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Saturday, August 17, 2013

John Craft Investigated for Racist Remarks

If you took advantage and read my Memoirs book when it was free, you know that John Craft is the jerk that prosecuted me for the Office of the Statewide Prosecutor in Florida in January of 2003. Craft prosecuted many MBI cases and worked closely with the agents, eventually charging me with no real probable cause.

In the course of the prosecution, John Craft attempted to use my posts on a forum against me, sending each printed post to the defense in discovery. Take note that the statements in those posts were all about police misconduct in my case and others. These people get really mad when a defendant in a malicious prosecution makes attempts to expose their criminal abuse.

It turns out that he's also a racist, according to the many articles I've read and the screenshots I've viewed. John Craft was a Florida cop before he went to law school. He worked as prosecutor in Sanford (Seminole County in where Trayvon Martin was murdered) before he was employed by Florida's Office of the Statewide Prosecutor. Read the articles here:

Prosecutor's Facebook posts about Obama under review

Federal Prosecutor under investigation for 'racist' comments about Trayvon Martin on Facebook

Federal prosecutor under investigation for racist Facebook posts

As noted in the book, he went on to become an AUSA (Assistant United States Attorney) in the Eastern District of Texas when Florida refused to take him back when he "retired" immediately following my trial. Actually it was former Florida Attorney General (Charlie Crist) that informed him in a two-page letter that he'd never work for the State of Florida again. It had to do with my case.

Even after all these years, it's great to see this jerkoff suffer under scrutiny - he did so much to me and my entire case involved so much misconduct. Maybe the Obama DOJ will fire him. I can only hope. He apparently forgot who he works for. One thing is for sure - if the Eastern District of Texas doesn't fire him, they sure won't be able to assign him to any case involving a Black defendant!

Good riddance to this trash! We need not wonder why the Orlando Sentinel was one of few mainstream newspapers that didn't carry this story.


Carroll Bryant said...

This is scary for citizens. We can't have people like this holding high office. I hope this trash gets canned. Shame on the Orlando Sentinel for not covering it. Then again, for most newspapers, it's politics as usual.

Vicky Gallas said...


It's good to hear from you! I do hope that all is well for you.

One point of my post is that John Craft was a cop in Florida before he spent a couple of years in law school. He then became a prosecutor for the Office of the Statewide Prosecutor, which is supposed to be an elite position, at least as compared to a regular district attorney that prosecutes for the state attorney's office. He had all the money and power to abuse as the federal prosecutors do and now he is one. His career never suffered for all he did in my case and all of the false testimony that he knowingly presented. In short - this dude believes he is better than the rest of us and he has no issue with abusing public trust and he keeps getting promoted for it.

Throughout my two-week trial, he repeatedly referred to me as an "organized crime kingpin". He blew-up pages from my extremely conservative website to poster size and ridiculed any detail, such as a dress an escort was wearing in an image, acting as if he was better than anyone. In truth, he's one of those religious zealots that considers the rest of us to be sinners. He looked like an ass to the jury - I was not alone in that thought.

He's from Sanford where Trayvon Martin was murdered, yet he obviously supported the defendant - George Zimmerman. So murder is acceptable to him, but some women trying to earn a decent living, such as myself and any escorts I actually worked with, are the trash in his world. He is definitely a misogynist. Now it comes out that he's definitely a racialist and possibly a racist? This is the sorry excuse we have as prosecutors in this country?

Trash like this dude make it far in the US with its failed system of criminal justice. And then we must wonder what he did to black men when he was a cop... he clearly has a problem.