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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Psychotropic Drugs and the Dumbing Down of America

Usually the expression “dumbing down of America” is used in relation to our education system, which is an entirely different problem. My reference to the term is the over-prescribing of psychotropic drugs in society today. Is this occurring in other countries also or is it a US problem?

I have been working on a thesis of sorts that somewhere around 75% of the population in the US is on psychotropic drugs. The figure could be closer to 65% - it is hard to tell as current statistics are not available. I only know what I see and what I encounter, and it sure isn't good news. I'm not one to regularly visit doctors and I'm not on the mind-altering drugs and never have been, but these days almost everyone that I encounter is prescribed one psych drug or another.

The most commonly prescribed psych drugs are Xanax, Prozac, and Zoloft, but others are widely used as well. Those that take this stuff will quickly defend it with statements like, “I have a chemical imbalance,” but this is a translation of “I'm mentally unstable and being treated for psychiatric problems”. These people consider themselves stable and able to function right next to the rest of us, but they are not.

To know how I feel about psychotropic drugs, you need only read Memoirs. Most of the state's witnesses in my case were on mind-altering drugs, rendering their testimony totally worthless to anyone that can still think around here. My two co-defendants were the most medicated of all.

I had a friend that I no longer speak to that has been on psychotropic drugs for over a decade. She will quickly defend the practice and refuse any mention of rehab as a solution. Okay, I will be blunt here: She is downright hostile and aggressive towards any mention of her entering a rehab facility and getting off the crap and it ended our friendship a while back. She had good reason to go on the stuff long ago, but that line of reasoning should have been over at least 8 years ago. What kind of lousy doctor would prescribe this crap to anyone for years?

I recently made the mistake of voicing my thoughts on the mind-altering prescription drugs in relation to prolonged use on a forum and after the first statement escaped my keyboard, I was attacked and trashed by almost all that entered the discussion. As a matter of fact, the attacks were the worst that I have ever experienced, which says a lot. Good God – never dare try to come between the mentally afflicted and their medications! (more on that story in the next couple of days)

I truly hope that state authorities are keeping-up with lists of those receiving treatment for mental problems, but I seriously doubt it. Think about situations in your life wherein you are asked the question, “Have you ever been treated for a mental condition or problem?” This question is asked when you're applying for insurance or try to purchase a gun and in many cases on employment applications. Now consider how many in our population should be answering that question with a “yes” but probably do not.

The main issue to me at this moment in time is that the great majority of people on psychotropic drugs cannot recognize that they are addicted to a drug (or 2 or 10) and consider themselves mentally stable when they sure as hell are not. Never attempt to debate or argue with a gang of people with mental problems – trust me; it doesn't work out well at all. These people are aggressive, irritable, and downright angry.

My advice? Get a new psychiatrist, go to a rehab and get off addicting drugs, and stop thinking of yourself as mentally stable because you are not, at least not while you are on psychotropic drugs.

One good thing about it: This is my blog and they sure as hell cannot attack me here. LOL

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