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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conflicting Information in Anna Gristina Case

I am beginning to wonder if Anna Gristina was ever in business at all. Perhaps she was in some sort of business at one point, but closed years ago. According to NY prosecutors, the alleged madam ran a brothel in Manhattan's Upper East Side, but I saw the images of the place and there's no way in hell it was ever a brothel for the wealthy. According to Anna Gristina, she's flat broke. We know the prosecutors have lied about this so-called brothel; maybe she is broke.

And then there is Jason Itzler, informant extraordinaire, making all sorts of wild and crazy allegations about Gristina in an interview with the New York Daily News... as they both sit in Rikers. I must wonder if Itzler's case disappearing from the system back in mid-December is related to this case and grand jury testimony: Jason Itzler Disappears

Read Itzler's wild claims here: East Side 'Soccer Mom Madam' has huge black book of star clients, says rival pimp

Personally, I consider Jason Itzler a clown and an informant, but not much more. He simply is not credible. But what of prosecutors in this case? How credible are they when we think about that so-called brothel? See the photos of the place here: Photos reveal apartment Anna Gristina allegedly used as brothel

Though I admit to never entering a brothel, or even an incall operation for that matter, the photos totally clash with my vision of what I think it would look like, especially when the vision involves super-wealthy clients. Am I alone on this?

And what of Jaynie Mae Baker? Prosecutors still have not named her as the unnamed co-defendant, but various news articles make this claim. Since this is a NY State case, I have no way to view any documents and no way of knowing if it's just one more wild claim in this case.

I do know what a Florida judge would tell Anna Gristina if she pled poverty here in a similar case. She would have to submit a financial affidavit and any property she owned would have to be listed. Does she rent the pig farm property upstate or does she own it? If she owns it, or even 50% of it, she would be instructed to sell it and pay an attorney. I was instructed to sell my vehicle as well.

No matter what else comes from this case, we can be sure that prosecutors intend to leave Anna Gristina financially insolvent and completely ruined before it is all over. They claim to have hundreds of hours of taped calls from the wiretaps that are incriminating, but I do consider it a real possibility that Gristina made it all up, perhaps knowing there was a wiretap in place; except for one thing: the bodyguard. Why would a woman with a pig farm upstate need a body guard when in the city?

And then Kristin Davis stated that she had shared a booker with Gristina; a woman named Winnie Wong. Kristin has no reason to make this up. We also learned that this alleged business had a name, at least back in 2005, if not later: Fleur d'Elite. This sounds more like an outcall escort operation. So why would prosecutors claim it to be a brothel in an Upper East Side building?

Tune in for more conjecture on this mixed-up case in the future.


Duchess of Hackney said...

When I saw pics of the inside of the alleged 'brothel' I laughed. The media have blown this so way out, that they want people to think this was a multi million $ operation.....thanks to the police.

This was just your run of the mill in call apt, for clients who didn't want to check into a hotel or have anyone seeing a hot chic arriving at his hotel.

And you know what? I'm thinking Jaynie might be the real owner. That is if you believe as media reports, she owns $2m waterfront property.

Why is Jaynie still on the lam?

Vicky Gallas said...

Same here Duchess... it's a cute apartment and at $600 a month (rent controlled) a major bargain, but a brothel? lol

Perhaps they co-own the biz, whatever sort of business it is?

What about the bodyguard though? She must have some interest in the business to feel a bodyguard was necessary. Also, Kristin Davis stated to news that her and Anna used to share a booker....

Really it is only news that states Jaynie is the unnamed co-defendant. Prosecutors are way too quiet for the type of case that it is. They may have their eyes on other potential defendants (i.e. cops, politicians etc...) as it was a corruption unit investigation.

In my opinion, someone will be spilling the true story soon.

Anonymous said...


I only recently came across your blog. I am an independent woman in the business and was traveling to NYC when I heard of this story. I would be incline to agree with you. I'm not sure that Anna was the mastermind behind it....if she was, I believe she would have posted bail. She has children that I know is important that she get home to. I wonder if she ran a business long ago and had the apartment to which she rented to traveling girls and/or whatever Jaynie had going on. I know that I receive several emails then I am coming into town about "short term rentals" Ladies will rent the place by the day, week etc. I am interested to see how this case plays out in the media. Keep up the good work on this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

The bodyguard was for some domestic problems she was having with the first husband. He was working for a legitimate agency that Anna hired. He was only around her three or four days at the most, yet if you read the newspapers it states he bodyguarded her for years. Impossible because he was employed as an investigator for a major bank in New Jersey and have not seen Anna in years.

Vicky Gallas said...

I believe that. I figure that Anna was probably in business for years, but it was an outcall escort service. I also figure that she closed it a while back. Who knows about the use of that apartment, but it sure wasn't as newspapers and prosecutors painted it to be.

I say this case involves informants, other than the ones named - most likely escorts that had some legal problem and turned informant or stated what prosecutors wanted them to state to escape the legal problem.