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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Federal Case in Central Florida: Updates

This is a somewhat of a follow-up to the posts about Jennifer Richmond, the Orlando area sex worker who was sentenced to 3 years in a state prison. Time has flown by and Ms. Richmond is due to be released on August 11, 2016, according to the Florida Department of Corrections website. That's the good news.

In an update to one of the Jennifer Richmond posts, I stated that others she was involved with were indicted by a federal grand jury. Christina Lynn Davis is still sitting in the Orange County (FL) jail with no bond. I have no clue where Hamid (Abdullah Hamidullah) is - the feds will hold a defendant in a variety of locations, so could be almost anywhere, but it's not Orange or Seminole County jails. It's common for federal defendants to be in Seminole, so I did check. It is possible that he's being held at a facility in Virginia.

Hamid did make a plea agreement and enter a guilty plea to numerous counts on May 11, 2016. I have had the plea agreement since last week, but debated publishing it. I decided not to publish it, so if you want a copy, you will need to have a PACER account to get it. The guilty plea was to counts 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the indictment, which is linked in my update on the other post.

Count 2 of the indictment carries a mandatory minimum of 15 years to life, so I must assume that the threats were flying for him to plead to this. Actually, there's no telling what the government did in this case. I have my thoughts on the matter from what I was previously told. Count 2 is the sex trafficking charge. That being said, I know the minimum sentence that Hamid faces is 15 years, but with the other counts, I suspect he will be sentenced to somewhere between 25 years and life.

While many may consider me wrong here, I must say that I have never understood why anyone facing life in prison at sentencing would take a plea deal. What's the point? Are they going to knock a few years off life with a mandatory minimum? My point of view is that I'd go ahead and deal with the trial rather than some deal for life or close to it. I'm using the term deal loosely here, because it's not much of a deal at all.

However, reading the plea deal tells me that public opinion would not be in his favor, and in that sense, there's no reason not to plead in this case. Highly unlikely that a jury verdict on any count would be favorable for Hamid. I have no way of knowing if what is stated is true or not though. Perhaps Jennifer Richmond will address it when she is released.

The man I heard from was scared - seriously scared - long ago, before any of this came down. I did inform him that he had good reason to be afraid. I sent him a copy of my Memoirs book and he later commented that he wished he knew it existed long before. No telling what they have done, and are currently doing, to him. After some of my own experiences before, during, and after the case, I put nothing at all past them. Orlando really is a special place.

As of today, Christina Lynn Davis has not made a plea deal in this case. I do expect that it will happen soon though. 


Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you know how to get in contact with Mr. Hamid. I have been looking for him in different inmate searches and I cant seem to find him. Any infor would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Vicky Gallas said...


Register Number: 12988-104

Age: 43
Race: White
Sex: Male

Release Date: 02/12/2051

Located At: USP Tucson

So, you may have been shortening his name or spelling incorrectly, but he is in USP Tucson. If you write a letter make sure to write the name and registration number exactly or he won't receive it. Do you need the address?

FYI USP Tucson is not a good place to be as far as BOP facilities go. 

Jennifer Richmond said...

Why would you want to contact him he is a very terrible person who had abused me for years and used me .. I might been willing victim at first but I was beaten with fishing poles and etc till broken my advice let him be .. he can convince anyone to do anything stay as far away as possible

Jennifer Richmond said...

Everything about him abusing women and using them is true I was with him 2 years and felt soo much pain from every kind of abuse known .. don't contact him he is not a good guy and even though a girl lied about being raped for money she will never see I still think he got more then he deserves but as long as he is off the streets and not hurting anymore women then I am okay with it Christina was used to try and keep him in the country unknowing he has done that before with his second wife but because he is not born in u.s. He goes for the one that has a lot of dirt on him and try's to marry them when he knows he about to go to jail and could be deported he married her after I got sentenced and sent to my prison camp thinking she can't do nothing now and Christina can soo a wedding was planned and then she was forced to try and have a baby with him through fertility clinics to ensure his safety to stay in country thank god did not take soo she did divorce him and is actually good friend of mine but my best advice to anyone that is female stay away from him you may think you safe from him but trust he could make you fall for him and then next thing you doing is sending money to a pimp who stills got millions hidden

Lisa said...

I see you deleted gov facts I had posted.

Vicky Gallas said...

Lisa, I deleted all of your comments and my own. I already stated that I have all case docs, so if I wanted more case docs posted, I would have already published them.

I am sorry for all that you, Christina, and Jennifer have suffered over the pimp. I hope that each of you are able to move on with your lives. You are all victims and the main difference between you and Jennifer is that she's just now realizing the extent to which she is a VICTIM.

I'm not going to publish any comments that belittle or demean Jennifer, so we are done here. I do wish you the best in life.

Truthteller said...

I know Abdullah very intimately before all of this went down. I am and he was my very first love. We had plans for the future to marry and everything but me moving around alot back and firth from Atlanta to Virginia messed us up.He was always there for me when I called until the last time when I spoke to him and he told me he was involved in prostitution. I was so upset with him and that's when we lost contact. If we would have stayed together none of this would have happened. If anyone would like to ever interview me please don't hesitate. I know everything about him his family, his life in Afghanistan before he came to US, the murder of his sister and some things his father used to do that I think also played a role in him taking this path.

Truthteller said...

Oh and I wanted to say I am truly sorry for the victim's of the crimes that were committed against them. I pray that you will heal from all of this.

Vicky Gallas said...

@Truthteller -

Abdullah contacted me via email shortly after Jennifer Richmond's racketeering arrest in Orlando. He was very much in fear of the government. In my opinion, he is a decent guy who made some mistakes in life.

I'm really not so sure these women were victims. That may be hard for many people to comprehend, but the fact is that every one of them could have left, walked away, if they wanted to. Jennifer only claimed victim status when she discovered that he married Christina. Christina had been arrested long before her indictment in this case as a so-called co-defendant and was playing informant for the feds for a long time. She was an informant when she married him.

Are we to believe that the feds would leave a victim in this situation for such a length of time and instruct her to marry Abdullah? I don't think so.

There were many deceptions and games involved in this story. Nothing like a woman scorned. They were all only victims as long as they wanted to be. Each was dysfunctional in her own way. The State of Florida and the US Attorney's Office were well aware of that, obviously. As much as I enjoy being indignant and pretending disbelief that the State would sentence a victim to 3 years in a Florida prison, I know better. They knew she wanted to be there, couldn't be stopped. Same with the rest of them and the feds.

I am interested in Abdullah's background. How old was he when he came to the US? What year did he come to the US? Where was his sister murdered?

Best to you,