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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Background: Setting the Record Straight (Part Two)

As I stated in Part One, the vicious attack on my son following a metal show in Sanford did not happen in a vacuum. Some background is necessary to understand why I refer to these metalheads with the local scene as a gang. I also clarified that this is about the Central Florida (Brevard, Seminole and Orlando metro area) metal scene, the local bands and their fans. Of course not all fans and bands are involved with this gang, but certainly an overwhelming number of participants are.

Alex grew-up in Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, and spent a lot of time in theme parks throughout his young life, so he knows lots of people and met many music business contacts over the years. Since a young age he has attended metal shows, but not the local stuff - House of Blues, Firestone (new name now), Hard Rock, and the UCF and downtown arena shows for the most part. Alex's life has always been about entertainment and promotion and he's always promoting one image or another.

I used to go with him to these shows and recall a Powerman 5000 show at the House of Blues back in late 2002 or the first week of 2003, where I sat at the bar talking to the bass player for Pantera for most of the night while Alex was closer to the stage. When Alex saw who I was talking to, suddenly sitting with mom wasn't such a horrifying thought. Anyway, the dude was telling me how he was the parent that always went to the shows too. So don't think I'm unfamiliar with metal shows and national acts, because I definitely am.

This gang / clique / crew I have referred to was born in a now closed place called 321 Local in Cocoa Village. This dump was owned by one Kevin Owens, who also tried desperately to sell it, even though he didn't own the property, before closing in a financial failure in 2014. The first and only time I ever went there with Alex, I knew Owens was full of crap. I walked outside and asked Alex to take me home. All the way home, I explained to Alex that this dude was a POS, was using him and had zero respect for him. In short time Alex got my point.

What Owens did to Alex at this 321 Local dump not long after that afternoon visit was unreal. Really I do not know if Marfitt and Owens cooked it up together or Owens fooled Marfitt, who was one of many minions he used at the time. Long before the dump closed, Alex booked some shows there. He's the one that brought national acts to Cocoa - Owens and Marfitt simply stole all of his contacts by lying, discrediting him, and inciting hatred towards him.

In the end there was a sequence of several shows and the last ended the relationship between Alex and Owens, Marfitt and the rest of the gang, though he was never actually a part of this clique. This was in early to mid-2012. First in the sequence was a great show - lots of money made at the bar and for Alex. However, at the end of the night Owens demanded 50% of all the door and ticket sales, claiming the new arrangement was a 50/50 split. Even though there was no such agreement in place, Alex handed it to him. The second in the sequence was a loser show, but Owens didn't fork over a single $, claiming that he didn't want the band to play there to begin with. So much for 50/50 and Alex paid out of his pocket.

The third in this sequence of shows was another loser. Alex was in the hole for $800, but he gathered it all together and returned to pay with his girlfriend at the time (i.e. a witness). Also note that Owens and Marfitt managed to get this now former girlfriend fired from a longtime job at Office Depot. And now we arrive at the last, and final, show. It was someone with Slipknot, perhaps a DJ, and a contact Alex knew at Firestone passed the show on to him. Like I said, Alex always had the contacts.

Ticket sales were slow on this last show and Alex counted on door money to make his $1200 guarantee to the performer. The problem was that Owens was letting people in through some side door for free. Alex confronted Owens and reminded him that he had a $1200 guarantee to pay, so to please not allow anyone in free. Owens responded that it was his club and he would let anyone he wanted to let in free. All told, Owens let 35-40 people in the show free via this side door. Unsurprisingly, at the end of the night Alex was short - (50% short) $600 short. He gave Owens everything he had from pre-sales and door sales, told him that he was going to the cash machine to get the rest, and exited with a friend (i.e. another witness).

My son had called me during this fiasco, told me what Owens was doing, and asked me what he should do. I advised him to tell the idiot that he would need to collect that $600 from the many people he let in the side door free or pay it himself and walk the hell out the door. Well, as non-confrontational as my son is, instead he did as stated - told Owens he was going to the cash machine and literally ran to the car, which his friend was sitting at the door with by that point. It was not worth confronting Owens on the previous deal of 50/50.

I don't care what Owens and Marfitt claim - the guarantee was $600 short, not the entire amount, which is the lie that was spread far and wide ever since. But it was short Owens' 50%. The money issues are related to all the drinking - Marfitt was paid in a longterm bar tab for one issue - and the drugs that came out when they locked the doors to the dump were another. Alex doesn't drink or do any drugs and I do not pay for anyone's drinking and drug habits, and I never will, so that is what started this deep hatred for my son with the 321 Local gang.

A noteworthy point here is that it was Owens that changed the arrangement to 50/50 on shows with Alex. Owens got Alex's 50% before he left the dump the last night he ever entered it. It was Owens that started all of this crap to avoid paying the $600 he owed.

To this day, neither my son or myself have any clue what these people told the guy with Slipknot or the Firestone contact or any other contacts they stole, but the bottom line is that no one around here was going to be their dupe or support their bad habits.

Ever since that night, Marfitt has harassed, stalked, threatened and even attacked my son - long before the serious attack on January 14, 2016, but the main point here is how he incited hatred for Alex using lies and still does so today. I was in-process of doing something about it back in 2013, but didn't at my son's request. He really just thought they were idiots and not capable of following through on the violent threats.

One of the 321 Local gang was a registered sex offender - for molesting a child under 11 - by the name of Richard Scott Harp. He went by Scott and his wife's name is Jennifer. They were so loved at that dump by so many people that my only hope is that no one let them babysit. The one thing that I did do before Alex asked me to leave it all alone was alert some poor guy to the fact that Harp was a sex offender. Jennifer was raking this man over the coals for child support and he was denied access to his own daughter. I believe that DCF fixed the situation for him.

So that's the story that Owens and Marfitt have twisted to incite so much hatred for my son.

The lies have spread exponentially at this point. I do not believe in leaving lies and misinformation about myself, my family or my friends sitting on the table. My son did not book the show on January 14th, because if he had, Breathing Theory and David Marfitt would never have been on it.

As much as my son did for so many local bands and people in the metal scene around here for many years, not even one (1) local scene band member or fan expressed any concern or contacted me or him to ask how he was after he was released from the hospital. Several with national acts did reach out to Alex though. The local metal scene is filled with ungrateful degenerates. As stated in Part One, I have hundreds of screenshots. What was really shocking after reading the many horrific statements was to go to their profile and see a mommy or a daddy trying to sound like God's gift to parenthood. Definitely made me want to vomit.

It is also worthy to note that the great majority of these degenerates openly despise the ICP followers known as Juggalos. This is a scene that my son was a part of for years. Some of the nicest people I have ever encountered were ICP followers. Many reached out to Alex after he updated his Facebook profile when released from the hospital and they're all still wonderful people. These people, like Alex, would give someone the shirt off their back, literally. Huge difference in the two music scenes! The FBI definitely should have pursued the 321 Local gang instead of ICP.

 EDIT on March 27, 2016 @3:50PM to add:

Apparently this is less about the local metal scene and more about the old 321 Local gang and Marfit, Owens etc... than I originally believed it to be. There are now two (2) people from the local scene that have reached out to say they're really sorry this happened to Alex and he did not deserve it in any way. Both expressed their thoughts on Marfitt as well, and to summarize, he's just not as loved as he thinks he is. Great news to me because I was beginning to believe all of the local metal crowd is just incredibly gullible. Owens' and Marfitt's stories are exactly that - stories - incredible stories that incited hatred for my son over a period of years.

Till we meet again with Part Three...   

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