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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Never Ending: Harassment and Lies (Part Three)

I had something else planned for Part Three in this series of posts, but defendant Marfitt is continuing his rants on Facebook and here we are. Not only does he have zero remorse, he is still inciting hatred against the victim and denying what he has done to my son in Facebook rants.

I wouldn't expect a confession as he is facing the court case, and in Florida, a felony battery charge means up to 5 years in prison, but I do expect him to shut the hell up or keep it private between him and his gang / clique / group. This is his rant for today, posted as a comment under a post he shared about a man wrongfully convicted... 

I corrected his misinformation on the charge and potential sentence he faces for the violent attack on my son in the previous paragraph. However, I have already stated the $ amount of the hospital bill in Part One. It is not a debate and he needs to visit his public defender and get a newsflash. The State of Florida filed the charge - my son did not and I did not - and the state has a copy of every bill to date. The state also has the hospital records. What sort of idiot would tell such obvious lies? (not a question)

That's the end of discussion on the criminal case against David Marfitt. If he wants the discovery, he will need to retrieve it. He won't be getting it for free here.

As this guy is incredibly stupid and attempting to call himself a victim everywhere, I decided that it is time for a few screenshots. I have hundreds and have selected a few simply to put that victim crap to rest.

This act of misdemeanor battery was never charged as I knew nothing about it and my son elected to not have club security call the police. There were numerous witnesses though - the 2 people my son went to the club with, one dude my son knows that witnessed it, and the security in the club who also witnessed it. This screenshot shoots his 'I'm a victim' defense to oblivion and beyond...

And then there's the scary stalking. I only found out about this episide recently, after the attack on January 14th, mainly because my son knows me better than anyone - you are welcome to decide what I mean by that. At any rate, my toleration level for what this POS has put my son through has definitely been breached and he clearly has not bothered with even minor due diligence... 

Yes, the defendant, his current girlfriend and who knows who else - at least one more person though - actually went to my son's apartment in Orlando, where he was living at the time, and banged on the door for close to 30 minutes. I will guess that Marfitt intended to attack him that day. They (Marfitt and current girlfriend Olivia) trespassed on private property to get to the door and then he stood at the door yelling with a video camera for around 30 minutes.

The apartment complex is gated, and sure, he probably followed another car to get in, but there's a clear sign that states NO TRESPASSING, residents and registered guests ONLY, Trespassers will be prosecuted... What they did is referred to as trespassing, stalking and harassment.

So when Marfitt claims to have no criminal record, he means he never got caught or prosecuted for the many things he's done to Alex, and others no doubt, along the way. I have no criminal record and unlike Marfitt, I have a valid driver's license and don't go to jail for failure to pay fines and failure to appear. But let's face it - is that something to brag about? No.

None of this matters as far as a conviction in the current case is concerned, but it's certainly relevant to sentencing. 

Till we meet again...

EDIT on April 26, 2016 @4PM to add:

I have had numerous business and personal obligations to contend with this last few weeks, but do look forward to Part Four in this series soon!

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