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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Misuse of Informants at Epidemic Level in the US

I have written many posts that discuss the use and misuse of informants in the US criminal justice system on this blog; however, I am viewing the system of abuse at epidemic proportions today. Informants working for state and federal agents are setting-up people that never had any intention of committing any sort of crime and they are doing so at the direction of agents.

It is the agents that are targeting specific people and not necessarily the informants as in past. When I recall past uses of informants, I think of the old MBI system in Orlando wherein an informant can evade prosecution, or at least prison, for crimes committed by setting-up at least 3 people. Back then it didn't really matter who those 3 people were and it was simply an outrageous "three for one" exchange. That was bad enough. Read The Morality Police, written by William Dean Hinton for the Orlando Weekly for more on that ugly system. (scroll down to around a third of the article for that discussion)

Today law enforcement agents send informants after a target as if they are angry pit bulls that haven't eaten in days. These informants are often paid money and a pending criminal case is resolved with a minor charge and probation OR they could be snitches for hire that have no criminal charges to work off. You think I am joking? Take a look at this website:

Reduce My Sentence

On the website it states, "We specialize in third party "Rule 35" assistance." They add, " Lifeline Federal and State Sentence Reduction, LLC is willing to work with you from the beginning until the end to help you succeed." The header for the website states, "How much is your loved one's life worth?"

I have also discussed Rule 35 sentence reductions on this blog. You need only search in the box on the right sidebar to locate the posts. For more info, read what that outfit states about it: What is Rule 35?

Guess what? That outfit is hardly alone. Snitches for hire sites are popping-up like champagne corks on New Year's Eve.

One disgusting outfit (that later turned into a law office website) claims to be a "Prison Sentence Reduction Firm" and states, "We specialize in Rule 35 and 5K1 sentence reductions. We work in all 50 states." For your information, a 5K1 is almost the same as a Rule 35, except that a 5K1 is filed by prosecutors at the time of original sentence, not later. Oh - I did dial the number to ask what sort of use they make of that escort website, but it is on automated voicemail. Go figure - the snitches for hire don't answer the phone.

Do I have your attention???

Well, to all of the real people out there, I do apologize, but recent events in my life require that I stop speaking to strangers and even old friends that I have not seen in ages. I'm about as hard as it gets when it comes to set-ups and there are few ways to lure me into any sort of trap. I know the dirty, nasty game for what it is. I only wish that the rest of the population would develop a decent understanding of the real informant system in the US and how it really operates.

Alright, I will be honest: I wish that potential jurors in criminal cases would get it. The Paul Bergrin debacle comes to mind with this statement. There are so many informants involved in the various cases that Bergrin faces that it is like Return of the Living Dead with all the zombies recast as informants.

You may be wondering what could possibly lure me into some sort of trap, so I will tell you. The fact that I can tell you reveals that it didn't work. If you read this blog and you are one of the few that read my Memoirs book, you'll know how important exposing the truth was and is to me. After all, the files were stolen - and yes, I mean files as in plural.

The original file (3 huge volumes) was stolen and then the flippin' recreated file with half the documents (all the Clerk's office could find) was also stolen. The original was last tracked to Orange County, Florida Circuit Court Judge Anthony Johnson, a former US Secret Service agent. This was according to the Orange County Clerk's Office that tracked that file for me in a desperate attempt to find it. No one dared to ask Johnson what he did with it after signing it out and it was never returned, according to the Clerk of Courts.

So... just over two weeks ago an old acquaintance, posting with an alias Facebook account, tracked me down on a article that was about the Paul Bergrin case. The article is dated March 28, 2012, just in case you want to investigate this for yourself. In her comment she states:

"vicky please add me as your friend i amunable to do it jacky was using my account and messed it up i have some information that will shock you i tried calling but your number was changed this is lisa it is very important"

In her next comment she offers an email address. Let's back-up for one minute here ---- How in the hell does someone track me down to an article about Paul Bergrin? I asked her a few times, but she never could answer and all I got was a twisted sentence or two that made little sense each time I asked. Anyone that lost my info can find me easily by contacting me through my website or this blog or sending me a Facebook message or emailing via my Google profile.

But how exactly does an old acquaintance from my escort businesses that claims to have never heard of Paul Begrin track me down on a article about Paul Bergrin?

EDIT on 3 May 2012 @1am EST:

Now this is really interesting. I just visited the article linked above and "Kelly Baker's" (Lisa's) comments were completely deleted. I was not aware that Facebook (FB) comments could be deleted, unless FB closed the account because she sure as hell was not "Kelly Baker" or she closed the account. Good thing I do screenshots or someone could claim that I must be seeing things... ;)

Moving forward...

So what was this "information that will shock" me? Well, according to my old acquaintance, that used to be a friend of sorts years ago, she was in contact with a former MBI agent that had documents from my case that I have searched for an entire decade for. She stated that there was proof of illegal wiretaps in my case. Realize that according to agents and prosecutors, there was no electronic surveillance whatsoever - I still have the recordings of these statements from my case hearings because I had filed a motion demanding all electronic surveillance myself.

With the hope of reopening the civil suit or filing a new one, I gave her my telephone number. She pursued me daily and if I answered the phone (I often did not), she tried desperately to keep me talking for as long as possible. What will they do? Analyze my statements? All of my statements included a description of my anger with the lousy fucking Orlando MBI for all that they did to me, and are apparently still trying to do to me for whatever reason. Of course I threw-in some bullshit for good measure as she also did on behalf of the former agent.

Almost two weeks later, with this former agent wanting to meet with me and my old acquaintance in-person, it all came down to several issues. The main issue is that I did not buy the entire story or the pop-up trackdown. My solution was to demand that he (the former agent) send over a detailed list of specifically what documents he had. According to her, he refused and stated that "we need to have a sit-down conversation first".

Of course I did a bit of investigating on my own in-between the many telephone calls I received and discovered something concerning the old acquaintance's family member that was seriously interesting. And, "How much is your loved one's life worth?" popped into my mind.

Why on earth would I consider meeting a former agent in person, especially if he couldn't even send a list of documents over first? What did they intend to do to me? Plant drugs in the vehicle while I was yakking away in the restaurant?  Why would a former MBI agent want to give me a bunch of documents, especially when MBI is all over his resume?

So how did I finally get rid of the old acquaintance and her tag-pal the former agent? I stated that he had the perfect background to help investigate witnesses in the Bergrin case. All those DEA and FBI databases he has access to would surely tell a story of the next informants to testify in the next Bergrin trial, since prosecutors refuse to turn over any discovery. And after all is said and done, I was tracked down to an article about Paul Bergrin.

Daddy did not raise a fool and agents did not refer to me as "super-intelligent" during the case without reason. Now, to the pair of you: If my number rings again from either one of you, I will not hesitate to change the number again. I may also consider a civil suit. Drop fucking dead.


Anonymous said...

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Bu more likely its the first one. Because if you look on the left side menu, you will see that they do place links unrelated to their website. And also, they PR is 4, which is good and definitely made to manipulate their SE rankings.

Just my 2 cents.

Vicky Gallas said...

Thank you - I know little about backlinks or link farms.

Surely the escort site owners have no idea that the CQLX Law site has the link. It looks like a really basic site so I wonder if it is even a business. Anyway, being linked by the snitches for hire site sure won't help business... lol