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Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Violent Nation: Violence in the Metal Scene in Central Florida (Part One)

Our lives have been turbulent since the arrest and case that made me the Accused Madam. Sometimes it seems like it is just one issue or problem after another, but never as horrible as what has happened so far in 2016. This will be a series of posts starting with this introduction (Part One) and concluding with Part Ten, so lengthy indeed. The main point is to to expose a serious problem that many are unaware exists and to set the record straight.

Anyone familiar with my past case and trial or with this blog and the Paul Bergrin blog knows that I love to set the record straight and quash the lies and misinformation. I do not believe in leaving lies intended to harm myself, my family or my friends sitting on the table to be shared and spread repeatedly by many until they grow out of control like a wild fire and start to actually sound believable to the long list of participants.

On January 14, 2016, my son (Alex) was the victim of a violent attack at a club in Sanford, Florida - Seminole County - (West End Trading Company). The violent aggressor was one David Marfitt who was a bass player with the metal band Breathing Theory at the time. An ambulance arrived within minutes (5 minutes I believe) and Alex was taken to a hospital in Sanford. Shortly after arriving at the ER, he was transferred to the ICU, where he remained for the next 5 days before a transfer to the PCU (Progressive Care Unit).

I spoke to the neurologist on day 2 and he said a lot - I took notes as I was unfamiliar with most medical terms he used. I won't be going into my son's medical condition while in the ICU or after he was released from the hospital. The only reason for this is that the perp - David Marfitt - was later arrested on a felony battery charge, was picked-up by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office for the Seminole County warrant on February 4, 2016, and the case is set for arraignment on March 29, 2016.

I think that Marfitt should need to pay an attorney to get the medical information through the proper channels, so not giving it to him here for free. The only thing I will say on the medical condition is that the hospital bill alone is $86K, and yes, there's more and will be for some time to come.

I must thank the officers in the Warrant Division in Brevard County, Florida for picking Marfitt up so quickly after the warrant was issued by Seminole County State Attorney's Office. (SAO) The only reason there was any delay in issuing the warrant is that SAO investigators waited to make sure it didn't turn into a Homicide investigation. Alex's condition was that serious.

I raised my son to be peaceful, and truth be told, he has never been in a physical fight, so the attack on that night caught him off-guard. Alex had just started training at a wrestling academy in Orlando the previous week and he had high hopes for a future in the world of entertainment wrestling, but with only one training session under his belt, it didn't help that night.

The attack did not happen in a vacuum. Alex's past with David Marfitt began in early 2012. Marfitt has harassed and stalked him since on occasion, which is easily proven. My son really didn't take the guy seriously, especially because the original problem was based on a lie. At one point, back in 2013, I was in the process of doing something about Marfitt; however, my son convinced me that the guy was just an idiot and not capable of anything that mattered. Alex pleaded with me to lay off, just leave it alone, and I did. My serious error in judgment.

Since this happened to my son, I have been called all sorts of crap by some of the local metal scene gang - a rat for one thing - but I am the victim's mother. No one in their right mind would refer to me as a "rat" - completely absurd and just says that they have no clue what a rat is. I do intend to expose the violence in the metal scene in Central Florida. Some participants live in other areas of the US, so I do feel that this is far from simply a local problem and I know that it is an ongoing problem, which is a main point to these posts.

I have collected hundreds of screenshots of threatening, vile or just plain obnoxious statements made by some members of this gang. Hopefully by the time I'm done with the series of posts here, you will understand why I am referring to these violent metal things as a gang. The statements I have read don't come from humans, so I won't be referring to the participants as people.

I will also say that everything I am referring to herein includes local band members and their fans - local being Central Florida, including Brevard County, Seminole County, and the Orlando metro area. None of these obnoxious participants are in any way related to national acts and hopefully never will be.

So, the plan is to post in this series of posts once or twice a week. I have not paid any attention to this blog in some time and I do have other obligations in life, but will definitely be clearing-up the misinformation that some, certainly including defendant Marfitt, have decided to spread all over the place. And if you have teenagers involved in or attracted to the Central Florida metal scene, by the time I am finished, you will be dragging them away from it.

Some posts will be about violence in the US unrelated to the current problem. Violence is not acceptable in society today, and if this was the era of the wild, wild west, I wouldn't bother with blog posts and would simply take care of the problem. However, this isn't the wild, wild west and there are laws that forbid this sort of action and a society (in general) that considers violence unacceptable.

Till we meet again...

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