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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Eastern Europe to Los Angeles: Interesting Case

A recent federal indictment from Los Angeles alleges that Mher (Mike) Hakopyan, his wife Natalya Muravyeva, and his ex-wife Alla Kassianova operated incall prostitution services in the Los Angeles area and recruited women in Eastern Europe. According to the complaint, the investigation began in June 2011, when two women from Latvia were detained at LAX en route to work with this operation.

Though the feds refer to it as a prostitution operation, I'm not so sure at this point. It looks like there were a list of incall locations and the services were offered on various adult business advertising sites. Why am I not so sure? Well, I have bad memories from the so-called “Orlando sex trafficking ring” case that turned out to be a conspiracy case that really was not a conspiracy at all.

See the “Sex Trafficking Trial – Orlando” label in the blog sidebar. I initially wrote about the case after reading numerous articles in the Orlando Sentinel that called it a “sex trafficking case”. However, when I was later able to access my PACER account, I saw that there was no such allegation or charge. Crazy, right? Perhaps that is why you need me, because without me it would still be known as what the Sentinel called it. Really only my last post on the case remains as all documents and posts were removed at the request of family members; a request that I don't usually grant, but did because I felt the defendants needed to live to forget the fiasco.

Hakopyan et al. is different in that the entire case is based on the transporting of women from Eastern Europe to work as prostitutes. Only the business operators are charged in the case, unlike the Orlando fiasco wherein 12 defendants were indicted on a list of conspiracy counts.

The complaint is lengthy, but what I read of the ad descriptions states sensual massage and not prostitution. What transpired may be a different story. Hakopyan and Muravyeva are currently in federal custody and have no bonds set. Alla Kassianova apparently missed the big bust and is somewhere outside of the US. The complaint discusses a list of locations that were raided and other interesting facts and allegations. Supposedly this was a major operation.

Don't mind me – I had to stop believing anything any agent of state or federal government states until I see proof.

The documents retrieved so far:

Notice concerning Documents:

I have many documents from a list of cases, some I have never even posted about. I decided to remove most from the Updates (Documents) page of my website and had the intention of sharing any or all via Google +. The idea was that if you wanted documents for a specific case, you only had to add me to a circle and state your interest and I would create a circle for each case. However, Google + has not yet been integrated with Google Drive to allow for this easy sharing. 

You are welcome to contact me via email if you want the PDF documents that I have from the following cases:

Orlando Conspiracy Case – USA v Caraiman et al.
Classy DC Escorts Case
Miami Companions Case
DC Madam Case – USA v. Deborah Jeane Palfrey

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