genovese. She was unable to locate any information for the other deputies or did not offer the information if she did.

To Deputy Genovese with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office:

I have taught my son to always fear cops as truly you are more powerful than the POTUS and capable of absolutely anything. You prove my point. I also taught him to never give a police officer permission to search, no matter that there is nothing illegal or even incorrect in the vehicle. However, when I heard your threat of seizing the vehicle and taking them both to jail, I knew (from your own words) that you are indeed a total prick capable of anything and since we all knew there was nothing illegal in the vehicle, I told my son to agree to any search prior to him hanging-up the phone.

This is the United States and no one should be coerced into a search and threatened as you did to these two late last night (1am). Do you think you own Hernando County? Do you believe that you actually have the authority to tell any motorist to never return to Hernando County? Guess what prick – you don't own shit and I'll drive through Hernando County any fucking time I want to.

My son really feared that you would plant something in the vehicle (drugs). Why did you instruct him to turn around and face your partner so that the vehicle was no longer in his line of vision? That is something I have never run into and it shouldn't be considered legal.

I will offer a short scenario of the events to follow if you had taken them to jail last night:

Of course I would attempt to bond them out immediately, but not knowing anything about how it all works in Hernando County, well, I may or may not have been successful. No matter what, I would have them out on Monday before the morning was over. Each of them would then be filing a false arrest suit against you, the unknown deputies that joined you, and the Sheriff of Hernando County.

This is not a lawsuit worthy encounter and this is the last you'll hear of us Deputy Genovese, but someone needs to take some of your power away. Cops like you are why I have instilled it in my son's mind that he should never trust any cop anywhere for any reason. You really are a fucking prick – you said it.

Added on 26 December 2012:

I must wonder if Deputy Genovese is stil employed by the Hernando County Sheriff's Office. If he is, I also blame the sheriff and the county - they have had almost 2 years to get rid of his bad cop ass.

UPDATE on 8 January 2014:

Apparently the Hernando County Sheriff's Office do not discipline or fire Deputy Louis Genovese as him and his gang of thug cops attacked this poor man in his own home long before the traffic stop discussed in this post. I hope the Hernando Sheriff and these pigs (literally) pay this man every $ he's filed suit for!

I had such a sinking, uneasy feeling that night. Glad my son said "yes" to his coerced demand to search. This article is about a gang of criminals and here's to hoping their police toys are taken away forever. Where's the DOJ criminal civil rights division? Get these thugs off the street and cage them like the rabid animals they are:

Brooksville man sues Hernando deputies for $10 million

You can't even imagine the sinking feeling I had when I heard this freak accusing my son and threatening both him and his friend out in the middle of nowhere Hernando County, Florida. You just can't imagine. Where is the DOJ??? Read this poor man's Complaint against the Hernando County Sheriff's Office and 4 thugs that parade as cops:

Michael Pratt Civil Rights Complaint

Every single one of these deputies must face criminal charges!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What was the DC Madam case about?

With the blessed passing of yet another election cycle, we might reflect on another one from the recent past which resulted in a significant routing of the GOP by the Democrats: the deeply contentious 2006 national midterms. There's at least one major political sex scandal that takes down a significant politician in the United States every election cycle, generally speaking, two years, with overlap for higher office.
After the fall of the Director of the CIA at the hands of the surveillance state, we might reflect on the DC Madam case and look at the same themes and actions at play.
Jeane got this, maybe more towards the end:

On 3/15/08, Jeane Palfrey <> wrote:
Bil… yes, I saw it. This further supports my belief that escort and adult services – which cater to powerful and influential clients – are being used as the new "hunting grounds" in American politics. –Jeane PS if interested, I will be on Geraldo and Coast to Coast Radio (10:30pm PDT) tonight. Newsweek also has done a piece on me, that is coming out in Monday's edition. It should be available online, by late tonight/tomorrow.

Yet, it appears that the GOP practically brought their own scandal to the attention of the American public. This kind of calculated stupidity is completely in character for them. I walked away from this train wreck a few days after this email. This all began with a leak by federal prosecutors to Bill Bastone and the Smoking Gun, they wanted it out there.
Why do this? Damage control knowing that you can redefine a problem. 2006 had a lot to do with corruption, how much the public will take of it, and damage control rather than the willingness to change or to take responsibility like adults. There are no adults, don’t kid yourself. You look at events differently once you’ve been on the inside of them. Whether others like it or not, Jeane allowed me to take in a lot for a purpose. She invited me to sneak a peek behind the curtain, and indeed, some impotent clowns resembling the Wizard of Oz were incompetently pulling levers that affect people’s lives, tripping, falling over each other, and they were just as blunderingly human and frail as I expected them to be. What the case was about is right in front of your eyes, every day, therefore invisible. It wasn’t a mistake that defense and intelligence technology contractor SAIC and the CPU giant Qualcomm were in Jeane’s phone records, or that they were visiting my website any more than it was that so many arrows pointed to San Diego and numerous military personnel, many of them officers. It wasn’t coincidence that put Lockheed Martin in her phone bills for her escort service, that a World Bank executive was in them, that a major league GOP operative like Jack Burkman was too, and there were many others, others I haven’t even included in my account of what I believe happened and what the case meant. Judge Kessler saw no coincidences when she granted Jeane subpoena power over the intelligence community.

This was a tale of partisan politics and statism, but also where the lines blur in those constructs, because interests overlap, making for the strangest bedfellows of all. Why the 2006 midterms? I believe this election is the key to understanding why an interim-appointed U.S. Attorney named Jeffrey A. Taylor decided to move on Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the press-dubbed “DC Madam,” only one month after she’d shuttered her escort service. I’m assuming here that someone tipped her off. Why waste millions on a small escort service like that? This was first of all about damage control for the part of the public that can be reached when presented with stupid things like facts and corroborated evidence, empiricism, stuff that's not entertainment. Without wanting to, I have no faith in the rank-and-file of either major party, and I think Palfrey’s own apathy about politics and her ignorance of it was instrumental in her undoing, word to the wise. Being the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind doesn’t elevate you to the throne.
She knew some significant things about her predicament and her place, but clearly, not enough. What still surprises me is that before I brought the timing of the search of the Vallejo residence to her attention, she, her counsel, and others assisting her, hadn’t considered it—not even journalists she was encountering were expressing their observations of this. For an openly partisan Republican prosecutor to move on a suspect who, perhaps unknowingly, holds information damaging to his party and other related interests, is an unmistakable political act. Breaking the law to achieve damage control and to protect the defense and intelligence contracting game was implicit to their theater and the media was only too happy to play along.

Not even a nearly unprecedented economic crisis was going to overcome the racist backlash over the 2008 election of Barack Obama and it temporarily breathed new life into an ashen GOP, perhaps for the final time, since it was coming from a demographic of angry, aging white Americans whose political significance has been rapidly eroding over the last few decades. In their bigotry, they fear this massive influx of Hispanic refugees, most of them desperate Mexicans fleeing social chaos, generations of poverty, the militarization of the drug war, corrupt federales, goons, police, the cartels, and enslavement in the maquiladora factories that line the Free Trade Zone along the border, and now, private security, the CIA and drones. Such a happy family relationship between nations brought the dictator Porfirio Diaz to remark, “Poor Mexico, so far from God, and so close to the United States.” Yet, thanks to this ruthless repression and exploitation, there were some unexpected results: a new dynamic where Latin Americans are now heading towards being the future of politics, and possibly the labor movement, in the United States. And with this realization among the nativist rabble element came the inevitable Know-nothing reaction of hounding immigrants, which, like lynching, is a time-honored American tradition. Does the public ever truly learn? Which one would that be in a divided nation when these racists are becoming the minority? They're also the staggering idiots who tolerate an emergent police state and runaway defense spending while at the same time painting themselves inaccurately as rebels. That's called a fool. This is why it wasn't surprising to me that these same people--if you want to call them that--run to conspiracy theories that never truly touch on those power centers. Chasing ghosts and being ineffectual is the safest thing in the world. 2006 wasn't especially different from now.

At this, the halfway mark of the second and unfortunate term of George W. Bush, when the future Tea Party members were cheering the illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and police state tactics in the war on terror, Republican Party officeholders were paying the price for more skeletons in their closet than the Marquis de Sade or Al Capone. The litany of corrupt acts, antisocial behaviors, and general high weirdness, was widespread enough in their elected ranks to warrant decades of inquiries, yet, no, according to President Obama, we must “continue to look forward,” sounding as much like Scarface as the Republicans. Of great note, one of the cappers that went over the line was Florida congressman Mark Foley, who was accused of pedophilia. This is all about breaking the law and surviving through until the next ever-tightening election cycle. Controlling the DOJ never hurts. Besides, you can always fire your Attorney General and appoint another one the public can grow to hate as an arch-criminal the more they get to know about them. Almost a year earlier the profoundly illegal warrantless wiretapping program that bypassed the judicial oversight of the FISA court (housed at the DOJ, and I suspect they knew), initiated by the White House, was no longer being sat on by the traditionally submissive New York Times. (They had done this for a full year, so that the 2004 elections could pass by safely for the GOP, at least regarding that particular skeleton.)

You know that there’s a political crisis going on when the culture of politics has shifted so far to the right, that all the partisan hacks can talk about is a non-existent center. Most of what you’re going to be hearing from the official channels when a system ossifies is unbridled crap and lies, more obfuscations, apologies to power, ignoring the growing herd of elephants (the only one), until this game no longer works. Rather than looking at all of what we’re learning about rampant corruption as an excuse to cop-out (pun very much intended) and run to the temporary safety of jaded apathy, we should be glad that we know about these crimes at all, because knowledge really is power. But then the problem is that you’re forced to decide to do something about it. I made that decision getting involved in this case, hoping that I could bear witness to history and to accumulate whatever materials I could for the record. I was successful in that endeavor. Too often, the residue of events is lost to the ages. Collecting these materials was done so that the information could be out there and the public has the option to discover, more generally, how the private sector and government collude, and I've put it out there, with more to come.
An incredible effort was mounted to neutralize the destructive potential of what the charges against the late Ms. Palfrey were really about. To re-frame a story, and by doing so, redefining it, is a common practice in, ours, the most propagandized modern society outside of the former Soviet Union and China under Mao. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant." This is why corrupt government contractors need to operate in the dark, and that’s what the DC Madam case, a branch of Hookergate, was about: to hide their criminal behavior and bury the evidence of their much greater crimes. When you keep raising this glaring discrepancy between how Palfrey was treated under the law on the one hand and how her privileged clients were on the other, and it’s never addressed in any substantial sense by government prosecutors, career spokesmen like P.J. Crowley, those clients like Senator Vitter, law enforcement, the hierarchy at the DOJ, you begin to realize the fix is in. Mind you, this was being said by many of us during the proceedings very loudly, and to no avail, because the mainstream press did its best to let it die by its own hand, and I mean that literally, because they also knew that Jeane was suicidally inclined. Brecht couldn't have dreamed this nightmare up. That's not murder, it's willful negligence

There had been a very serious scandal in 2006—one of many—that eventually fizzled-out named “Hookergate,” the standard cigar and hooker parties that are held in and around the Beltway for hungry contractors, to obtain coveted, high dollar jobs and assuage the seething addictions of sociopath Republican horndogs (as opposed to Democratic ones) with a taste for the high life on your dime. Yes, this is all about the war on terror and the moronic, runaway militarization of America, the biggest buyer of unnecessary, clunky military hardware in the entire world, six hundred times the spending in this area than of all the other nations of the world combined. That’s pretty stupid—nay—exceptional. We not only have the right to blow our balls off in this manner, but we still somehow have the right to speak about it thanks to a historical accident that began during the Colonial period, freedom of speech and the press. Things working out will never be good enough for the species. In our meanness and selfish tendencies that have been fostered into the emotional equivalents of plutonium, another poison we’ve refined, so as to illustrate our collective wretchedness, we have contaminated the world with our greed. From the moral rot of John Jacob Astor, to the senseless greed of the speculator Jay Gould, America’s first millionaires, on down to the Robber Barons like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan, men who childish fools have emulated ever since, we compromised with the bad guys and lost our way long ago as a nation, and we’re finally running out of road for the last time. This is our last chance. All of this is what the DC Madam case was about, the culmination of generations of baseness and barbarity. Either this is the beginning, the end, or both, but we’ve undoubtedly come full circle, which is rarely a good sign for the little people out there, the rest of us out here in television land.

This has happened before. Our out of control defense spending is doing to American democracy what it did to that system in Athens, first, by bankrupting their Treasury, then the inevitable collapse into anarchy and dictatorship, wrought by irrational military adventurism. Ask the Greeks how long it’s taken to come back from that one. And, so today, we have a similar situation in place thanks to the same kinds of criminals bent on power at any cost: a crisis on several fundamental levels—political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental. Not so long after Jeane died I conveyed to her former counselor Montgomery Blair Sibley that she may as well have stayed alive since, what with the encroaching economic catastrophe, she could have walked out of prison once there was no money to house her anymore (it elicited no response). What was the DC Madam case about? The fall of America by militarized self-immolation and general greed, nihilism.