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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anna Gristina's Extended Stay in Rikers

On June 12, 2012, an appeals panel in NY reduced Anna Gristina's bond from the original $2million bond or $1million cash set by prosecutors and their judge to $250K bond or $125K cash. Today is June 26th – two full weeks after the bond was reduced – and Anna is still sitting in her extended stay horror in Rikers Island.

The woman has now been waiting over 4 months for someone to bail her out of jail on a D felony charge of “promoting prostitution”. Does Anna Gristina have any family? Yes, I know that her husband is busy making the talk show rounds and emailing her former clients looking for money, but he does earn a living in real estate, right?

Surely a person that has made a great living in real estate for years (according to him on Anderson Cooper) has some property somewhere? He sure dresses for success as does everyone else in the family that I have watched on tv. And who in the hell rents a $9million farm in upstate New York for years with no income? How exactly does a person do that?

And what of Anna Gristina's actual family, other than the busy husband? She has adult children and there must be some relatives and the in-laws that are cops. Not a single person can manage a secured bond of $250K? No one in Anna Gristina's immediate or extended family owns any property to secure such a bond? Are these people all on food stamps and the entire case is a sham? Clearly I do not care for the prosecutors or their judge, Juan Merchan, but I seriously doubt they created this case out of thin air.

Well, I literally have nothing or I would secure the damn bond so that Gristina could get out of jail. I didn't realize how bad off I was until I recently tried to gather some money and get a vehicle. Anna Gristina has a wonderful, kind gentleman that is also an attorney offering to post bond for her. Peter Gleason has tried too many times to be her knight in shining armor. So what if he wanted to share the media spotlight? Beats the hell out of Kevin Gorr taking it on talk show after talk show while she wastes away in Rikers.

In my opinion, Anna needs to wake-up and smell the coffee when she is finally released from jail. The former clients feel that they've already spent plenty, no doubt, and who could blame them. Her husband's alleged real estate career is about as worthless as my book writing career and if she has any other family, she should consider ditching all of them permanently.

True gentlemen are few and far between these days. There is only one in this story and his name is Peter Gleason.

And that's my viewpoint...

EDIT @5:45pm EST: According to an article published today at 5:17pm, someone finally stepped-up to the plate this afternoon. The article:

Bail Package Approved for Alleged Upper East Side Madam Anna Gristina

Happy to hear that someone decided to come through for this woman this afternoon. My viewpoint on the rest of it remains the same.


Anonymous said...

In the face of adversity one will find the true worth of one's friends and relatives.

Vicky Gallas said...

Too true. Meanwhile, I'm sure each will try to place the blame anywhere except where it belongs.

What a well-dressed group that drives nice cars and lives on such expensive land, yet has no visible means of support.

Anonymous said...

Your book writing career has not been in vain. I have all of the Blueprint books and the memoir. I appreciate your honesty and the information you provide in your books.

Vicky Gallas said...

Thank you. I truly appreciate that.

On another note, there's so much conflicting information in the Gristina case that I doubt I will be able to post much that matters on it in the future. It was great to hear that she made it out of Rikers last night, though it took far too long. The woman that did decide to secure the bond is truly a friend to Anna.