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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Anna Gristina Case: What is Going on With Manhattan DA?

Anna Gristina still sits in Rikers with a $2million bail. This bail is exorbitant for any crime short of murder and only happens in Manhattan with escort service owners. I have never heard of such an excessive bail in escort business cases anywhere else in the US or the world for that matter. Charles Linehan, the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney (ADA) on the Gristina case, and Justice Charles Solomon are either sadistic pigs or religious to extremes. We cannot excuse Justice Juan Merchan that set the excessive bond to begin with and also continues to deny relief.

My personal bet is on sadistic as none of the above named seem to be the religious type to me.

Or is this polictical?

Is Anna Gristina being victimized for a political agenda? I do not have an answer to the question as I admit to little to zero knowledge of New York State politics. I do know that high bail demands for escort service operators is not necessarily unusual for the Manhattan DA's Office. We must only look to the situation that Kristin Davis found herself in with an excessive bond to know that. It does seem that women are the targets for much higher bails.

Look at the New York High Class Escorts indictment and arrests for a moment. Though several defendants remain in Rikers awaiting trial, the main defendant in the case, Mikhail Yampolsky, has a $150,000 bond set; he just can't post it. His son, Alexander Yampolsky, has a $75,000 bond, but also is unable to post it. This case involves drug charges also and a really long list of Class B and Class D felonies.

Another case with multiple felonies charged recently is that of career criminal Jason Itzler. He had a $500,000 bond originally which was reduced to $200,000 by the judge. He has no bond at all right now, as far as I am aware, as Itzler did plead guilty on April 16, 2012. This guy has a lengthy record though and the list of B, D, and E felonies that he was charged with are all covered by his plea agreement. This career criminal is also an informant and we should wonder what he has to do with the Anna Gristina case, because I guarantee there is a connection.

Without attempting to analyze the Gristina case here, it is clear that the bond is excessive. A bond is supposed to be set based on a defendant's ties to the community and whether the defendant will show for court. I have no doubt that Anna should show for court. For one thing, she is only facing one count of "promoting prostitution" which is a Class D felony in New York.

I do not give a rat's rear-end about the allegations that Anna intended to go to Montreal back in 2008, when she found out that she was under investigation. More likely than not, she simply felt that a vacation was in order to let everything cool. She is not required by law to sit in one little location because someone decides to investigate and a visit to Montreal is certainly not escaping from anywhere. What a BS twist this DA has put on this entire case!

If you are female and own escort businesses or ever have in past, you should be really mad. If you were a client of any escort service, you should be angry as hell. Often people charged with murder have lower bonds. If you are an escort you should be angry, but probably do not give a fuck because it is not your problem and you may be one of the stupid witches that offered testimony in the Anna Gristina case to avoid a lousy misdemeanor charge. If you are an American or live in the US, you should be outraged.

I disagree with anyone needing to donate to the bond fund because the judge should lower it, but here is the link anyway:

Help Anna

I refuse to analyze the Gristina case here. Why? Because it is all immaterial in relation to a bond on a Class D felony. So, if you do comment and it involves a case analysis go to a previous article because it will not be posted here. Feel free to comment on the bond situation.

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I think they should let her go